Seeing spots? Relax, those are floaters! Les corps flottants et le champ visuel....
Grignoter & Cochonnerie: What it really means when your family says, "There's nothing to eat in this fridge!"

It's all the rage, in French: Beer & Tarts (Tarte à la tomate et à la moutarde) A sure favorite so don't miss this!


Today's expression is inspired by a few choice words in the (clickable) flyer above. Thanks, Julie, Daniel and Arthur, of L'Ecole de la Bière in Nice, for a cool phrase to share in French. 

faire fureur

    : to be all the rage

Cela fait fureur. It's all the rage. Click the link below, to listen to this sentence 

Faire fureur


by Kristi Espinasse

Mom arrives tomorrow. Demain! I need to tidy her room (she'll take Max's until we can move her into the wine cellar). I also need to figure out a meal plan and maybe bake a cake...or why not a tart? I just got the idea from Betty, who emailed me this:


I just made your La Tarte à la Tomate recipe for about the 20th time. Every time I remember the evening at the Shakespeare Bookstore. How wonderful that was. I’m going to try the gougeres recipe soon. I don’t do much cooking and I really appreciate the easy recipes. I hope everything is well with you. On ne s’ennuie jamais, c'est vrai.

--Betty Davis in Atlanta

Thank you, Betty! And for anyone reading, here's the link to this super easy tomato tart.

P.S. The last time I made it I was inspired by the Tarte Tatin method--in which you bake the pie à l'envers! This kept the crust nice and crispy. It also made a colossal mess in my kitchen... Next time, I will not change techniques midway through the process. (Imagine flipping a pancake--only you're flipping an entire pie. Aïe, aïe, aïe!

demain = tomorrow
les gougères = cheese puffs
on ne s'ennuie jamais
= never a dull moment
à l'envers = upside down
Aïe, aïe, aïe! = ouch, ouch, ouch!

Tomatoes from our garden, and Smokey Dokey--my happy gardening assistant.
Our son max fishing
Another picture of the beach I wrote about, in the floaters post. That's our son, Max, and his new harpon, or spear gun. He didn't catch anything, so it was rice and grilled veggies last night :-)

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