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Je vais m'allonger...


Jean-Marc and I at The Bookworm of Edwards, with Hedy and Mark who surprised us. 

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"Je vais m'allonger." As soon as my daughter said it, I knew it was the perfect phrase to share with you today.

Je vais m'allonger = I'm just going to lie down for a bit

This journal is on a little break, doctor's orders (actually it was my Mom who suggested some time off. And guess what? I'm listening to her)...so I'll keep today's entry short and sweet....

Je vais m'allonger, Jackie said, when she returned from work last night. She is staying with us at our rental here in Avon, Colorado.

I understand why she'd want to lie down at 6:30 p.m. I'd seen her in action earlier when Jean-Marc, Max and I visited her at work (she is a cocktail waitress at the Ritz Carlton. Voilà vous savez tout!)

Earlier at lunch, seated on a large couch facing a crackling fireplace, Max and I watched Jackie (dressed sleekly in black, wearing a Ritz apron) take orders from the family one couch over. The Mom was saying:

My daughter will have the tomato soup and grilled cheese. Can you make that gluten free? My son will have a large glass of milk...and I'm going to share the sliders with my husband. Also could we have ...

As the order grew, Max and I noticed Jackie was not jotting anything down, until finally she smiled and said, "Thank you. That'll be right out. Your room number please? (These three digits added additional bits of information, and now Max and I were really sweating it for Jackie (would she remember the gluten free bread?? Would she!), who now made her way through a crowded room to place the order--a few Excuse me Misses... along the way.

It's been thrilling to be here watching Jackie at work. And when we're not busy being awkwardly discreet guests at the cocktail lounge, we're enjoying being back in America and observing cultural differences (it is snowing here near Vail and I saw a woman wearing a mini skirt (bare legs) at the grocery store! I've also witnessed several men wearing shorts! You would NOT see this in the French Alps...unless an Englishman was there :-)


A most-lovely group holding copies of my book Words in a French Life

Photo taken at Sunday's wine tasting and book signing in Edwards, Colorado (Thanks once again to The Bookworm of Edwards!). Jean-Marc and I were deeply touched by the encouragement and stories that attendees shared.

Whether you have read this journal from the beginning...or just signed on, I thank you for being here. It keeps me writing...and writing keeps me in awe of everyday life. (And naps help to process it all. Donc, je vais m'allonger....)



P.S. We will be in the States for two more weeks. I'm posting photos from our trip here, please hit the follow button and see the latest at my Instagram account.


Enjoying every moment with my daughter.


...when most of my family showed up at Jackie's lieu de travail...or place of work! And one more pic, below ..because my sister, Heidi (in green) was missing from the first photo. 


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