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Ephemere (Jean-Marc is taking over today's post...)

Jean-Marc Espinasse and his Oregon wine Ephemere Ephemera
With my new Lover : Ephemera :)
Today's Word: "éphémère" 
  - Qui est de courte durée, cesse vite.
  - That which is short-lived, stops quickly

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A DAY IN A FRENCH LIFE... by Jean-Marc Espinasse

Ephemeral... like this unusual short edition. When, this morning, I asked Kristi to mention that a few cases of my Willamette Valley Pinot Noir Natural Wine (Ephemera) were still available in the US, she offered to let me write today's post.

Actually, I could also have used "écriture" as the word of the day since writing is also now part of my life, telling chapter by chapter in our common book, The Lost Gardens, the whole story of losing the Mas des Brun "promised land". And since Kristi is about to unveil an important part of her life in our online book, I will let her concentrate on her chapter today... by elaborating this French Word-A-Day promotional edition...
Summer is about to knock on our doors and if you are looking for a fresh, light, easy drinking red wine that can actually be enjoyed cool, Ephemera is just what you are looking for.

A few weeks ago, I had the great surprise of having a quote on the local Willamette Week Newspaper. Jordan Michelman wrote a very accurate note that you can read here. This tasting note will objectively tell you more about this special wine.

To get some Ephémère within the USA (if you live in a State that accepts wine shipments), you can contact Avalon Wines (marcus@northwest-wine.com - (503) 206-8589).

If you live in the beautiful area of Portland OR, go to Providore, 2340 NE Sandy - (503) 232-1010 or Pastaworks at City Market, 735 NW 21Street - (503) 221-3002 to get some (give a call before to make sure there are some on the shelves).

At last, for Europe, please contact me at jm.espinasse@gmail.com

Thank you all of you for the already great support and feedback I had on Ephemera. A special "remerciement" for our Dear Friends Chris and George who posted the picture below with a note :

"Your Ephemera is really good. The essence of this wine lingers on the palate".
To wrap up this edition, I would like to say that this ephemeral wine project in Oregon has really helped me to continue turning the page of the painful Mas des Brun "fiasco", in giving me a chance to make wine, even with no more winery of my own. And writing The Lost Gardens will hopefully permit me to definitely close this unforgettable chapter of my life...
éphémère = fleeting, short-lived, ephemeral. Ephemere is also the word for a pop-up shop or store
l'écriture = writing
le remerciement = thanks, acknowledgment

(from the text below the illustration)
un sac de noeuds = complex situation
chute de manne = type of fish bait (chute = drop manne = mayfly...and also manna)
Les Ephémères. Mayflies from Charles and Richard Bowlker's Art of Angling, 1854. 2. "Blue Dun" mayfly. 3. "March Brown" mayfly
Kristi here... Did you know that the French word éphémère also means mayfly in English? Those winged insects are known for their short, fleeting (ephemeral) life.  According to Wikipedia, In pre-1950s France, "chute de manne" was obtained by pressing mayflies into cakes and using them as bird food and fishbait. I love the serendipity of this word, as Jean-Marc is a newbie fisherman--and passionate about it, along with all  of the pros and cons... (Hit the arrow in the middle of the screen, below, to see our son Max, along with Jean-Marc, trying to sort out a tangled line or 'un sac des noeuds'.) Follow along on Instagram, where these stories from our family life continue in between the weekly posts :-)

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