Etonner and a big surprise on Easter morning
Our mystery guest + le cafoutche = The "everything room" in France

Prenez soin de vous + Take care of your French with a dozen more words

A gift from our guest: dried cyclamen, a ballet of expressive flowers!

Today's Expression: Prenez soin de vous

    : take care of yourself (plural: yourselves)

Audio file: Click here to listen to today's phrase in French and English

by Kristi Espinasse

Someone close to us, someone young and strong, had an accident--une chute while alone at home-- followed by a trip to ER for some points!

The emotional and physical scars are there, but our bien-aimé is here with us now and will stay in time to recover from the choc. Today's short entry is a reminder to you and me to continue to check in with those who are living alone. Which of our friends are on their own? Which family members? Which colleagues? Have you seen the post lady lately?

Big, strong, young? Grand, fort, jeune? Don't forget to check on these ones! Check on everyone. Self-check. Vérifie!

I am off to check on our guest, who somehow managed--between the ER and here--to pack a bunch of goodies for us to share at the table: gingembre, poireaux, citrons, oranges--les agrumes--which have since been added to soup and put into a simple cake. The house is now smelling spicey and delicious, a comfort to all. 

Thank you for reading these weekly chronicles and in-so-doing checking in on me! Be sure to prenez soin de vous. 


une chute = a fall
points (point de suture) = stitches
le bien aimé = beloved, loved one
le choc = shock
grand = big
fort = strong
jeune = young
le gingembre = ginger
le poireau = leek
le citron = lemon
un agrume = citrus fruit
prenez soin de vous
amicalement = yours
Smokey April 23
Prenez soin de vous. Take care of yourself. Here in La Ciotat, we are drying out after 3 days of rain. The sun feels so good! 

Sunshine  hen  parasol

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Jerry Wood

Though I’m living alone I’m so fortunate to have family who checks on me via phone or iMessage every day.
My wonderful daughter brings me groceries which always include goodies.
I hope Jackie is staying safe in Florida.

s'il vous plaît restez en sécurité


I am 76 and live alone as does my sister. We check on each other a couple of times a day. I have also started calling a friend a day. Some i used to see often, others not and some far away. It is nice to hear a voice and easily put a face to it rather than an e-mail, even a note (which I have also been doing). Hearing the voice somehow put less time you have been apart. In these times, being positive, being kind, remembering and helping others is the key staying well (and sane ;-)

Eileen deCamp

Hi Kristi,
I hope whoever fell is ok and on the mend! Take care of yourselves!
We are about to have rain for the next 3 or so days here!
We are enjoying a nice long spring!

Laur. Swift

Thank you,
Love and Well-being to Everyone,
Laurence from California


Sweet Smokey! Those eyes 👀 🥰. His tongue isn’t hanging out, that’s a rare shot💜
Prenez soin de vous😍🌻

Chris Allin

Oh my gosh! What a sweet picture of Smokey with his loving expression...
You are so right, Kristi. Everyone, no matter the age, needs someone in their lives to check on them. Hope your guest is doing well and that she heals quickly!

Kristin Espinasse

Thanks, Chris. She is doing much better. 💕💕

kate elliott

Bonjour Kristi,
As a new subscriber I am loving your posts! Perfect combination of French and English for me as my French has become rather rusty from non-use (a trip to France is in order when the Rona get's under control!). Merci beaucoup et Prenez soin de vous!

Kathleen Bidney

A 👍 to you for taking care of your friend. You are a very compassionate person.
The Deacons of our church made phone calls to all of the congregants to check on them. Now each person has someone they can call if they need to.
The photo of Smokey is adorable - the expression so trusting and wanting to please. Love that guy 💕
Take care, stay safe and stay healthy.
Peace, Kathleen

Kristin Espinasse

Kate, Thanks for reaching out. So happy to have you with us. 💕

Roseann Milano

I thought exactly the same things. So pretty and no tongue.


Dear Smokey - thanks for this recent photo. I live alone and really enjoy your posts and dream of visiting France again - when the thing is under control. Staying in touch with family and friends over the phone and internet. But I really like to hear the persons voice rather than a text etc. thanks for keeping this up - you are a brightness in a rather dull time. Prenez soin de vous, Nancy


Bonjour, Kristin,
Thanks for the reminder to check on each other. I email and text family and friends daily and am now part of a couple of zoom meetings. It’s a new world and very weird to be so distant from all whom you hold dear to your heart. I look forward to the day we can embrace each other without fearful reservation. Prenez soin de toi-même et tes bien-aimés.


Our dear Kristi,
What a kind and loving friend you are!
Not to even mention the most wonderful of examples!
How blessed we are to have you in our lives!
Your message today absolutely reinforces what we should be--and hopefully are-- doing:checking up on our loved ones and letting them know how precious they are to us.And to keep on doing that even after this crisis has ended.Something most worthwhile to remember.
Sweet Smokey looks beautiful!This is because of your love and wonderful care!!
Hugs to him!
Hugs to you!!
And blessings always to all of you.
Natalia. Xo

Mike Young

Would really love you to send us some of your rain. Our garden is becoming a desert.

Robbie Lane Jackson

Love this picture of Smokey. He’s so sweet. Hope all is well with the rest of your family. I agree with the reader who mentioned the columns are a good mix of French and English. They really are, and it’s getting much easier/faster to translate. Take care and stay safe.Thank you, Robbie Lane

Judy feldman

So glad you can offer help to a good friend. Kindness stories are important right now, so thanks for sharing! Love Smokey’s photo! May just have to paint him. Wish you were closer so I could give to you!


Me too. Where is his tongue?


Hoping for a quick recovery for your friend. Kindness does wonders. This is a good reminder to keep checking on our friends and neighbors. We are fortunate to have a mayor who sends out a nightly update on the situation in our town and our Senior Center sends out tips for staying well and entertained through all of this. When the world has recovered, we may all be closer than before.


I fully and wholeheartedly echo Natalie's sentiment. I hope the everlasting fallout from our current situation is that we will continue to check on each other, let's up the neighborly meter. Kristin has set a fine example, but if even not to that extent, a phone call or short visit to someone who needs it (we all do) will breathe new life into their world. And yes, Kristi, we are so blessed to have you in our world. Sending lots of love and air hugs your way. N.Carolina, USA

Kristin Espinasse

Thank you, Classis, and Natalia. I appreciate everybodys notes and thoughts. It means a lot. 🌞

Susan Carter

Hope your guest is recovering quickly. My niece fell last night and broke her neck & split her head open. We need to take good care of each other in these trying times. The picture of Smokey really made me smile.

Kristin Espinasse

Susan, I am so sorry for your niece. I hope she is doing ok. Sending all good wishes.

K. J. Laramie

There are extraordinary Good Samaritans in France. I experienced it first hand. After falling in the middle of a busy road, a stranger came and helped me up, and offered her body to lean on to get me to a shop keeper who called me a taxi. From then on, many pharmacists helped bandage my knee personally when I went to buy supplies for my injury! I could not believe it. I tell this story to everyone who says just one critical word about the French. Kristi, you are one of those angels.

Betty A Gleason

The young and strong have accidents to, but I believe it is much more shocking to them as most feel they are invincible. That's what young and strong will make you think. Wishing our injured friend a speedy and recovery both emotionally & physically.
Smokey is looking particularly suave. His fur seems a bit curlier; must be the humidity.
I received a wellness call and thought it was such a lovely idea that I volunteered to make them and now have about 40 seniors I keep tabs on. Also love the new Facebook pages that have popped up especially the worldwide group "What do you see from your window? #StayAtHome."
Hope you all stay well. Hugs.

Bill Clark

Thank you for your words and thoughts they are indeed rays of sunshine in these dark days. As one struggling with vous and tu, not to mention te and toi, could you parenthetically add the tu form of your vous phrases? Would it be prends soin de toi? In any event, thank you again!

Kristin Espinasse

Hello Bill, Thank you for your kind words. Prends soin de toi. Take care of yourself.

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