Le Frelon: hornets drove away our bees; Jean-Marc made honey
une épluchure, les déchets, la poubelle: words in today's caper...involving compost

A Milestone & letting go: lâcher prise

Writing desk. Flowers from Mom.
Writing desk. The orchids were a gift from Mom (pictured below).

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Before this month comes to a close, help me celebrate un jalon. In October of 2002, I posted this journal's first mot du jour. It was a meaningful term at that: bosser

Looking back over 17 years of blogging from France, I should have a lot to talk to you about today. Instead, I'm sitting here staring at a blank page. And each time I try to begin a sentence, my Mom's whistling dispels the thought. (Jules is one floor below, outside on her patio, feeding the tourterelles.)

Rather than struggle, I'm going to relax and listen to the birds. I'm going to celebrate this milestone in the best way I know how, by letting go. (That is French for lâcher prise.) I will "see you" next week with many more French words and photos: my own way of whistling an ongoing tune about this French life.



coucou = hi there, yoo-hoo
un jalon
= a milestone
mot du jour = word of the day
bosser = to work
la tourterelle = turtledove
lâcher prise = to let go
le sifflement = whistling
amicalement = yours, sincerely, best wishes

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My Mom  Jules
Jules, the whistler. Mom's melodious sifflement is a reminder to "lâcher prise." When I look at this picture, I see myself in 20 years--still blogging and sharing these French words, still listening to my Mom whistle from her studio. 

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