Les dents de bonheur - "Happiness Teeth" are part of this elogy
Try this in the New Year: s'aérer l'esprit

Enchanté de vous rencontrer + rest in a teachable spirit

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This photo was taken years ago, at our vineyard, but it could be our new place here in La Ciotat. We have the same chairs (from my belle-mère), same bougainvillea, same gravel, same dog. Familiarity is comforting, isn't it? If you have read this letter for years, you are getting to know our family. If you are a new reader, Bienvenue! So nice to meet you (hear our message below). New or longtime reader, it would be a pleasure to hear from you in the comments. Tell us which city you live in, your age, and your reason for studying French. Merci beaucoup.

Enchanté de vous rencontrer

    : nice to meet you

Audio File: listen to Jean-Marc and me read the following French words:

Enchante sound file

Enchanté. Nous sommes enchantés de vous connaître.
Delighted. We are delighted to know you.



    by Kristi Espinasse

The adjective enchanté is just the word in which to kick off a new year for this French word journal.  May we all be so enchanted in 2018--happy to meet new people and new challenges, and delighted by the serendipities we are bound to encounter. And when things go wrong in the coming year (for can things always go right?), may we find inspiration from today's word...and "en" "chant" or inwardly sing until things are back on track again.

It is difficult, if not impossible, to inwardly sing when you are hurting. Believe me I know! But during a week of hard knocks, I happened on a missing note--a kind of bridge between despair and hope. It is advice from my 370-year-old French friend, Fénelon, whose paper-thin book "Let Go" is a fixture on my table de nuit. Here's Fen's advice:

Rest in a teachable spirit.

The suggestion can be interpreted as deeply as you'd like (Allez-y!), or it can simply be taken "surface level". Either way, let's learn, learn, learn! in the new year--beginning with the sunny French word enchanté, and continuing on with whatever leçons de vie are thrown our way. (And there will be plenty if you are in any kind of relationship with mankind, n'est-ce pas?)

*    *    *

French Vocabulary

enchanté = pleased to meet you, delighted, enchanted

la table de nuit = night stand

allez-y = go on! go for it!

leçons de vie = life lessons

n'est-ce pas? = isn't that right

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A swimwear shop in La Ciotat...and a new friend for Smokey?

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