Sad news: Une triste nouvelle concernant ma belle-mère
Les dents de bonheur - "Happiness Teeth" are part of this elogy

Bonne Année

Bonjour et Bonne Année. Je suis bouleversé par tous vos messages de soutien et vous en remercie du fond du cœur. Un nouveau chapitre de notre vie s'ouvre... Avec ma profonde reconnaissance.
Hello and Happy New Year. I am overwhelmed by all your messages of support and thank you from the bottom of my heart. A new chapter in our life opens... With my sincere gratitude. --Jean-Marc 
Pictured with Michèle-France, who passed away on Christmas Eve. We are heading back to France, tomorrow, to celebrate my belle-mère's life. I will share Jean-Marc's tribute to his mother in the next post. Thank you all for the tenderness you shared in the comments. Our family is deeply touched. --Kristi 


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Bonne Année, Kristi. My love to you and the family in 2018. I love this photo of you and Michele-France. You'll be in my thoughts on the 4th.

Jacquelyn Sand

Bonne Année, Kristi à toute la famille! J'ai été désolée d'apprendre des nouvelle du décès de votre belle-mère. Quelle chance vous avez eu de l'avoir dans votre vie. Courage à toute la famille.
Mes amitiés,
Jackie Sand

Gilda Battude Camuto

Best wishes for 2018 Kristi and Jean Marc. Bonne Année and meilleure voeux!!!!

Gilda and Robert

Robin Lewin

Sweet, Sweet picture!

May you and your family have a wonderful 2018...


❤️🙏 ❤️


Bonne annee!

Patricia Sands

Beaux souvenirs. <3


Chere Kristi, What a beautiful photo of you and your belle-mere. I'm so sorry for this enormous loss for you and your family. Sending love and good wishes. May 2018 be a much better year than 2017 was -- for all of us. xoxo


Kristi, I am so sorry about the loss of your belle-mère.

Janine Cortell

Chère Kristi:
Thank you for sharing this beautiful photo with your belle-mère.
It is obvious you had a very special and loving relationship with her,
Bonne Année to you and your family. Amicalement, Janine

Kathleen from Connecticut

Bonne année and may your belle-mère stay in you hearts and memories always.

Suzanne Codi

Sweet memories will be in your hearts forever! Bonne annee a vous tous, et gros bisous!


Dear Kristi, It is so hard for you all to start a new year with such a sad loss and my heart goes out to you. There is so little anyone can say or do in these circumstances that is of any use or comfort. Loss, sorrow and grief are hard work and take time which never fully heals the pain. The only "advice" I ever found in the slightest helpful was - think what the person who died would have wanted. Probably to be remembered and missed with some tears and sadness, but also to be remembered for all the good and positive things on their side and yours. Someone who loved you is not going to want you to be overwhelmed with grief for too long. They would want you to be happy and remember with love and smiles. We would I think want this for all those we will one day leave behind.

Kate Dickerson

Bonne année à toute ta famille...avec des très beaux souvenirs de ta belle-mère. xoxo Kate


et la même chose pour vous. tout le meilleur de la nouvelle année.


Chère famille Espinasse,
Je vous envoie mes meilleurs vœux pour un nouvel an plein de la bonne santé, la prospérité, et




You have hugs and warm thoughts surrounding you and your loved ones. Margaret comments helped me when my parents died. Very sorry for your loss.

Allen in SC

A vous et aux vôtres aussi!

Gwyneth Perrier

I am so sorry about the loss of your belle-mère. My thoughts are with you and your family.

Vance Anderson -Inks

My thoughts and love are with you and Jean-Marc.
You were blessed to be in her life, and she was blessed to have you both.


What a lovely photo of your both. Your mother-in-law has such a kind expression. What a gift and definitely a photo to treasure. Thinking of you all.

Cheryl in STL

Bonne année à vous tous, aussi. Mes condoléances les plus sincères avec mes prières.


Our dear Kristi,
This beautiful picture absolutely wraps itself around our hearts and brings joyful tears to our eyes.
Through your gifted writing we feel privileged to have Michele-France as a treasured member of our family.Now today,she especially is sending many bisous
for continued faith, blessings, health and happiness.
Bonne l'annee(and many more),chere Kristi,to you and your dear family.
You truly are a gift in our lives.
Natalia. Xo

Nadine Goodban

Mes sincères condoléances chers Kristi et famille!
Victor Hugo avait dit, bien justement:
“Un être vous manque et tout est dépeuplé “. Courage à tous! Restent les bons souvenirs.


Happy New year to you and yours, Dear Friend! Many blessings your way in 2018! 🎻🥂🍾😘 Much love, Karen @figandscallion 💋

Jan R.

Pour Kristin et sa famille, mes condoléances les plus sincères…Jan R.


Happy new year, I wish happiness and health for your family in 2018......what a great loss to your family. You are amazing.

Gail Accuardi

I bet she was so happy to have you as a daughter in law! Good health and comfort in the new year. G and F

Joanne Johnson

What a lovely photo of you and your belle-mere, Kristen! The love between you is so obvious. My deepest condolences to you and Jean-Marc and your family on her loss. Many blessings and peace in the New Year.

Maureen McCormick

Chère Kristi,
I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your beloved belle-mère. Bon courage to you, Jean-Marc, Max and Jackie. Best wishes for 2018, and please keep the column going.
Much love,


such a tender photo........full of warmth & very sorry for you all for having lost such a special person
Let 2018 be full of hope peace joy & of course love

Jens from Copenhagen

Happy new year to you, too. Bon courage.

Beth Fiore Kral

Thinking of you... Bonne Année and meilleure voeux!

Terry Agnes

Sad time to loose a dear and near , I lost my husband after 40 years 3 months ago , and it is a real shock , but little by little I try to see the good memories of our life together .Courage et mes sinceres condoleances .

Randy Roffman

So sad for your deep loss at his time. It is always the wrong time, somehow. All the best to you in the New Year.

Bradley Dodd

Happy New Year. Thank you for you continuing posts!

Chris Allin

Jean-Marc and Kristi,

Your dear Michèle-France may have left you but memories of her never will. May your hearts be filled with those memories in 2018...and forever after.

Bill Goff

Chére Kristi, Cher Jean-Marc,

Je suis bien triste d'apprendre les nouvelles tristes de votre belle-mère/mère. Que vous ayez à jamais les beaux souvenirs de sa vie et son amour pour vous et toute votre famille.

bien amicalement,

Bill Goff

Deborah Rhoades

I am so very, very sorry for the loss of your belle-mere. My sincere condolences to you all. My prayers are with you all for your comfort in this horrible time of grief.

Jan Greene

Kristi, So very sorry to hear of the passing of Jean-Marc’s mother. I suspect that knowing you as we do here virtually, that she was blessed to be part of your family. To share in your joyous moments must have made her heart sing! Thinking of you both! Jan Greene in frigid Cape Cod


Bonne Année Kristi. My deepest sympathies to you, Jean-Marc and your family on Michèle-France's passing. The loss of one's mother is most definitely a life altering event. Sweet memories help you through, but, as Jean-Marc commented, it marks a new chapter in one's life.

Leslie NYC

My mother died in October and I feel I am just winging the grief process. I think what helps is really paying attention and respecting your own pace and the needs of you and your family. I imagine there is more ritual and understanding in France than here. I hope to slow down to take in more fully what happened and who this person was in the new year. The paperwork is soul-killing, but remembering is sweet. Take good care going forward!

Kathy Heckathorn

So sorry for your loss, Kristi.


Quelle belle photo de vous deux! Kristi, et Jean-Marc, mes pensees vous accompagnent lors de cette epreuve difficile. Bon courage!

Ms Linda in California

Kristi & famille,
Sincere condolences on the loss of your dear belle-mère, mère & grande-mère!

Kathryn MacCullough

Kristi, Je suis vraiment désolée, Toutes mes condoléances à vous, à Jean Marc et à toute la famille. Kathryn MacCullough

Lorena Meunier

Chère Kristi,
Je suis tellement désolée quand j'ai appris que ta belle-mére est morte. Michele-France doit être une femme formidable et sympathique. J'espère que tu puisses eventuellement penser d'elle sans tristesse. Ma mére est morte il y a 17 ans et je pense d'elle et de mon père chaque jour, mais maintenant je ne pleure pas comme au début.
I wish words could help you and Jean-Marc at this time of great loss. Bon courage! - Lorena à Wilmington Delaware

Deborah Manasse

So very sorry to hear of the loss of your belle-mère. It's so very sad to lose someone we love dearly. Safe travels back to France et Bonne année!

Deborah Manasse

oops...meant to reply to Kristi!.


Kristi...the time comes to us all. We can only hope that we have left good memories for the next generation and hopefully a whole lot of loving moments to cherish (which I am sure your belle-mere has done...) Bon courage!

Patience in L.A.

Kristi and J.M.
Well, you were children before but now you are adults. Not only adults but orphans. It is a big step in life. How wonderful that you hadJ.M ‘s mother for so many years. Especially with your own children. The memories will remain and grow dearer with passing time. My heartfelt prayers and thoughts are with you all.

Suzanne Dunaway

I hope so much you will be living in France, Kristi. And I hope so much that Jean-Marc's sadness will pass soon. Here's to great memories of a magnificent woman.


A beautiful photo.You both have such kindness in your eyes.
It is so true what Anne above said..and I realize it so vividly now..the time comes to all of was such a shock to me at 19..but now that I will be 64..I see and hear so much more:(My son-in-law just lost him mom..the other day he said to's unbelievable to me that I will not see her ever again..of course he means in this physical world..but it's true..such a loss...

Audrey Wilson

You have all my sympathies Kristin I am in hospital & so have only just seen your news . So sad for you all


So sorry to hear of your loss. Find strength in your family and friends.

Hank Sweet

Happy New Year Kristin. So sorry to hear of your loss.


I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your beautiful belle-mère. The only way most of us know her is through what you have written about her over the years, which is lovely. She leaves a beautiful legacy through your family. My prayers are with you all.

Sheryl in Denver

Kristi and JM:
I send hugs and love to you for this difficult time. My mom passed on Christmas morning 2009, so I understand the sadness of losing a loved one around the holidays. Each year, I light a candle for mom on Christmas morning and I feel like she is present with us in the candlelight. My aunt died on the 26th and we just had a family gathering Friday for her memorial. It was good to see family I had not seen in years, even through our tears. So many great memories were shared. Lean on your loved ones and know that Michele-France is happy and a beautiful angel now, always present and ever-loving. Bisous.

Jo Ann Gryder

So saddened to learn of the loss of your Belle-Mere, Kristi. So difficult at any time and especially during the Holidays! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!

Heidi McElroy

My Condolences to you and Jean-Marc and your family on the loss of his mother. May the rest of the year bring you only happy occasions.

Kate C.

So very sorry for your loss. Holding you and your family in my thoughts. Hugs from California.

Jacqueline Pope

Oh, Kristi and jean Marc, Jackie and Max,
I am so deeply sorry that this beautiful lady has moved away. Sat and looked at that lovely picture several minutes, afraid of what clicking on would tell me. What a delightful one she was and I know you will miss her so much. Kristi, thank you for sharing her with us and giving us an opportunity to feel this loss with all of you. Wish I could bring food and help in some way. Please feel the warmth and love I’m sure everyone is sending and know you are your family are genuinely loved. God’s blessings and safe travels home. You’re in my prayers. Jacqueline Pope

Sheila Rudisill

Embrace the time for to every thing there is a season. My sincere condolence on your mothers , mother in laws passing. She is part of who you are, a blessing indeed. God is in the midst of you. People around the world are with you. Peace and love xxoo

Augusta Elmwood

Dear Kristin and Jean-Marc, So sorry to hear of Michèle-France's passing. Desolée.

Adeline Richarson Reunion Island

Quelle triste nouvelle...

Je vous présente mes plus sincères condoléances et vous souhaite bon courage en ce moment si douloureux pour vous tous.

je vous adresse mes meilleurs voeux pour accompagner cette nouvelle année. Que 2018 vous garde tous en solide santé.

Cathleen A Hoffman

What a wonderful and comforting post. Good advice and felt like a loving hug.


May her soul rest in peace and may perpetual light shine upon her. Condolences to all the family.

Aleta Thomas

I'm so deeply saddened to hear of the loss of your belle-mere. I've followed your posts since I moved to France over 10 years ago, and have come to feel like I know your family as well as my own.

My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.


You write so beautifully about your beloved belle mere. I feel your pain, never to see, to hear, to touch this person again, it is the hardest part of life to accept this fact and allow these universal feelings of loss bind us in empathy together here on earth. Your generosity of spirit is an inspiration to me. I grieve along with you, for my own recent losses as well. Let's take each day one at a time, cherishing our memories and
comforting ourselves in the simple pleasures of everyday life.
My best to you and your family.

Judith Hunnicutt

I am sending along a way to contact a delightful French learning program--

Frantastique offers delightful inbox emails everyday with a story, questions, language exercises and a Dessert du Jour of a cultural nature. Kristin, I thought you might like to explore this an a possible ad on your blog.

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