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Vocabulary Roundup + Listen to all the French words we learned in March

Little wooden boat or pointu in Giens near Hyérès France

This is our 3rd Vocabulary Roundup for the new year. By now you should be speaking like sailors! Ohé Ohé matelot... let's navigate through all the terms we learned in March. First, take two minutes to relax and listen to Jean-Marc read the list of French words:

Click here to listen to the following list

1. L'Herbe in French & Les Tondeuses de L'Espoir

tasser = pack, press, compress, tamp down
le bourgeon = bud
se régaler = to enjoy, relish
s'apprêter = to get ready (to do something)
tailler = to prune, trim
surtout = above all, especially
doux = mild
la griffe = claw
atteler = to hitch up
sauvage = wild, unspoiled
qui plus est = what's more, besides
se faire du souci = to worry
la débroussailleuse = weed whacker
pointer le bout de son nez
= to show up

2. Gary & Tim's Truffle Hunt & Mutt in French

la chasse aux truffes = truffle hunt
la cigale = cicada
arrête! = stop!
la cacahuète = peanut
une chienne = female dog
voleur/voleuse = thief
tiens = here you go
porte et fenêtre = mutt
pourri = rotten
Bédoin = a village in the Vaucluse
le boulanger = baker
Le Géant de Provence = The Giant of Provence (a.k.a. Le Mont Ventoux)
ochre (from Old French ocre)


trinquer = to toast
un verre
= a glass
= of water
= toe
la cheville = ankle
le talon = heel
une oreille = ear
le cours = class
l'encense = incense
la séance = session
le/la contorsionniste = contortionist

4. Au Pif, Kale pesto recipe + Bookshop for sale in France!

manqué = missing
un cadeau = gift, present
une clé = key

l'hôte = host
que dalle! =  zip, nada, none
pas de panique = no worries!
le pistou = pesto
le pignon = pine nut

Wintasting with Warsaw Zurich and local friends

5. Allez Hops! Come on - let's get some beer at a new brasserie in Nice!

allez hop! = Come on, let's go!
l'artisanat = craft industry, handicraft
la cave = cellar
la bière = beer
la brasserie = brewery
l'ardoise (f) = slate, blackboard
le soleil brille = the sun is shining
la bière blonde = lager
la bière brune = dark beer
une étiquette = label
déguster = to taste, sample
le câlin = hug

Port of la ciotat

6. Find Out What City We're Moving to...

aujourd'hui = today
une promesse d'achat = promise to buy
acquérir = to purchase
cette fois-ci = this time
croiser les doigts = cross fingers
tout se passe bien = all goes well
Ciotaden, Ciotadenne = resident of La Ciotat



Photos you may have missed - posted on Instagram. Join me there, in between postings :-).

7. Rebelote & How to Remove a splinter or thorn

aïe! = ouch!
la ciboulette
= chive
la ronce = bramble
le potager = kitchen garden, vegetable
une épine = thorn
ça va s'arranger = it will be fine, it'll work itself out
la courbature = ache, stiffness
la douleur = pain
laisser faire = leave it alone, let it be
l' argile verte = green clay
le cataplasme = poultice
le robinet = tap, faucet
le pouce = thumb
le remède de grand-mère = home remedy
rebelote! = here we go again!
c'est le cas de le dire = you can say that again

8. Why Visit La Ciotat? Let These Photos Endear You!

le périple = journey
la truite
= trout
le minou = cat
le poisson = fish
le requin = shark
les rue pavées
= cobbled streets
la grue = crane
le salon nautique =
boat show
à flot
= afloat
la gare
= train station
Le Bec D'Aigle
= the eagle's beak

Words, words, words--don't you love French words? photo of a Salon de thé in Le Castellet

9. Jean-Marc's Bilingual Post, Feuille, and "Third Leaf" Meaning

10. ACCIDENT at home and a house full of Smoke

Ollioules = a town in the Var, west of Toulon, east of Sanary-sur-Mer
le train-train = daily routine
l'atelier (m) = workshop, studio
le four à céramique = pottery kiln
Cassis - seaside town east of Marseille, just west of La Ciotat
le mas = farmhouse
la fumée = smoke
le jeu de clés = set of keys
la bûche = log
le méchant loup = big bad wolf

11.Walk in Sugiton Calanque and the Nudist Beach!

=  butt, also means wishy-washy, ridiculous
le thé = tea
de la fumée = smoke
le ciste = "rockrose" or cistus
le sentier = path, way
la plage naturiste = nudist beach
la calanque = rocky inlet
la bouffe = food, grub, nosh
le caviar des pauvres = caviar of the poor
la poutargue = boutargue, or bottarga

12. Sentimental Tour of Marseilles & Jean-Marc's 50th Birthday

une nana = girl, chick
la cave = cellar, wine cellar
un mendiant = beggar
le massage californien = California massage
avec le déjeuner = with lunch
le gâteau d'anniversaire = birthday cake

Toulon Rue de la Fraternite Tabac bistro chairs city street
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