Yada yada in French + Your favorite words and expressions
L'Herbe in French & Les Tondeuses de L'Espoir (The LawnMowers of Hope)

Vocabulary Roundup + Listen to all the French words shared in February

If you read all 9 stories posted in February, you now own a herd of new French words! Let's go over the terms we learned. First, take two minutes to relax and listen to the list of words (you will have another chance at the end of the post):

=>Hear Jean-Marc read the vocabulary words listed below

1. Bilingual Story: Tondre, Domaine Tempier, and Tant Pis
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s'installer = to move in
un troupeau = flock
un berger = shepherd
concurrencer = to compete with
malgré = in spite of
tondre = to mow
tant pis = too bad

2. Vallon: An update on our move...to Le Beausset?
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isolé,e = isolated
coup de coeur = a sudden crush on something
le vallon = little valley

Smokey our golden retriever on loveseat by the hollyhocks

3. Soins des Animaux: Why can't our dog sit down?
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la cloche = bell
un cambrioleur = burglar
le bruit = noise, sound
le collier = collar
le câlin = hug, cuddle, caress
à ta place = go to your bed
couché! = lie down!
méchant = bad
enflammé = inflamed
35 kilos = 77 pounds
la pommade = cream
se lécher = to lick oneself
le comprimé = tablet

4. Candidature: Applying for a job in France + Jackie's cover letter
*Bilingual Post*

le saisonnier = seasonal worker
la vendeuse (le vendeur) = sales assistant
la sauveteuse, le sauveteur = lifeguard, rescue worker
consignes de sécurité = safety instructions
efficacement = efficiently


5. Pronunciation Fears + Most Difficult French Words to Pronounce

la quincaillerie = hardware store
- squirrel

- three

dessus and dessous
- above and below

- (the French town)

- happy

le pouilly-fuissé - type of white wine
la chirurgie
- surgery

la fourrure
- fur

la grenouille
- frog

6. Stylo: Is Handwriting Still Necessary?

la trousse = pencil case
le crayon = pencil
le stylo bille = ballpoint pen
l'art de vivre = lifestyle


7. Hayfever in French

le Doliprane = medication containing paracetamol
le microbe = germ
désole(e) = sorry
je suis enrhumé = I have a cold
peut-être c'est les allergies = maybe it's allergies
le rhûme = cold (sickness)
le rhûme des foins = hay fever
c'est la saison = it's the season

8. Fourmillement: Restless Leg Syndrome in French

la jambe = leg
les membres inférieurs = lower limbs
le picotement = tingling, stinging, pins and needles
désagréable = unpleasant
rester assis = to sit still, stay seated

9. YadaYada : Your Favorite French Words & Expressions

et patati et patata = and so on, blah, blah, blah
le bavardage = chatter, idle talk, gossip

intarissables = endless, inexhaustible
les paroles = words, lyrics
deviner = to guess

Listen once again to the vocabulary words listed above

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