Etonner and a big surprise on Easter morning
Our mystery guest + le cafoutche = The "everything room" in France

Prenez soin de vous + Take care of your French with a dozen more words

A gift from our guest: dried cyclamen, a ballet of expressive flowers!

Today's Expression: Prenez soin de vous

    : take care of yourself (plural: yourselves)

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by Kristi Espinasse

Someone close to us, someone young and strong, had an accident--une chute while alone at home-- followed by a trip to ER for some points!

The emotional and physical scars are there, but our bien-aimé is here with us now and will stay in time to recover from the choc. Today's short entry is a reminder to you and me to continue to check in with those who are living alone. Which of our friends are on their own? Which family members? Which colleagues? Have you seen the post lady lately?

Big, strong, young? Grand, fort, jeune? Don't forget to check on these ones! Check on everyone. Self-check. Vérifie!

I am off to check on our guest, who somehow managed--between the ER and here--to pack a bunch of goodies for us to share at the table: gingembre, poireaux, citrons, oranges--les agrumes--which have since been added to soup and put into a simple cake. The house is now smelling spicey and delicious, a comfort to all. 

Thank you for reading these weekly chronicles and in-so-doing checking in on me! Be sure to prenez soin de vous. 


une chute = a fall
points (point de suture) = stitches
le bien aimé = beloved, loved one
le choc = shock
grand = big
fort = strong
jeune = young
le gingembre = ginger
le poireau = leek
le citron = lemon
un agrume = citrus fruit
prenez soin de vous
amicalement = yours
Smokey April 23
Prenez soin de vous. Take care of yourself. Here in La Ciotat, we are drying out after 3 days of rain. The sun feels so good! 

Sunshine  hen  parasol

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