Raconter des salades (Fountain Guy takes us for a ride) = today's expressions: se faire empapaouter or se faire berner:
Partir en vrille: Approaching Two Decades of Sobriety when a "loaded" piece of chocolate leads to a lapse (or a relapse?)

How to say "not-to-be-missed" or "must-see" in French + tonight's winetasting in Marseilles with Château de Pibarnon and Chateau de Roquefort

Wine tasting 29 mars 2019

Today's expression: à ne pas manquer

    : not to be missed, a must-see, do not miss

Audio File: Listen to Jean-Marc read the following example sentence, in French

Click here to hear the sound file for "a ne pas manquer"
A ne pas manquer ce soir (le Jeudi 29 Mars) à partir de 18H30 au Vin Sobre Obélisque de Mazargues....Dégustation exceptionnelle de deux Grands Crus de Provence qui sont le Château de Pïbarnon et le Château de Roquefort représentés par leurs propriétaires respectifs Eric de Saint Victor et Raymond de Villeneuve

Not to be missed this evening (Thursday, March 29th) from 6:30 pm at Vin Sobre (wine shop) at the Obélisque of Mazargues...An exceptional wine tasting of two vintaged Provence wines: Chateau de Pibarnon and Château de Roquefort, represented by their respective owners Eric de Saint Victor and Raymond de Villeneuve.


    by Kristi Espinasse

This photo below is saturated with whimsy. From the message on the ardoise...to the photo bomber on the right--and not to miss the smiling Frenchman in the center--this scene radiates la joie de vivre. So I'm making it my birthday greeting to my husband, who turns 51 today--like the famous boisson by Pernod Ricard.

Jean-Marc won't be drinking pastis. He is gearing up for a special wine-tasting featuring two characters he admires in the world of wine: Eric de Saint Victor et Raymond de Villeneuve (click on their names for some colorful scenes...which brings us back to the image below and my wish for mon mari on his special day:

Jean-Marc, May you forever be surrounded by terrific copains, may you trek to your heart's content, and may you feel, each and every day, the love and support of your family.  And one more thing I almost forgot: though you didn't inherit the same DIY gene as your sister, the furniture-maker, or your brother, the builder--ça fait rien!--may you never resist that creative spark within you--whether it propels you to build a quirky mop-spear--or a blood, sweat and tears vineyard

J-o-y-e-u-x  A-n-n-i-v-e-r-s-a-i-r-e, Chief Grape!

INVITATION: If you, dear reader, are within a one-hour radius of Marseilles--tonight's wine-tasting event is à ne pas manquer--not to be missed. Jean-Marc and I would love to see you! Here's the address, see you at 6:30!

Le Vin Sobre Mazargues
Cave à Vins et épicerie fine à Marseille
2, av. Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny
13009 Marseille - France 
Tél. 04 91 30 68 35

à ne pas manquer = not to be missed
une ardoise = slate board, black board
la joie de vivre = love of life, zest for life
la boisson= drink
le pastis = anis-flavored French liqueur
mon mari = my husband
le copain (la copine) = friend
ça fait rien (ça ne fait rien) = that doesn't matter, no biggie 
joyeux anniversaire = happy birthday

The following picture was taken outside Allez Hops! -- our friend Dan's beer shop in Nice

Jean-marc espinasse le soleil brille in front of allez hops beer shop in Nice France

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Catherine Berry (But you are in France, Madame)

Love the photo bomber - and of course, all the usual suspects! Joyeux anniversaire J-M.


Nice, Kristin. Love the one you commit to, and all their attributes. Going to be in Sablet for 5 days in April. Any tips?

Meiling Newman

Happy birthday Jean-Marc.


Our dear Kristi,
Please wish Jean-Marc Joyeux Anniversaire!!
May he celebrate many more blessed with health,happiness,and most especially,his beautiful wife, children,and family!
Natalia. Xo


Happy Birthdayj Jean-Marc. Have a wonderful evening wine tasting with your copains and your best friend, Kristi!

Eileen deCamp

Happy Birthday to Jean-Marc!


With all my good wishes for Un Bon Anniversaire for Jean-Marc! I hope the two of you will be celebrating many more
happy occasions together and in ways that are meaningful to you both. It is a bit of a time-worn cliché, but nevertheless
true, that "Life is not measured in the number of breaths that we take, but in the number of moments that take our breath

Janine Cortell

Joyeux annivesaire Jean-Marc!!

Kathleen from Connecticut

HappyBirthday Jean Marc. May you have a fantastic year with your lovely wife and great children. Joie de Vie

Lee and Maureen

Jean Marc, we wish a very happy birthday and enjoy the wine tasting with good friends. Wish we could be there to celebrate with you.
Just bought our AF tickets today for our Provençal vacation in May/June.
Much love to you and Kristi,
Lee & Maureen


Happy, happy birthday, Jean-Marc! ! ! Best wishes for a wonderful year filled with peace and happiness!

Leslie NYC

Joyeux anniversaire, Jean Marc!

Kitty Wilson-Pote

Bonne Fête/Joyeux Anniversaire 2018, Jean-Marc!


What a lovely tribute to Jean Narc. Sending our warmest wishes for a wonderful birthday and a year ahead full of happiness and fulfilling new adventures JM.

joie in Carmel

Joyeux Anniversaire Jean-Marc.May all the days of the year be like today.

Brenda Prowse

Bon anniversaire Jean-Marc!!! Sending you much joy and happiness.

Carole Fitzgerald

Happy Birthday Jean- Marc ,big hugs from Down Under xxx


Simply must take the time to wish Jean-Marc a 'Bon Anniversaire!" and to wish him and his family peace and happiness and fulfilment in the coming year. Salute!
L etc

Susan Stafford

Joyeux Anniversaire, Jean-Marc ! May every day be an excellent one. Best, Susan

Jens from Copenhagen

Would love to join you (suppose there will also be a Nachspiel), but 1800 km from Copenhagen is a little too far. I'll salute Chief Grape with some fine nectar here instead!

Joanne Fischer

Happy Birthday to my favorite wineman!!! All the best!


Rosalie Hill ISOM

bon anniversaire, Jean-Marc

Karla Ober

Joyeux Anniversaire Jean-Marc! I am so glad that you are writing more and participating more in Kristi's "French -Word-A-Day!"

Maureen McCormick

Bon anniversaire Jean-Marc !

Chris Allin

Dear Kristi,
Your beautiful wishes for Jean-Marc on his birthday...what a comfortable life he must be living, filled with all the wonderful things you have wished for him. He seems to be in a good place, having handled the ups and downs in life with grace, as you have with your support. Hoping each step forward takes you both, with serenity, through the wonder of what is to be. Happy Birthday, Jean-Marc!

Kathleen Hurder

Kathy and Ron will be in Provence in June also! Let’s get together!!

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