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Esprit + Explaining your religion in France.....a tricky undertaking

A job interview in French...


More about this controversial shirt in today's story :-) 

Today's Word: un entretien d'embauche 

   : à job interview 



   by Kristi Espinasse 

Our recently-turned 21-year-old just arrived here in Colorado--where she will be trying out "this American life" for the next 6 months (until June 26th, the date at which her billet aller-retour delivers her back to France... But will she go?). 

Jackie's flight from Marseilles-Heathrow landed in Denver last night and 22 hours later she was sitting in a grassy circle, outside the mall, with a bunch of young people--all applying for the same sales position at a popular sportswear company. 

I was eager to hear all about Jackie's entretien d'embauche, and waited patiently for our jetlagged traveler to gulp down un verre d'eau after she had walked home from the mall, direct from her group interview (there were eight other nanas and three mecs, none of whom she was brave enough to talk to as they sat chatting with each other sur la pelouse awaiting the manager's instructions). 

"Mom," Jackie said, breathless, "they all had such good answers to the interview questions! The other candidates were thoughtful, energetic, and they were all wearing THE BRAND from head to toe!" 

Our newbie American, dressed in jeans and a black Fila--ouch, la concurrence-- dress shirt (her aunt and I made her button up the last on n'est pas en France !) had only just heard of the mark, seen all over the streets in Denver (and not yet available in the south of France.)

"And my accent... "Jackie continued, "I don't think they could understand my answers to the questions.. I'm sure the manager is not going to hire me...."

Post-interview doubts didn't stop la petite française from hurrying across the street, to a major hotel chain, where she asked a valet, "Are you hiring here?" (The old man  directed her to the company's website-- just as the sales girl at the shoe store--visited before the sportswear interview... did.) 

Gazing at my daughter as she stood recounting her foreign job hunt, I was thinking what every parent thinks: who wouldn't hire this extraordinary child? 

Nous sommes fiers de toi. We are so proud of you, Jackie. Newly-arrived in Les États-Unis, and you've hit the ground running! Your American accent will catch up with you soon enough...hélas.


un billet = ticket

aller-retour = round-trip 

un entretien d'embauche = job interview 

un verre = a glass

l'eau = water

la nana = girl

le mec = guy

la concurrence = the competition 

car = because

on = we

nous sommes = we are

fier = proud 

hélas = unfortunately

Les États-Unis = The United States


My niece, Reagan, writing thank you card. More photos--and "mini-stories" of our trip--on Instagram.

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Ah beautiful story Kristi

Judith Dunn

.....just you wait! She will a land a great job! She is beautiful, intelligent, savy and talented... what is not to like?????? I just hope she enjoys her time in the USA and makes some great money! bisous, Judi Dunn

Scott Reeves

Bonne chance a votre fille. Vos histoires sont toujours plein de vie et d'amour.

Merci d'avoir partagé



Bonne chance, Jackie!


Our dear Kristi,
We are so proud of Jackie and wish her bon chance
(and bon courage!) on her job hunt!
How wonderful that you are together again!
Huge hugs to you all!
Natalia. Xo(some more!)


Tell her to apply with Target. I am sure she will be hired.

Judy M. Wood

Reassure Jackie that most Americans find a French accent charming, so not to worry. And as you said, it will unfortunately fade. Wishing her great success and fun in the US.

Pamela H

I’m sure Jackie will find an awesome job in Denver! I have no doubts. She should know how much Americans love the French - especially their accent!


Keep trying and keep smiling, Jackie. There is a place for you, we need good workers here now. Bonne chance!

Trina from St. Petersburg, FL USA

I'm sure, with her studies, she'd prefer to work in a popular clothing store, but we have a charming French woman whose accent is a delightful addition to a local French bakery and coffee shop. Bon chance, Jackie!

Chris Allin

Dear Kristi,
How exciting this must be for Jackie! From what you have told us about her over the years, she seems to have a lot of personal courage. That alone can take one far, but add to it her other attributes and I am sure that someone will recognize the advantage of having her work in their midst. She is a gutsy girl (my favorite expression for my own daughters). Wishing her a successful search!


Great suggestion--I agree, apply at Target.


Bon chance Jackie!! ❤️


i cross my fingers jackie !!!

Christine Webb-Curtis

She might check in with l’Alliance Française in Denver to see if any of the members have any leads. I believe they would be helpful to your darling daughter.

Young Paciello

Hey Kristi - I hope she knows how to ski cause the skiing around Denver is fabulous. We lived there 18 mos between seminary and Michael getting his first Assistant Rector job in West Virginia back in 1988 (he is an Episcopal priest)
Tell Jackie to look at stores that have a European touch (bakeries, tea rooms, design)

Anne Maitland

Who wouldn't hire the beautiful and accomplished Jackie? Good luck and don't lose your accent!

John Woodall

Hi Kristi,
I think I may be the only man who follows your blog. Not sure but I will post a little. Your daughter need not worry about her French accent. As others stated, All Americans find a French accent indeed tres charment. Long ago I lived the French life!
I was hired by Michelin in 1973 and installed in Clermont Ferrand in un petit apartement! The position required me to learn to speak and read and write French! I can still see myself on Sunday evening at our small table, agonizing over my weekly report.
Then I had to present it every Monday morning! But oh how we loved village life!!!!!!!! It was a wonderful time and never forgotten! We have returned many times but it is never the same as our first petit apartment! When we were young and owned..nothing! We only had a little Simca 1100 car and our clothes.

pat freeburg

My first job after U of Texas was in Manhattan, NY in posh department store's Training Group=because I spoke "funny".And French is THE charming,perfect accent!We met @ the wine shoppe and I have knee replacement 2 Oct, but when I'm rehabbed, would love to meet Jackie.My first thought was l'Alliance as well for leads.Bon chance ! We're watching the wild and rowdy Ryder Cup Golf tourney and I'm wishing I were THERE=in France ! Amities, pat pf

Hedy Holmberg


I agree, who wouldn't hire this extraordinary young woman!

When she does land her job, if she needs anything, our son and daughter-in-law live in Denver where he works as a children's dentist and she works at the medical school in Aurora. We all fondly remember our trip to France and visit to your charming home in summer 2011.


Eileen deCamp

Hi Kristi,

Good luck to Jackie! If this doesn't work out she will find another opportunity!


There is no doubt she will find something. And with her background in fashion....who knows. Window and display staging is something to think about also for a department store. Cherry Creek Mall and Flatirons Mall are two of the biggest. Find the stores at those places then go on line and see who is hiring. One child in France and one has many turns.
Bon chance Jackie.

Bill Kenne

If not Denver and stylish clothing, there is a wonderful French boulangerie, Cars De Paris Bakery, here at Indian Rocks Beach on the west coast of Florida. The owners, who have college age children are also from the south of France.


Bonjour, Kristin,
No worries---America is a very youth oriented culture! Since Jackie is fashion oriented encourage her to look for
work at fabric shops, a textile museum, a jewelry store, and hat and shoe shops. Perhaps she might even mind the store
for an art gallery owner. As others have posted, "Bon chance, Jackie!"

Audrey Wilson

I echo others here Whenever I have visited the States people have said to me "I just love your accent"(British in my case) I'm sure your french accent will charm many as it does to we Brits over here in France Bonne Chance !Jackie

Diane Heinecke

With Jackie's credentials and enthusiasm, I would advise her to dress in a nice blouse, scarf and slacks and meet directly with a department store manager. Leave a copy of her CV and contact information. With her sparkling smile and confidence, I just know we'll hear exciting news soon!


I want to hire that chien adorable!

Kathleen from Connecticut

Ditto to those who suggested a bakery or a boutique, may there is even one which sells French or EU clothes. She needs to expand her search if she does not get the first job. Also she should let her Frenchness show through with her dress.... the scarf of course.
She will succeed. She could also try the University of Colorado. They might just have an interesting position that is open.
Bon chance Jackie.


Bon courage! a votre fille.


Bon chance Jackie. Kristin, she has your adventurous spirit and will certainly find her footing soon. How courageous. I agree with others, her lovely accent, charm and many talents will land her a position. We were at LHR also yesterday, flying back to Phoenix. Wish we could have met up with her. Enjoy your special time together in Denver. How fun!

Nadine goodban

À vous tous : it’s BONNE CHANCE !
We say Bon Voyage, ‘cause voyage is masculin.
But Chance is féminine ...... easy lesson !

Bonne continuation et bon week-end !!!!!


My thoughts exactly regarding our own daughters:) Oh to be loved that much again:):)
She will be offered many jobs that smart beautiful girl of yours:)


Kristi, Jackie is a beautiful, charming, confident young woman and any company would be lucky to have her represent it. She will land a fantastic job in no time at all. I have learned to be proud of my mish-mashed accent (I have an accent in every language I speak) and silence those annoying doubts as soon as they start to drift up to the surface. Bon courage, Jackie! You've got this!


As I read this, my own daughter is flying to new Zealand, where she has a Working Holiday Visa, to stay for up to a year. No job lined up as yet, but there's a space at a hostel waiting for her. I have faith in her, and am mostly excited rather than worried, but I can really empathize today!

Maggie Rasor

I hope it's not too late to answer this! My first thought was she should apply to work at a JW Marriott if there is one in Denver. We recently stayed at the JWM in Nashville and there were many international employees working there. They were all terrific and made us feel very special. My friend works for JWM in Phoenix. It's a top-notch place to stay and work! Good luck, Jackie!

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