Combler: Satisfied or fulfilled in French (and in life)
Saudade - Just what does it mean?

ça tombe bien (a useful phrase) + congé or vacation

The photo above has nothing to do with the word of the day, but it fits nicely with vacation....

Today's Words: ça tombe bien

    : it's a good thing, it's good timing, the timing is right

by Kristi Espinasse

It was late at night when an alert flashed across the screen of my mobile phone, interrupting my mindless social media scrolling. The text (a prompting from our shared Google Agenda--my husband's and mine) read:

"Massage therapist in 15 minutes"
The words may as well have been in verlan for they meant nothing to drowsy me, initially, but on second glance I understood my husband had scheduled a late-night massage. 
But he was away in the Alps... Alone in the Alps! Schedules a late-night massage?! 
I automatically checked the time (it was after nine...). If I had begun smoldering at that moment, my homely mouthguard would have melted!  I began to picture the not-so-homely masseuse... Thankfully my imagination didn't run off too far this time. Instead, it quickly dawned on me: my forgotten calendar entry! My friend Audrey had recently asked whether I knew of a local massage therapist, as she wanted to purchase un bon d'achat for her stepdaughter. I told her I did not know of anyone, but that I would think about it. And lest I forget, I decided to note it on my digital calendrier, which prompts me to remember things, such as: 
"massage therapist for Audrey"
My husband should be laughing by now if he is reading this story. Jean-Marc always teases me about my digital calendar entries because  I often neglect to log the hour (I simply write it in the subject line) which case the calendar defaults to some random time slot... usually a most-unlikely hour!
Like this, both my husband and I receive reminders of my 3 a.m. lunch appointment...or an alert that church is about to begin at 11p.m. or that I have a hair appointment at the crack of dawn.
"Chérie," my husband will say, as he shuts out the light at night, "Don't forget to take Smokey to the groomer's at midnight." With that he snickers and shuts out the light.
I'm glad we can both appreciate the humor there! We weren't always this quick to laugh at each other's idiosyncrasies (and we're still working on it), as you will know if you've been reading our moody vineyard memoir....

*   *   * 
Post note: Audrey, I found a massage therapist for your belle-fille. I think I'll schedule a session for myself. It may just help relax my overactive mind!
Bonnes Vacances!
See you in two weeks, as this journal is going on a little summer congé, or break et ça tombe bien! Thank you all for reading and for your thoughtful comments and support which mean a lot and keep me going....à bientôt!
Kristi ape truck
I am headed to the Alps and hope to cross over the border and visit Italy, where this picture was taken years ago. Those little trucks ("triporteurs") always steal my heart! 
le verlan = a kind of French slang, or "backward slang" similar to pig latin
la masseuse = massage therapist
un bon d'achat = gift certificate
un calendrier
= calendar
la belle-fille
= step-daugther
le triporteur = three-wheeler
le congé = break, time off, leave
ça tombe bien = it comes at a good time
à bientôt! = see you soon!

Today's phrase "ça tombe bien" is found in the story Unlucky in French, read it in the archives, here 


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