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Les étrennes: This French custom will have you digging into your pockets.

Cahier? Carnet? Calepin? Harness time, dreams and goals in a BuJo (bullet journal)!

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 Today's Word: une liste de tâches

    : a task list, to-do list, work list

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Bullet Journal est une méthode d'organisation personnelle développée par le designer Ryder Carroll.  Le système organise la planification, les rappels, les listes de tâches et d'autres fonctions organisationnelles dans un seul bloc-notes. Bullet Journal is a method of personal organization developed by designer Ryder Carroll. The system organizes scheduling, reminders, to-do lists and other organizational tasks into a single notebook. --Wikipedia

 A DAY IN A FRENCH LIFE by Kristi Espinasse

I will jump right in and tell you what's exciting me for the new year.... BULLET JOURNALING! 

I have been longing to go back to notebooks for some time, but this year--with the ever-spiraling bullet journal movement--I am going to put pen to paper and dive right in to an inky everafter.... 

Fact is I'm late to the party. Though I won't receive my carnet for another day or two, l've already begun blocking some pages--and can recopy or tape them into the agenda when it arrives! For that is the very nature of a "BuJo" (BUllet JOurnal)--we compose and assemble it any which way we please! 

To begin a BuJo (it took a while to embrace the cutsey-trendy term, but embrace I have!) any blank book will do, but it is helpful to have a dotted, grided, or lined page. You then divide the notebook into sections...with an Index at the front that corresponds to the pages you will hand number. You will do that won't you? Hand number some pages and join me in this craze? 

More like an anti-craze. Crazy are we when our minds are filled with information: to-dos, appointments, birthdays, dreams and lists. What better than to collect them all in one space--and with doodles! Perhaps this is what sets bullet journalists--les bujoteurs--apart: the unique ways in which they illustrate their calepins

Because of this, there is a plethora of accessories available to the bullet journalist, or bujoteuse (feminine of bujoteur): everything from "washi" tape and stencil bookmarks to a rainbow of pens. But I'm starting with what I have, though I did buy a brand new blank book (with dots instead of lines or grids):


After carefully considering a handful of journals, I chose a purple hippo. I don't know why, must have been the confusing variety of choice or l'embarras de choix! With this journal (there are several colors and you can choose another animal (I got a cerf, or deer, for Jean-Marc) a percentage goes to the WWW charity. C'est bon!

Initially, I hesitated before the bullet journal idea: I already have an organized system in place. But my Google and my notes app lack that fully creative and visual je ne sais quoi that are a BuJo's raison d'être.

My reasons for beginning a BuJo include: wanting to spend less time online, the desire to focus on what is important (family, friends, this blog, landmarks) improve my chicken scratch handwriting, enjoy the hand-to-paper transfer of thoughts, and visually see the info in my head, organized and illustrated... or simply dumped out onto the paper....Indeed a popular page in a bullet journal is the Brain Dump, which I think sounds better in French La Vide Tête:

Brain dump
By the way if you are looking closely at my list above, that eye cream is not for vanity purposes... it's chemotherapy for another skin issue (which my doctor burned off the other day. Ouf and aïe, aïe, aïe!)

I also got a bullet journal (un journal à puces, in French) for Jean-Marc-- hoping it will allow him to continue to dream, focus and find meaning in the new year. I'm hoping it will be a habit we add to our morning routine of coffee in bed and reading. A few ideas he might use to launch his journal:

He could begin the first pages with the customary index, future log (6 columns in which to glimpse the coming months), monthly calendar...and then the fun begins via "collections" (simply title a new page with something you'd like to list or track):

-- Lists of places he has been and cities he would like to see

-- His dreams( I know he would like to sail around the world...)

-- A "wine finds" section

-- A Future Project or "Someday" section....

-- Health tracker, for running, biking, swimming...

-- And why not more of his unique inventions :-)

Also, he enjoys card games and puzzles: my hope is he will discover a game he can enjoy within his journal , something to quickly draw up and play (any suggestions?).

The list of possibilities is as endless as time--which gallops on! May we all harness it in, one page at a time, in the coming year.

The bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll

In books => Read The Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll 


le carnet = notebook, book

le cahier = exercise book, notebook

le calepin = notebook

la raison d'être = reason for being 

un journal à puces = bullet journal

ouf = phew

aïe, aïe, aïe = ouch

I also got this book, in French, for fun and inspiration!

scripture doodle
A scripture doodle! Good for memorization... and handwriting/doodle improvement...which I need!

Dingbats notebooks
Our notebooks just arrived! I'm off to plan, dream, and doodle! If you'd like to order, here's a link to Jean-Marc's deer journal or pick the elephant...or the tiger or...

Kristin espinasse bandol cafe narval
Looking forward to bringing my BuJo to the cafe in Bandol or elsewhere. Thanks, Tanja, for this photo via Instagram.

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