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On s'aimera toute la vie

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Chapter 8 of our vineyard memoir has been posted. Below, I am including an excerpt from the end of that chapter, which includes these charming illustrations. I leave you with today's phrase and wishes for a lovely weekend!
Today's phrase: On s'aimera toute la vie
    : we will love each other all our lives

A DAY IN A FRENCH LIFE by Kristi Espinasse
(the following passage is a postnote from the end of chapter 8...)
The title of this book (from the 50s) reads: We will love each other all our lives. Finding this vintage volume was serendipitous: I had been returning from a morning swim, having taken Jean-Marc's invitation to join him. On my way home, I stopped at the neighborhood book lending box, and was instantly enamored by this treasure looking up at me from the shelf.

I had been struggling to find a photo for this latest chapter, a passage I procrastinated on because it seemed dark (were the past chapters dragging the book down?). The illustration on the cover reminded me of the underlying theme of our book...and that is why I find it perfect for the end of this chapter.

Peynet illustration
The drawings (by Peynet) inside the book are cheeky. This one jumped right off the page and delighted me. It speaks volumes of our relationship. From the moment I married him, Jean-Marc has kept me wagging my fingers with each and every DIY impulse of his! In the moment, it really frustrates me. But looking back over all of the quirky creations and repairs he has done (he would indeed go as far as to borrow the back of my dress if it served a purpose!) I can't help but smile in appreciation for it all. "It all" being the life we have shared up until now.

The memoir Jean-Marc and I are writing will speak volumes to anyone in a relationship, and anyone who has ever followed a dream and suffered setbacks along the way. Your purchase is a great support to us as we face the next chapter, always seeking the balance between transparency--and (to use the illustration above...) not revealing too much! Click here to purchase our book-in-progress, and thanks in advance!

Drawings from the book on s aimera toute la vie

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