Faire la tête + A French grandmother's advice for a happy marriage
Say "premier mai" and two thoughts will pop into the mind of a Frenchman...

94 Useful French Words (listen to them here)

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This month's vocabulary roundup is a walk through a candy shop--pick and choose your favorite French words along the way! Relax and enjoy the sound file for a rainbow of French terms we learned this month. And if you enjoy this journal and find it helpful in any way, please take a moment to support it. Merci beaucoup!


CLICK HERE to listen to Jean-Marc pronounce the words as you scroll down the following list :

1. Facing Bankruptcy - Face à la faillite

un commerçant = store keeper
toiletteur pour chien = dog groomer
une tondeuse à cheveux = hair clipper, hair cutter, trimmer
calme-toi = calm down
un urinoir = urinal
Il faut simplement fermer les yeux! = Just close your eyes!
un teckel à poil dur = a wire-haired dachshund
la maîtresse = mistress
une blague = joke
c'est un poisson d'avril = it's an April Fools' joke
on est le premier avril = it's April Fools' Day
chez le coiffeur = at the hairdresser's

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2. Ma Belle Soeur - My Sister-in-Law

le fer = iron
la belle-soeur = sister-in-law
un paravent = a screen
un amour = a love
tout court = period, plain, simply

3. Dents de Sagesse & Un Gros Mot - Wisdom Teeth & A Swear Word

une mère indigne = unfit mother
la dent = tooth
la sagesse = wisdom
les dents de sagesse = wisdom teeth
le doudou = security blanket or favorite stuffed animal
la robe de chambre = robe
les petits pois = peas
la marguerite = daisy
une boisson = drink
l'oreiller (m) = pillow
le creux = hollow
le congélo = freezer
bon rétablissement! = get well soon!, hope you feel better right away!

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4. La Mercerie & Bonne Lecture - The Notions Store & Happy Reading

une chanson = song
hélas = unfortunately, regrettably
l'histoire = story
l'astuce beauté = beauty tip
bonne lecture = happy reading!

5. Submit a Word. Let's Write a Story

remuer les choses = to stir things up
on y va! = let's go!
la plume = feather
l'hippopotame (m) = hippopotamus
une caresse = caress
(plus a list of 125 of your French words)

1-coucher du soleil
6. Our Fictional Story! (Part I)

(As most of the French words were featured in the story, here is vocabulary from the day's quote, by Gustave Flaubert)

vouloir = to wish
l'humanité = mankind
toiser = to look at scornfully, to look up and down, to measure
l'orgueil = pride
le néant = nothingness
l'oeuvre (f) = works (art)

7. Frappadingue: Part II of our story

There were 130 French words scattered through our story. Here's a selection of them:

la déchetterie = dump, recycling center
le caoutchouc = rubber
barjo  = nuts, crazy
chatoyer = sparkle, shimmer
la guimauve = marshmallow
englouti = swallowed, devoured

8. Boulot - Guess who found a job in Bandol?

un petit boulot de vacances = seasonal or summer job
CV (le curriculum vitae) = resume
trop cher = too expensive
gratuitement = for free
un petit-ami = boyfriend
le cadet/la cadette = youngest, youngest child
dans les nuages = (head) in the clouds
le faux nom = alias
rêvasser = daydream
le lundi de Pâques = Easter Monday

Asperge fraise de pays asperagus local strawberries
9. Stationner + We surprise our daughter at her new job

le pépin = glitch, hitch, snag
le boulot = job
la corniche = coastal road
stationner = to park
un débardeur = tank top, camisole, slip top
les couverts = cutlery
un pourboire = tip, gratuity
le tartare de bar = raw sea bass fish
la daurade = sea bream fish
Papa = Dad
maître d = maître d'hotel = head waiter, top professional

10. A French Grandmother's Advice for a Happy Marriage

une tournée = a sales round (sales prospecting)
le marché = market 
une pulsion =an impulse
un conseil = a piece of advice
ne boude pas! = don't sulk!
C’est terrible—insupportable!—une femme ou un mari qui boude!
It's awful—intolerable—when a wife or a husband sulks!
la grand-mère = grandmother
la mamie = grandma 

la guerre = war
porte-à-porte = door-to-door
une cuillère = spoon
méprisant(e) = contemptuous, scornful
un petit salon de dame = a woman's sitting room
faire la tête = to sulk, to give somebody the silent treatment
le plat du jour = the day's special (in a restaurant)
un kilo = a kilo, or 2.2 pounds
une cave = cellar
un jambon-beurre = a ham sandwich with butter
un pan-bagnat = a sandwich made with tuna and olives (specialty from Nice)
une autoroute = motorway, highway
le café au lait = coffee with milk



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