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La Flemme! Why everyone's so lethargic, paresseux, and feignant this time of year--and what France has done to remedy it!

Midway through the fountain renovation, things turned pink....


Je m'en veux
. I've been feeling so guilty about this lassitude that's set in around here lately. I should be doing the grand ménage de printemps--or putting away all our stuff that's been crammed upstairs during our remodeling.  At the very least I should be writing to you--catching up on a few stories about our petit bassin (it's been repaired!) or our home (the rez-de-chaussée has now been renovated!). Instead, I am puttering around. How to say that in French? I should know--it's my favorite thing to do. To putter!

And then this morning, bingo! ça y est! I realized it is La Fête du Travail here in France. Not only is it OK to be a loafer or a slacker or even a couch potato today--but we are to be giving our fellow feignants dainty white flowers on this le premier mai. Read all about this lackadaisical behavior in the post The Muguet Tradition in France.

I'm off to putter around, or tourner en rond (need a better translation...), in the garden, in the house, or wherever I (and my dog--for Smokey's a good putter pal) fancy. Click here for the original May 1st edition and thank you very much for reading!


la flemme! = (something between "ugh" and "I don't feel like doing anything!")
je m'en veux = I feel bad
la lassitude = weariness
le grand ménage de printemps = spring cleaning
le rez-de-chaussée = ground floor
La Fête du Travail = Labor Day
le petit bassin = pond, little pool
ça y est! = bingo!
feignant(e) = lazybones
le premier mai = the first of May
tourner en rond = to go round in circles
...and then there's an "empêcheur de tourner en rond"--or a "spoilsport" in French
amicalement = "yours"--part of a list of ways to sign off in French correspondence

Poisson fish for pond fountain epinards spinach for garden
His name is Joe--named after our chef de chantier, or site foreman, who took over where Fountain Guy left off. There beside Joe, on the car seat, is les épinards (spinach). Off to plant some more greens in my garden. P.S. We have 6 more fish to name. Your ideas are welcome, in the comments box below!

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