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Corrigez-moi si j'ai tort: Correct me if I'm wrong

Garde manger
I am much more comfortable writing about my garde-manger than politics. (story of my pantry in the next edition of France Today...)

Corrigez-moi si j'ai tort
On this, the day we are to find out who will be the next president of the United States... I'm tempted to call in sick from work (or casually "forget" to post this week) because I am afraid to comment on world news, even if I sometimes do.

Recently I daydreamed about beginning a new column titled Correct Me If I am Wrong. For once, I could write freely about current affairs without hiding my ignorance.... Après tout, I don't know a lot about history or politics and only recently learned the spelling of Connecticut (I never heard the second c...and so omitted it), but this has not stopped me from pursuing the career of my dreams: writing. 

While writing publicly is a sure way to expose one's lack of worldly knowledge (worse, one's unconscious biases and prejudices) we reveal a lot about our minds via the interactions we have with others. I still remember the doctor who told me I was an intellectual plouc--a simpleton--all because I told him I had faith. I took his words seriously and wondered whether he was correct? I mean, he could be....

I often think about faith and ignorance and it always brings me back to the bottom line: nobody knows for sure what to believe when it comes to how we all got here in the first place. Not my ex-doctor, not me, not the sum total of humanity. Personne le sait! 

Meantime, plouc or not, if I am comfortable enough writing this blog it is because I also have faith in my readers who are my teachers. Spelling can be fixed, what is vital is to remain in a teachable spirit. Corrigez-moi si j'ai tort. 



le garde-manger = pantry
après tout = after all
le plouc = simple minded person
personne le sait = nobody knows
corrigez-moi si j'ai tort = correct me if I am wrong

amicalement = yours

Wooden boat
A peaceful image from here in La Ciotat. Take care and see you next week.

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