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More about this controversial shirt in today's story :-) 

Today's Word: un entretien d'embauche 

   : à job interview 



   by Kristi Espinasse 

Our recently-turned 21-year-old just arrived here in Colorado--where she will be trying out "this American life" for the next 6 months (until June 26th, the date at which her billet aller-retour delivers her back to France... But will she go?). 

Jackie's flight from Marseilles-Heathrow landed in Denver last night and 22 hours later she was sitting in a grassy circle, outside the mall, with a bunch of young people--all applying for the same sales position at a popular sportswear company. 

I was eager to hear all about Jackie's entretien d'embauche, and waited patiently for our jetlagged traveler to gulp down un verre d'eau after she had walked home from the mall, direct from her group interview (there were eight other nanas and three mecs, none of whom she was brave enough to talk to as they sat chatting with each other sur la pelouse awaiting the manager's instructions). 

"Mom," Jackie said, breathless, "they all had such good answers to the interview questions! The other candidates were thoughtful, energetic, and they were all wearing THE BRAND from head to toe!" 

Our newbie American, dressed in jeans and a black Fila--ouch, la concurrence-- dress shirt (her aunt and I made her button up the last on n'est pas en France !) had only just heard of the mark, seen all over the streets in Denver (and not yet available in the south of France.)

"And my accent... "Jackie continued, "I don't think they could understand my answers to the questions.. I'm sure the manager is not going to hire me...."

Post-interview doubts didn't stop la petite française from hurrying across the street, to a major hotel chain, where she asked a valet, "Are you hiring here?" (The old man  directed her to the company's website-- just as the sales girl at the shoe store--visited before the sportswear interview... did.) 

Gazing at my daughter as she stood recounting her foreign job hunt, I was thinking what every parent thinks: who wouldn't hire this extraordinary child? 

Nous sommes fiers de toi. We are so proud of you, Jackie. Newly-arrived in Les États-Unis, and you've hit the ground running! Your American accent will catch up with you soon enough...hélas.


un billet = ticket

aller-retour = round-trip 

un entretien d'embauche = job interview 

un verre = a glass

l'eau = water

la nana = girl

le mec = guy

la concurrence = the competition 

car = because

on = we

nous sommes = we are

fier = proud 

hélas = unfortunately

Les États-Unis = The United States


My niece, Reagan, writing thank you card. More photos--and "mini-stories" of our trip--on Instagram.

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