Echapper belle: What we are avoiding, alluding, dodging, and running away from this week!
Chantier or construction site + A hole in the wall is better than un trou dans la tête! Caution while sleeping....

Postcard from Elba, Italy...and the French word for "puddle of water"


We made it to Elba Island after driving all the way from La Ciotat. To break up the 9-hour road trip, Jean-Marc organized two overnight stops: one in the Ligurian town of Albenga--and the other in Lucca. We didn't get to see much these famous Italian towns as it rained non-stop (the pluie turned to hail as we crowded beneath a tiny portico, in Lucca, along with a handful of other pedestrians surprised by the downpour). Day three on the road and the rain would not let up. The threat of aquaplaning was on Jean-Marc's mind as he carefully avoided every freeway puddle, or flaque d'eau. For once, we appreciated all those never-ending tunnels that northern Italy is known for. They offered a stretch of dry, non-slippery road! 

Bref (for this is, after all, just une carte postale), we're here, and dry! I have a story for you when we return from this little island off the Tuscan coast, where the sun is so bright it's warmed the shallow coastline inviting us in for a winter swim....

Ciao, ciao, ciao, ciao,*


*I counted twice as many ciaos as I overheard one Italian saying goodbye over the telephone, before finally hanging up.   


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