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TODAY'S WORD: purée!

    : mushy, mashed, creamy (peas, potatoes, spinach)
    : gee! whoah! oh! jeepers!


Jean-Marc pronounce the following  French words, click here

Les exclamations « purée » ou « punaise » sont souvent (mais pas toujours je pense) utilisables à la place de l'exclamation « putain » mais sont moins grossières. Le fait qu'elles commencent par la même syllabe me fait supposer que ces expressions ont peut-être été inventées après coup, pour éviter de jurer. --French Stack Exchange.

The exclamations "purée" or "bug" are often (but not always I think) usable in place of the exclamation "f@#!" but are less crude. The fact that they begin with the same syllable makes me assume that these expressions may have been invented after the fact, in order to avoid swearing. (Google Translation)


    by Kristin Espinasse

Jean-Marc drove our 19-year-old, Jackie, to the clinic in La Ciotat. He checked her in and picked her up 6 hours later. I stayed home--but that does not make me une mère indigne. Non! Each parent uses their skills. Jean-Marc is best with French administrative work - whereas I do best near the home-front, making  pots of homemade soupe à la tomate and double batches of purée de pommes de terre. Our daughter will need it--she's just had her dents de sagesse removed!

While Jackie was having her wisdom teeth cut out, I prepared a cozy place for her to recuperate. Our drab brown couch became brighter and more inviting with the following additions:

    - un doudou
    - une robe de chambre
    - des marguerites
    - une boisson
    - lots of oreillers
    - A picture of her brother and her when they were little
    - her new green pouf (it's just a fuzzy key-chain, but she likes its softness!)

When Jackie arrived she was truly surprised. "Il y a même une cloche!" There's even a bell.

Yes, there was. And I hoped she would ring it non stop (still feeling guilty for not going to the hospital with her. Mère indigne!)

Doudou robe de chambre flowers

BON RETABLISSEMENT, Jackie. While waiting for you, everyone got a flower in her hair--even Fuzzy Green Keychain! Is a patient ever too old for a stuffed animal? Leave a comment below.


une mère indigne = unfit mother
la dent = tooth
la sagesse = wisdom
les dents de sagesse = wisdom teeth
le doudou = security blanket or favorite stuffed animal
la robe de chambre = robe
les petits pois = peas
la marguerite = daisy
une boisson = drink
l'oreiller (m) = pillow
le creux = hollow
le congélo = freezer
bon rétablissement! = get well soon, swift recovery, hope you feel better right away!

Homemade ice pack with peas soleilado
I made two of these ice packs with French cloth napkins (a gift for our marriage in '94) and ribbons. Inside there are frozen petit pois. Jackie's chin fit into the creux and the sides covered her swelling cheeks. The extra pack went in the congélo.

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