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A Happy Ending in La Ciotat + Donner du fil à retordre

Port of la ciotat

Woke up this morning to a heartwarming story in the online journal France Bleu. A baby dolphin was helped back out to sea after getting lost in the the old port of La Ciotat (dolphins in La Ciotat!!). What a sight he was among the colorful wooden fishing boats, or "les pointus" (sorry the little dauphin is not seen here, in this file photo. But you can see the cutie pie rascal here, along with all those magnificent and historic boats). Read an excerpt from the article, below, and listen to Jean-Marc's recording. The English translation follows.

Donner du fil à retordre

    : to give somebody the run around, to give someone a hard time

AUDIO FILE: Listen to Jean-Marc read the following paragraph, including today's expression "donner du fil à retordre"

Download Donner du fil a retordre


Pendant deux jours, ce weekend, un petit cétacé de moins d'un an s'est invité dans le port de La Ciotat, seul, affaibli et égaré. Les agents du Parc National des Calanques... le groupe d'étude des cétacés de méditerranée ont tout essayé pour le reconduire vers le grand large, mais le dauphin de l'espèce bleu et blanc, préférait les eaux calmes du port. Ça a été la star du weekend et une véritable attraction au port, néanmoins il a donné du fil à retordre aux agents du Parc National des Calanques.

For two days, this weekend, a little cetacean less than a year old, alone, weak, and disoriented invited itself into the port of La Ciotat. Officials from the Parc National ... the research group for Mediterranean cetaceans, tried everything to redirect it toward the open sea, but the dolphin, a blue and white type, preferred the calm waters of the port. It was the star of the weekend and a real attraction at the port, howerver, it gave them the run around--those agents of the Parc National des Calanques

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Tomato tart with yellow tomatoes
Don't forget to make a tomato tart while the tomates are in season. This time, yellow tomatoes made a nice change! Here is the easy recipe.

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Lily--the cat who came with the house. She ignores us when we call her and appears when we least expect it. Always a nice surprise.

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