Happiness is... a French quote about le Bonheur
Racines: My father's "cousins germains" or "first cousins"

Ça passe ou ça casse + Doggy bags in France

Boulder and bouganvillea
In the 5 years we've lived here, I have posted photos of our home here and here and here. This one, of Jean-Marc's DIY waterfall (a garden hose secured by a few rocks) shows the boulders on the side of our farmhouse and the almond trees that shade them in summertime. You can also see the giant agave succulent. The flowering vine is a bougainvillea.

Ça passe ou ça casse. As we wait for news on whether or not the sale of our vineyard will go through, we are going to take a few days off and join my American family on vacation in Palermo. To see photos, hit the follow button my Facebook or Instagram page.

"ça passe ou ça casse"

    - it's make or break
    - it's hit or miss
    - it's sink or swim
    - it's do or die

=> Listen to Jean-Marc pronounce today's expression, click here

by Kristi Espinasse

In preparation for our trip I looked high and low for a story to repost and settled on this one about DOGGY BAGS IN FRANCE. You'll learn as much from the readers comments as you will from the story, so click right here to begin reading :-)

Picture taken near Biarritz.

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