"Donner le meilleur de soi-même" + urban winemakers Fabienne & Lukas Vollmy in Marseille's historic Panier
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Ristourne & Ristourner + Name something good that is free

Cassis france
I don't have a story to go with today's word. Tout simplement, I learned it Friday night on the backstreets, or les ruelles, of Cassis. About a hundred steps from the old port, Jean-Marc and I were dining with another couple when the word ristourne popped up in conversation. Here's what it means, followed by a few photos on this quiet Wednesday. First, please visit today's sponsor:

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une ristourne

    : a discount, a reduction, a price knock-off


Listen to today's word in the following sentencee, read by Jean-Marc

L'amour n'est pas une dette à rembourser, il ne fait pas de crédit, il n'accepte pas les ristournes. - Federico Moccia
Love is not a debt to repay, it does not issue a credit, it does not accept rebates. 

Smokey and clown at circus
While out on a walk with Smokey...we visited the dog designated beach. After a swim, we stopped by the circus, which was passing through town.

Telephone booth repurposed book lending giving library golden retriever smokey and kristi
One of my favorite free pasttimes, besides walking with Smokey, is to stop by this old telephone booth that has been repurposed into a street library! The shelves are made of wooden crates, and the pickings are slim, but the books are ever changing! Part of the fun is to see what's new each time we pass by. The same two dozen used books are there--with several new ones exchanged into the mix...

Messegue herbier sante
Here is the first free book I scored! It is loaded with beautiful color illustrations of plants and their healing properties, which is right up my alley!

More books by the famous French herbalist, Maurice Mességué:

Way to Natural Health and Beauty

Of People and Plants: Autobiography of Europe's Most Celebrated Healer

Maillard and Millet Trigonometrie classe de mathematiques
Admittedly, trigonometry is less up my alley...but just look at this cool book cover!

Le ronfleur apprivoise petite encyclopedie pratique

 Quelle trouvaille! What a find--and just in the nick of time! A book all about snoring. I'm hoping there will be some good tips in here so that when I fly to the States, in December, I do not keep all 300+ passengers on the plane awake! There is no way to do chambre à part in this high-elevation situation. 

Thanks, Polly-Vous Français, for pointing out the book's cover drawing is by Sempé

Smokey and the churros van

Name some of the good things in life that are free. I would love to read your ideas and be inspired by your words.

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