Did you know The French Salt rule?
L'un pour l'autre + Deciding with (or for?) a family member

Vocabulary Roundup : the French words we learned in May

Fred and Mom dancing 2015
Fred and my Mom dancing, in May 2015

Happy Birthday Fred Caswell!

Fred turns 90 today! He is one of the first readers I ever met, around 2005, and I have had the pleasure of seeing this Middletown, Rhode Island resident several times in France: at our home in Les Arcs, our first vineyard in Ste Cécile-les-Vignes, and here at Mas des Brun. Fred and his beautiful wife, Nancy, are a great inspiration -- for their caring hearts, sense of adventure, and desire to continue growing and learning. It is never to late to study French! Thank you Fred for your wonderful example.

Have you missed a post? Pas de problème - here's a list of all the newsletters that went out in May. Click on the titles to open the letters:

1. Two things about the Premier May...

le premier mai = First of May
la fête du travail = labor day
le muguet = lily of the valley
le jardin = garden
le mas = farmhouse
un agrume = citrus fruit
une fraise = strawberry
le brin = blade, sprig, wisp
le sanglier = wild boar
une fleur sauvage = wildflower

90-second video: check your French comprehension here. You know these two words; but do you recognize them in spoken French?

2. Draguer: At what age are we too old to be noticed?

le rasoir = razor
la plaisanterie = banter
n'est-ce pas? = isn't that true
ah, bon? = really
tu t'es fait draguer? = you got hit on?
la jalousie = jealousy
vous cherchez? = are you looking (for something)?
la barbe de trois jours = stubble (stylish stubble)
gentil = nice
je ne sais pas = I don't know

3. Pétou: A little Provençale word (guaranteed to bring a goofy smile)

lilas (lilas d'espagne) = red valerian
santolene = santolina
le genêt = scotch brush flower
le sentier = path
littoral = coastline, seabord
le quai = dock
le pétou = little fart
soi-disant = so-called, supposedly
les copains = friends


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4.  Laisser le champ libre : French Presidential Election

la cote = ratings, popularity ratings
gagner = to win
perdu (perdre) = to lose
élu (élire) = to elect
terni (ternir) = to tarnish, damage
laisser la place = to give up one's seat
accroché (accrocher) = to hang on
rancoeur = bitterness, resentment
laisser le champ libre = leave the field free (exposed, unprotected)
remporté (remporter) = to win
crains (craindre) = to fear
selon moi = in my opinion

5. Lovers Quarrel and Sudden Hankering for a Snack

clouer le bec = to shut somebody up
la paix = peace
la prise de bec = argument
le boudoir = woman's room for pouting, little office (also a "ladyfinger" or finger-shaped cookie)
le bidet = sink for washing your bottom
étroit = confined
l'ennui (m) = lack of interest, boredom


6. Wise Words Concerning Beauty

bichonner = to pamper oneself
lèvres (f) = lips
bonté = kindness, goodness, generosity
mince = thin
faim = hungry
un beau maintien = poise
une main secourable = a helping hand
vieillissant = getting older

7. Mon Grand: A Father's Tender Tribute to His Son

lorsque = when
déployer = to spread (wings)
tu nous manques = we miss you
un métier = career
fier = proud
le parcours = path, journey

8. A Popular Way to Wear Espadrilles

quincaillerie = hardware store
porter = to wear
T-shirt blanche = white T-shirt
faire la bise = to kiss on the cheek
manches longues = long sleeves
On est des sosies = we're twins
la recette = recipe
du fil à retordre = to give somebody a hard time
tiens = hey
bleu marine = navy blue
en savate = with heel folded down

9. A Recipe for Generosity

envers = toward
un raccourci = shortcut
le chef =chief, master, chef
l'artichaut = artichoke

l'avarice = miserliness
la pingrerie = stinginess

radin(e) = stingy
c'est trop gentille = it's too kind
la recette = recipe

10. Forest Bath + Your tips for curbing anxiety

faire du sport = to work out
à pied = on foot
avec de quoi grignoter = with something to snack on
le sentier = path
le bénéfice =benefit
l'inconfort (m) = discomfort
merci d'avance = thanks in advance

Kristi making-parsley-pesto
Making Parsley Pesto with Smokey

11. The French Salt Rule - did you even know there was one?

une paillote = beach café or beach restaurant
les bonnes manières à table = good table manners
voici quelque chose pour ton blog = here's something for your blog
une règle = rule
femmes débordées = overwhelmed women

Yellow chair in Jonquieres

April Vocabulary Roundup - click here


Smokey cooling off in Ste Cécile-les-Vignes. We are told the yellow irises--and not lilies?--were the original model for the fleur-de-lis symbol.

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