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Racines: My father's "cousins germains" or "first cousins"

Ça passe ou ça casse + Doggy bags in France

Boulder and bouganvillea
In the 5 years we've lived here, I have posted photos of our home here and here and here. This one, of Jean-Marc's DIY waterfall (a garden hose secured by a few rocks) shows the boulders on the side of our farmhouse and the almond trees that shade them in summertime. You can also see the giant agave succulent. The flowering vine is a bougainvillea.

Ça passe ou ça casse. As we wait for news on whether or not the sale of our vineyard will go through, we are going to take a few days off and join my American family on vacation in Palermo. To see photos, hit the follow button my Facebook or Instagram page.

"ça passe ou ça casse"

    - it's make or break
    - it's hit or miss
    - it's sink or swim
    - it's do or die

=> Listen to Jean-Marc pronounce today's expression, click here

by Kristi Espinasse

In preparation for our trip I looked high and low for a story to repost and settled on this one about DOGGY BAGS IN FRANCE. You'll learn as much from the readers comments as you will from the story, so click right here to begin reading :-)

Picture taken near Biarritz.

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Enjoy every moment of your vacation, Kristi! You have most certainly earned it.


I see and feel that you are already missing your lovely mas and vineyard and with good, good reasons!
But another adventure awaits..."quoi qu'il arrive" or "coûte que coûte".

Eileen deCamp

Hi Kristi!

Bon vacance! Enjoy time with your family!


Happy for you vacationing in Palermo. Enjoy.


Our dear Kristi,
I enjoyed this post even more today!
And!Again and again,you have inspired us to do the same for you both were performing random acts of kindness before the term was even invented!
Now wishing you a wonderful vacation!
Continued prayers for happy endings with your house sale!
Natalia. xo

Ronald Holden

Tout passe, tout casse, tout lasse.

Hardly means "do or die," let alone "make or break." It means "everything comes, everything goes." It means "nothing lasts forever."


Ça passe ou ça casse is new to me and a good antidote to the rather melancholy tout passe. I love the way you constantly tell and teach us all new things with never a trace of condescension. And how you freely admit to being a lifelong learner yourself. Such people make the very best teachers in the broadest and best sense. I am thinking and praying for a good summer for you and good outcomes for you and your family including your beloved mother.

Kristin Espinasse

Ron, I believe you are referring to a slightly different expression with an entirely different meaning. (I did encounter the phrase you mention when preparing this post.)


In what city is the photo of the stairs full of flowers?


Coucou Kristi, Comme le temps passe vite! I still remember the time you moved to your current home, and it has now been five long years!

I did not read your blog for a long time because of my eyes problem. Today, I just happened to be...curious about you and I learn now you are going to Palermo! We were just there, last month. We were on a Mediterranean cruise with a few escales in places like Genoa, civitavecchia, Palermo, Palma de Mallorca and Valencia. Before the cruise, we were in Marseille. I met a nice lady in a train ride to Cassis/alanques, who showed us around in El Ciotat and Castelnet. I asked about Bandol but we did not get to go there due to lack of time. J'aime bien Marseille et le soleil. Et j'adore aussi Palermo. Amusez-vous bien à Palermo!

Judi in Lake Balboa

Have a wonderful relaxing and enjoyable time in Palermo. Is Mr. Sachs going too!

Kristin Espinasse

I have been thinking about you, Millie. So very happy to see your message here 💛

Marsha D in Tennessee

I had missed the doggy bag issue from a couple of years ago, and wanted to update: in Paris the provision of doggy bags is now encouraged, and I think I read something about a law being passed that throwing away left-overs is illegal for restaurants, and giving customers their own remaining portions helps the problem. The Hippopotamus restaurant in Auxerre didn't skip a beat when I asked for mine. In 2013 a chinese place in the 13th OFFERED to pack them before I thought to ask. Yes, it seems practical and easy things are grudgingly adopted in a recalcitrant France, but it can happen.

Robert Hyman

Wonderful humor and photos

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