La flemme! La grasse matinée... + Lackadaisy is not a flower
Célibataire, Confinement, and Divorce after the coronavirus?

Let's Talk About the Coronavirus: COVID-19 in France and Chez Vous

"THE END" - That's my 73-year-old Mom wearing a hand-me-down T-shirt. The ripped neck is her signature. I snapped the picture of Jules this morning, moments after she'd rescued our 5th hen (trapped in our absent neighbor's yard.). While I was pacing up and down the street, a piece of fish (bait) in my hand, and in distress, Mom had already jumped the barbed wire fence, trespassed into unknown territory and, faster than a SWAT team, released the hen from captivity.

With that, Jules announced she was off to the café. "Be careful out there," I cautioned her. That's when Mom flashed me THAT LOOK. I noticed the T-Shirt she was wearing, it (ironically) said THE END. The all-caps message across her caved chest may have been a coincidence. But if you knew Jules, you'd know she is a rebel in addition to being a survivor. She is fearless--the bravest woman I have ever met.
Mom reminds me of a saying (borrowed from the schoolyard): même pas peur! (Not even afraid!) The French use the you don't scare me phrase in all kinds of situations, both funny and not-so-funny. Whether raising a finger to terrorism or to a pandemic, the même pas peur! battle cry puts the courage back into our hearts.  

Each of us here has his/her own thoughts and feelings about the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. One thing we might all agree upon is putting all chance on our side (washing hands, staying at arm's length) so that we may put all chance on the side of those who truly need it, including the elderly.

Just don't call my Mom elderly! But you could call her a Ninja Warrior. Good to have her here at a time like this, when a lost chicken represents a sky that is falling.

Thanks, Mom, for rescuing "Crackers," our 5th hen! This story is dedicated to you.



One of the things I learned from Mom is to keep the Christmas Tree up all year. And to keep calm at times like this (does Jules look calm?). Remember the mantra: Même pas peur!

The comments box is open for anyone who would like to express their thoughts or share their wisdom concerning the corona virus. My thoughts go out to a dear, elderly friend who just lost her sister (her only sibling and best friend) and who cannot get on the airplane and attend the funeral because of current restrictions. She wanted to be there to support her nephew who is all alone.

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