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La Mercerie, une astuce beauté + Bonne lecture!

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TODAY'S WORD: la mercerie

        : haberdashery (items for sewing, couture) , notions store
        : dry goods store

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La mercerie est l'ensemble des articles qui servent pour l’habillement et la parure : fil, aiguilles, boutons, rubans, etc. Par extension, la mercerie désigne le commerce de ces marchandises et la boutique qui les vend, étendant progressivement sa gamme aux armes, couteaux, métaux, bijoux, parures, pièces d'ameublement, cuirs, étoffes, etc.

Haberdashery is the set of items used for clothing and ornament: yarn, needles, buttons, ribbons, etc. By extension, haberdashery refers to the trade in these goods and the shop that sells them, progressively extending its range to weapons, knives, metals, jewelery, ornaments, furniture, leather, fabrics, etc.

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"Bonne Lecture"

    by Kristi Espinasse

I wish that stories would be consumed like chansons--enjoyed more than once. While this may be true of the classics (name a story you've read several times), blog posts don't seem to have the same appeal. Hélas, after an essay is written, it disappears forever into the archives.

Until Mom finds it!
That is how the following histoire was resurrected (Mom hit the share button and voilà, my story had a second life on Facebook. Thanks, Mom!).

I hope you will read it, too--if only for the astuce beauté (a bizarre French anti-wrinkle treatment. No I would not try it--I love frogs too much) or the scene where my hairdresser removes her top. Bonne lecture!


Shopfront in st tropez mercerie
The second definition for mercerie is this: a kind of everything store (notice the balls, the tools inside the window, doormats for sale, etc...) picture of Chez Eugenie Bazar Mercerie taken in St. Tropez

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une chanson = song
hélas = unfortunately, regrettably
l'histoire = story
l'astuce beauté = beauty tip
bonne lecture = happy reading!

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Mercerie porto portugal handknit bicycle
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