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French for mason jar & The Mystery of the disappearing eggs + truffles!

Eggs truffles foie gras
Look closely... Jean-Marc has some new products--including truffles!--in his épicerie fine. Stop by his Le Vin Sobre wine shop here in La Ciotat and check them out--along with a vast selection of French wine and champagne!

Learn the French word for mason jar and find a selection of the charming and useful French brand, Le Parfait, here.

TODAY'S WORD: le bocal

    : jar, mason jar, storage jar, glass container

(Today's audio is found below, along with the sample text--which holds the answer to today's mystery...)

A DAY IN A FRENCH LIFE by Kristi Espinasse

This morning in our kitchen, while preparing an eye-opening second cup of coffee, I noticed something was amiss. Our little table-on-wheels was curiously vide. There had been fresh eggs there, carefully collected from our suburban hens over a two-week period. And just yesterday I was thrilled to add to my stash a impressive two-yolker!--an oeuf so big it was sure to have an extra serving inside. Merci les poules! But just where had that egg--and the rest of my stock--disappeared to? Was it another burglar? Or, on a lighter note, was somebody in my family playing a yoke on me?

Eh bien, ce n'était pas drôle! Studying the cardboard egg holder, all twelve slots were empty! My heart sank. There would be no omelets for lunch, no delicious yogurt cake for dessert, and no hard-boiled egg for Jean-Marc's daily packed lunch.... Not that he deserved the made-with-love gamelle! C'était lui qui a pris mes oeufs?  My blood began to boil before this latest Who Dunnit... Who dun mess with my supplies again?

Max Smokey pancakes
Don't tell? Is that what Max is saying to Smokey? Were these two the culprits?

I remembered the expensive crêpes mix Max bought from the supermarché... (following the in-store demonstration by the animateur de pancakes, Max felt obliged to buy the 15 dollar protein-enriched mix!). Had my son made a late-night snack for all his friends? I know all those eggs--veritable protein-in-a-shell (no need for a mix) were there when I went to sleep at 10!

Or was Jean-Marc the sticky-fingered voleur? (Back to assumption no. 1.) Surely it was my husband. It would be just like him to take kitchen supplies for yet another DIY project (remember when my MOP disappeared? And he created the mop-spear fishing implement for his sea-urchin adventures? Just what had he done with my eggs?! Were they being used for fish bait?!

More evidence could be found on the comptoir, via my brand new pèse-aliment -- the one I had bought for bread-baking. What was it doing out? The mystery deepened.... 

Stomping back to bed with the two cups of coffee I had been making for us, my words reached the bedroom before I did:

Jean-Marc. Do you know what happened to all the eggs? 

And this is the response I got (you can even hear it yourself via the soundfile below....)

Hier, j'ai reçu des truffes noires de Moustiers Sainte Marie dans les Alpes de Haute Provence. Je les ai mises dans un bocal avec des œufs afin que les œufs puissent s'infuser de l’arôme de la truffe. Yesterday, I received black truffles from Moustiers Sainte Marie in the Alpes de Haute Provence. I put them in a container with the eggs so that the eggs could absorb the aroma of the truffle.

Well that explains everything. And even though, as Jean-Marc later explained, he is only borrowing my eggs (we'll enjoy the infused version later, after he's sold those truffles) my husband is not out of the dog house yet--those bocaux he mentioned amounted to every last container he could find in our kitchen!

I had finally gotten all my jars and glass tupperwares back (from all those lunches I'd packed), and now they were gone again--back to his wine shop. How does he expect me to pack his meal? Oh, well, as Marie Antoinette might have said: let him eat truffles! On second thought, we need to find a better punishment....
*     *    *

Truffles eggs foie gras le vin sobre
In stock at Le Vin Sobre La Ciotat: Smoked salmon, foie gras, truffles and my eggs! Jean-Marc is simply storing the truffles there--pour bien profiter de leur arôme--to take advantage of the aroma they give off. He'll bring home the truffle-infused eggs once he's sold the truffles. Did you know the price for truffles changes weekly?--like a stock at the stockmarket! Thank you for reading today's story, and if you see any coquilles (typos or mistakes), feel free to send in edits via the comments. Always appreciated! I'm rushing to lunch now (no omelette today...). Max has offered to take me for a cheeseburger at our favorite burger joint La Vieille Chouette!

Listen to Jean-Marc's explanation: Click here for the soundfile

Le parfait mason jar
They may be trendy but I love these Le Parfait mason jars, (and use them interchangeably with empty peanut butter and jam jars, etc.) which permit you to see everything in your fridge--and I love packing Jean-Marc and Max lunches in them. Fill the bottom with pasta and the top with salad and slices of cheese. Miam miam
vide = empty
un oeuf = egg
une poule = hen, chicken, chook
eh bien = well
ce n'etait pas drôle = it wasn't funny
la gamelle = lunch box
c'était lui qui a pris mes oeufs? = was it he who took my eggs
le supermarché = supermarket
l'animateur = presenter
le voleur = thief
le comptoir = counter
le pèse-aliment = kitchen scale
miam = yum
Poules chickens hens
Colette and Edie--our suburban chickens who love to sleep on the fence. They each lay one brown egg a day. C'est géniale! 

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