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Did you know The French Salt rule?

Paillote in Ramatuelle
Une paillote or beach restaurant in Ramatuelle

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TODAY'S WORD: la salière

        :salt shaker, salt cellar


Les Bonnes Manières à Table

    by Kristi Espinasse

It's never too late to learn French etiquette. Yesterday while having lunch at  une paillote on the beach, I learned how to pass the salt for the first time since coming to France.

Seated with two of Jean-Marc's college buddies and their families, I was admiring the drinks of the younger generation (have you ever had la boisson indien?--Orangina soda with a splash of grenadine syrup!) when the only other woman at the table asked me to pass the salt.

I reached for the shaker and handed it to Carole, who smiled and said: Aha! Voici quelque chose pour ton blog...and went on to explain that there was a rule about passing the salt in France, une règle validated by Femmes Débordées :

IL NE FAUT PAS Passer le sel de la main à la main. Si votre voisin vous demande le sel il faut lui poser la salière à côté de lui.


You are never to hand over the salt directly (into the hand of the other). You set it down on the table and let your neighbor pick it up herself. Voilà The French Salt Rule. Did you know it? Have you ever broken the rule? Let me know in the comments (link at the end of this post).


une paillote = beach café or beach restaurant
les bonnes manières à table
= good table manners
voici quelque chose pour ton blog
= here's something for your blog
une règle
= rule
femmes débordées = overwhelmed women
IL NE FAUT PAS Passer le sel de la main à la main. Si votre voisin vous demande le sel, il faut lui poser la salière à côté de lui.

You must not pass the salt from hand to hand. If your neighbor asks for the salt, you must set it beside him (or her).


Smokey etiquette
Enjoy your weekend and don't worry too much about rules!

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