Vocabulary Roundup : the French words we learned in May
Happiness is... a French quote about le Bonheur

L'un pour l'autre + Deciding with (or for?) a family member

Window with bougainvillea
The room Mom usually stays in when she visits us from her home in Puerto Vallarta. This time we gave her Max's room, as he is away in Montpellier and will soon move to Mexico. But will Grandma Jules be there when he arrives? Read on.

TODAY'S WORD: l'un pour l'autre

        : for each other, one for another

Audio File, click here: Listen to Jackie read the following quote in honor of the writer Brian Doyle

Soyez tendres l'un pour l'autre. Soyez plus tendre que vous avez été hier. --Brian Doyle
Be tender to each other. Be more tender than you were yesterday.  --Brian Doyle


    by Kristi Espinasse

My Mom arrived Monday night after a tearful voyage from Puerto Vallarta to Marseilles.  Those larmes fell unexpectedly, on arriving in Mexico City for the first leg of her journey....

Jean-Marc had arranged for une chaise roulante and assistance to meet Mama Jules at all three landings, to avoid her rushing from gate to gate with a previously broken hip. But as soon as the first assistant arrived to help Mom, she dissolved into tears. The man spoke kindly to her in Spanish, offering to wheel her to the restroom or to the café for a meal. His douceur became a balm and soon other angels surfaced from the beams of the bustling international airport.

Another young man locked eyes with Mom as she coasted by the column against which he was leaning. In that capsule moment he offered un sourire de compassion et de tendresse which soothed Mama Jules all the way to the next departure gate et ainsi de suite....

By the time Jules arrived in Marseilles, she was almost her old self again, except that one part of her would be gone forever. Last August 7th after her husband passed away, Mom began a new chapter all on her own, alone in Mexico. And when she moved from her condo to a tin-roofed studio, we always knew this was a temporary situation....

Three days have already passed since Mom arrived for a two-week visit. And I find myself stopping as we walk along the boardwalk or pausing as we chat on the front porch. I'm trying to grasp this capsule moment lest any detail be lost forever in indecision.

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Mom looking inside le frigo
My dear Mom, jetlag, and the munchies.


l'un pour l'autre = for each other, one for another
une larme = tear

une chaise roulant = wheelchair
et ainsi de suite = and so on
douceur = gentleness
un sourire = smile

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