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Darling reader, I need your "dacodac"! If you want to continue receiving this homespun letter from France, action is required

That's a wasabi plant in our garden
A wasabi plant beside our fountain...

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Today's word: dacodac

    : Okie dokie (OK) 

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Dacodac. Dans la version originale d’Orange mécanique (A Clockwork Orange), le terme correspondant est doobidoob, qui n’a pas le même sens. In the original version of A Clockwork Orange, the corresponding term is doobidoob, which does not have the same meaning.

Note: I have never watched the film A Clockwork Orange. I hear it's very very scary. So are the new internet laws for publishers like me! Please read today's column and be sure to click on any link in today's letter--it's a simple way to help my automated listserver distinguish active readers from inactive readers.


    by Kristi Espinasse

Pas de panique. This French phrase has been my saving grace, recently, as internet privacy laws--concerning you and me--go into effect today! I have no idea how to parlay legalese--I have a hard enough time speaking French--but I will give you a few pointers to help you continue receiving these updates from the homefront here in La Ciotat, France.

Merci pour votre dacodac!
First a little background. My French Word-A-Day subscribers have already given their dacodac to receive these letters. More than an OK (un d'ac!), you have had to complete a double opt-in procedure (jumping through at least two hoops --by filling out a signup form and then responding to the confirmation email). 

Today, we need to go one step farther: I'm asking you to put your hand on your heart and swear--jurer--you truly want to receive my French Word-A-Day email updates, because today, May 25th, as an internet publisher I am required to prove compliance to the GDPR European General Data Protection Regulation requirements. It amounts to transparency regarding a Take No Hostages (no unwilling subscribers) approach that I have followed since beginning this journal in October of 2002. For the record, I would no more consider putting somebody on my email list, against their knowledge or will, than I would invite myself to move into their home--and beg for "cookies" while I'm there! Only, the Powers That Be (the Internet Police Task Force) do not know this, and so today I must prove I'm not a squatter! I'm not squatting your inbox, searching for "crumbs" or personal "data" while there. Imagine!

Aidez-moi! Help!
Times like this I wish I had un avocat, un comptable, a personal secretary, and Mom--to cook me a taco at lunchtime, because by then my brain will be on overdrive having tried to keep up the professional end of this homespun journal.

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Mille mercis all you dacodacs out there. I truly appreciate you!


un avocat = lawyer
un comptable = an accountant
illico presto = right away!
dacodac = okie dokie

Kristi Espinasse 2018
I am happiest after I've written a story, or when I am gardening.

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