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Dévoiler: Jean-Marc's bilingual update

French Christmas lights and decor
Before he hurried off to work at the wine shop this morning, I missed the chance to have Jean-Marc record his letter. Worse, it did not occur to us to write it in French (so absent-minded during the holidays!). I admit--j'avoue--I had Google translate my husband's message (Tsk! Tsk!). If you see any coquilles (misprints, typos) feel free to point them out in the comments box. Who knows, it could lead to some interesting conversation :-) Merci d'avance!

Today's Word: dévoiler

    : to unveil

se dévoiler = to show your true colors/what you are made of

Chers amis,

Je voudrais m'excuser de ne pas avoir publié mon chapitre à temps. Je suis en effet assez occupé par mon nouveau projet de boutique de vin et j'ai besoin de temps tranquille pour pouvoir continuer avec notre mémoire.

Jusqu'à présent, ce fut un réel plaisir d'écrire à ce sujet. Non seulement cela m'aide à me souvenir de faits oubliés, mais il dévoile des blessures anciennes et enfouies qui tentent toujours de guérir. À ce stade, je suis sur le point de passer au cœur de l'histoire au Mas des Brun. J'aurai plus de temps pour écrire après Noël et je promets de poster mon prochain chapitre avant la fin de l'année.

Joyeux Noël à tous.


Dear Friends,

I would like to apologize for not posting my chapter in time. I am indeed quite busy with my new wine shop project and need quiet time to be able to continue with our memoir.

It has so far been a real pleasure to write about it. Not only it helps me remember forgotten facts but it unveils old and buried wounds still trying to heal. At this point, I am about to switch to the heart of story at Mas des Brun. I will have more time to write after Christmas and promise to post my next chapter before the end of the year.

Merry Christmas to all.
Kristi and Jean-Marc with Mr Sacks
Would you like to help support our memoir project? The first 11 chapters have been written and are available to read online. This is phase one of our book, which will continue to be re-edited as the story progresses. To follow along as we write about our vineyard experience, see details here.  photo by Suzanne Land.
    *    *    *

Smokey golden retriever Kristi Christmas
Helping Smokey with his note to Santa:

Me: So, Smokey, you say you would like a bone about this big?

Smokey: Yes, please. That'll do! 

Find the reindeer (or the dog pretending to be a reindeer?) in this photo.

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