Bilingual post & hommage to four young men who left us too soon.
La Cuve: All About Jean-Marc's (American) Wine "Ephemera"

Séréndipité: Meet-up with Kristi and Jean-Marc in Colorado: winetasting, booksigning, French-talking...

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Jean-Marc and I will be at The Bookworm of Edwards on March 10th, from 2-5 pm. We would be absolutely delighted to meet you. For more information, visit this page...

Today's Word: Sérendipité (A bilingual definition)

Capacité, aptitude à faire par hasard une découverte inattendue et à en saisir l'utilité.
Ability to accidentally make an unexpected discovery and to grasp its utility.

A DAY IN A FRENCH LIFE by Kristi Espinasse

My husband travels to the US every spring for his wine business. I usually stay in France to watch after les gosses, les chiens, and le vignoble, but now that our situation has changed there is leeway to get out and explore.

One place I wanted to discover is the area in which our daughter has been living and working: in and around Vail, Colorado. This wish turned into un but to reunite with other family members and I'm happy to say I'll now get to see mon père and my two soeurs, and une tante and un oncle of ours.

Next, there was an itch to meet up with friends and readers in the area, and just as I began to wonder how to make this happen... I received an email from one of Jean-Marc's importers, Zach, whose wife happens to have a bookshop in Edwards!

Talk about la sérendipité!

Mille mercis to Nicole of The Bookworm of Edwards for organizing a wine tasting/book signing event for Jean-Marc and me. We appreciate the chance to gather with locals in this beautiful café-librairie!

Bookworm of edwards cafe bookstore books read internet

Coincidentally, I was in this bookstore last fall... having coffee with my sister and a few friends. And even though I didn't voice my thoughts (I wish my books were on these shelves!) The Patron Saint of Bookshops must've been listening! 

Now if that Patron Saint would go POOF! and you all could be there with us March 10th....


le/la gosse = kid
le chien = dog (read about Breizh)
le vignoble = the vineyard (read about our vineyard)
un but = goal, aim, intention
le père = father
la soeur = sister
la tante = aunt
l'oncle = uncle
la sérendipité = serendipity
mille mercis = a thousand thanks

Bookshop books bookworm of edwards colorado booksigning
Here again is a link with more information about our wine tasting/book signing event. Thanks for sharing this info with a Francophile or wine lover!

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