How to say cane (or trekking pole...) + photos from French Alps
Le Ravin: Jean-Marc's car accident in the French Alps

Remerciement + A gold medal from the French government!

Washington D.C. French_ambassador's_residence
I am delighted to share with you that I will be receiving a gold medal, La Médaille d’Or des Valeurs francophones, from the French government. This is a landmark in my near 20 years of blogging about the French language and culture. Sincere remerciements to Bernard Duhaime, president of La Renaissance Française, to the American Delegation, and to the French Committee for this nomination and award. And merci infiniment to you, Dear Reader, and to my family, for your support and ongoing encouragement over the years. This reward would not be possible without you!  (photo of French Ambassador's Residence by APK via Wikipedia)

Today's word: le remerciement 

    : thanks, acknowledgment

Sound file: Listen to my husband, Jean-Marc, read in French and in English:
Médaille d'or des Valeurs francophones--Cette médaille distingue les personnes qui se dévouent au développement ou au resserrement des liens linguistiques et culturels entre la France et les pays ayant la langue française en partage.

Gold Medal for Francophone Values -- This medal distinguishes people who devote themselves to the development or strengthening of linguistic and cultural links between France and countries sharing the French language. -La Renaissance Française

Letter from the Renaissance Francaise

More than an honor, this award is a second-wind, uplifting, and a motivation to continue to peaufiner or refine, polish, and improve this weekly French journal--and it will keep me on my toes for an eternity (this last word reflects the accidental stars in the photo, above).

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We are so proud of you Kristi ! This award is very much deserved.

Martha S

Wow, c'est formidable! Félicitations!!

Tim Averill

Felicitations! No one is more deserving, and I hope you can hear the cheers coming from Beverly MA to your ears!
Thanks for all you do!

Laurie Kinghorn

Yeah Kristi!! I love your blog and so proud of YOU!!

Sally McBee

WOW!!! What wonderful acknowledgment, Kristi! Je suis une américaine fière!



Ellen Hill

Congratulations Kristi! Well deserved!

Betty Davis

Fantastique! And well deserved! Thank you for all you do.

Alice Farley

A wonderful feather in your cap. This is both something to celebrate and a new source of inspiration to keep going. Well done!


Felicitations Kristi!!! Bien joué! Proud of you!

Angela Ginty

Congratulations! Having holiday in France your blog always takes me back! Had to cancel this past summer so I could only enjoy your blog and pictures.
Wear your medal with pride, you deserve it!


A wonderful recognition of years of hard work and delightful creativity.

GwenEllyn Anderson

Congratulations! How exciting for you and what an honor! I'm thrilled for you that your work is being recognized.

John hawke


Ally Davis

Bravo! Félicitations 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻!

Beth Bright

So proud of you Kristi of this accomplishment. Your blogging commitment has made you who you are and this recognition is well deserved. Hats off to you!

Sharon Marchisello

Congratulations. Such a wonderful and well-deserved honor!

K.J. Laramie

There could not be a more talented and deserving person! The appreciation for your uniqueness literally encircles the globe...
a beautiful accolade touching our collective hearts! Congratulations 🎉🎈❤️

Valerie Porter

Felicitations et merci encore pour votre "blog," et les annees d'ecrivant. I know my French may be incorrect, but my good wishes are sincere. Thank you and congratulations!


Congratulations! What an amazing honor! I am so very grateful that I found your blog so many years ago and I have learned so much from you. Blessings!


Massive congratulations, and so well deserved! Have enjoyed your blog since you're children (and mine!) were small. You have often cheered me with your photos and thoughts and I've even learned some French, too. You are indeed a treasure!
Bon continuation,

Lucie Thornton




Sue J.

Kristi – congratulations! What a wonderful recognition.

Ronni Lester Ebbers

Une reconnaissance bien méritée.

Merci pour des années d’information et de divertissement nous francophiles.


oops, too many e's....anyway Congrats!

Alexis Steinman

Félicitations! A fitting tribute to your indefatigable efforts in sharing the French language...and fantastic stories.


Fantastique! It is wonderful that you are being recognized for bringing the language, culture and your personal experiences living in France to your readers. I know my appreciation of all of them have been influenced by you. If not for French Word a Day, I might never have traveled to the Haute Vaucluse and explored other parts of Provence. When in France I try out phrases I’ve learned from you and am encouraged to speak more French. Merci Kristi and congratulations.

kelly shanahan

Felicitations Kristi! Nous sommes vraiment fiere de toi ici au Quebec, Canada!!

Joanne Alice Gazarek

Congratulations! We are so happy that you received this honor. It is an honor that you deserve.

Line M.

Bravo!! Quel honneur! C'est toujours avec une grande joie de voir un email dans ma boite a messages de so proud of you,your are so talented,you are a wonderful human being.

Teri McDowell

I’m so happy for you Kristi! A well-deserved honor ⚜️

Elisabeth Chapoutot

A lot of congrats !!!
You deserve that medal, really.
And if I don't answer very often (...!) your posts, I do follow them, believe me !
Elisabeth (Salernes - 83)


What a fantastic reward for your years of work/labor of love. Congratulations!


Félicitations!! An honor well-deserved! I share the excitement I feel from you and your family all the over here in Texas! Je t’embrasse mon amie 😷

Brenda Pfeil

Félicitations ma chère Kristi. You so deserve this. I don’t comment often but I enjoy every single written word and the person behind those words. You are a genuine soul. Enjoy this honor and let it always remind you of your true giftedness.

Geraldine Ventura

Congratulations, Kristi! You are so deserving of this honor. Sharing your life experience has been very inspirational. Please continue your blog and your books.

Lin George


Laurence S

Congratulations Kristi !
Very, very well deserved !
Thank you for you,

Hedy Holmberg

Congratulations, Kristi
Your stories are always so well written and engaging. We enjoy hearing about your friends and your community and your love of France shines through your words.

Thank you for including us all in your journeys.


Félicitations, Kristin! Such an honor to be bestowed on you!! Your readers are proud of you, as surely as is your family. It's an enormous accomplishment for an American in France to be so recognized. Dieu te bénisse.

Claudine MGV

Congratulations! What an honor and encouragement.
Merci beaucoup for plugging away everyday as you do.
I appreciate you sharing your knowledge.

Dr Nicholas Keegan

Congratulations, Kristi. Well done.

Judi Miller

Felicitations! A wonderful award and recognition of all that you’ve done and continue to do, in promoting the learning of la langue francaise in such a warm and personable account of votre vie quotidienne!!

Ophelia Paine

Félicitations, Kristi!

Lynn Rush

Congratulations! So well deserved.

Norma Plomwan

Bravo! Great honor, great job you do, and you are appreciated by so many Francophiles! Keep up the chronicles of French living , especially in this time of Covid, which is a major upheaval in our world today. Thank you!

Tracy Hart

Oh Kristi, you must feel so honored! You make the French language and culture so real and accessible. Vive la France, vive la République!

Nina Tasi

Congratulations Kristi !

What wonderful news and so deserving!
Sending big hugs from across the pond.

Henry Lambert


Maryann New York

I am so happy for you. You most certainly deserve it. Hug yourself!



Cindy McDonald

Félicitations chère Kristi ❤️ I am so happy for you!
Je t’embrasse très fort ! 😘😘😘😘


Kristi - Thank you for all you've done to bring us French Word-of-the-day for so many years! It is absolutely delightful to see your efforts recognized so wonderfully. Congratulations! I love all of your posts and especially find I return to thinking about those that touch on life's more thorny issues. Thank you and congratulations, again!


How lovely ! Congratulations to you! You are a beautiful blessing and I’ve learned so much from you!💜🙇‍♀️💜

Jan D. Goodloe

Quel honneur! Félicitations, Kristi!

andrew Kleeger

... et de penser que nous, fidèles lecteurs de Kristi, avons joué un petit rôle dans cet honneur! Merveilleux!

jean b palmer

Congratulations!! And so well deserved!!


Congratulations! Well deserved !

Heather at Lost in Arles

Félicitations!! J'ai des larmes aux yeux! Je suis hyper fier de toi. Bien mérité!!!!

Nancy Milburn

Congratulations 🎉🎈🎊! So happy for you, Kristi, and while it is no longer ‘Giving Tuesday’, I still want to donate ( watch for $25) to your wonderful blog!! I think I’ve been reading close to when you first started!

Cheers- nancy in AZ

Susan Stafford

Félicitations ! Well-deserved recognition for your wonderful, inspiring work about your family and life in France. Wishing you continued success.


Wonderful! I have so appreciated not only your words, but your heart in everything you have written!

Meiling Newman

So proud and happy for you. A bright event in the crazy year of 2020!!!!

Julia Hamel

Bravo, Kristi. Congratulations on your well-deserved honour. You educate and make us smile!


Félicitations !


Congratulations, Kristi. What an honor for you. You really do such great work.

Congratulations! What satisfaction this must being you! So happy for you!


Susan Hodgson

Thank you for your love of words.All who read your blog and books gain so much pleasure from them. Congratulations!

Colombe McCarthy

Congratulations Kristi!!! Well deserved and as you say, a breath of fresh air during these more than challenging times. Thank you again for the wonderful reads over the years.


Congratulations! What a wonderful and special honor to you and your lovely family.

Leslie NYC

How delightful!
This makes me very happy.
Accidental stars? They are very intentional stars, meant to regale you!
Congratulations. This is so well-deserved.

Paige Kelly Hendricks

Et voilà! KE, continuez, s’il vous plaît!

Ellen A.

Wow! Congratulations on the best kind of honor - an award that celebrates you for your role in bringing people together. As you can see, we, your readers, your phantom friends, are delighted for you. Such a proud moment for you and your family. Do post photos of your ceremony next year!

Sarah LaBelle

Félicitations !
Well earned.

Lynn at Southern Fried French

Wow wow wow! Félicitations, and it is SO well deserved! The medal looks quite impressive, and I hope some sort of title comes along with it, it only seems appropriate. Baroness of Blogging? Contessa of Creativity? Reine of Writing? There must be some serious celebrating going on at your household!

Karen cafarella

Congratulations, you deserve it! So excited.

Linda Mallace

Congratulations! Wonderful! I have been following your posts for the past dozen years, and I’ve enjoyed them immensely. Your candor and thoughtfulness, recipes and adventures are delightful, as are the photos. Thank you for all that you have shared and taught your readers.


Bien fait! Félicitations, Kristi.

Roseann Milano

Félicitations, Kristi. Your announcement has made me cry. You so well deserve it for your perseverance and expertise. I couldn't be happier for you.
Love, Roseann


Kristi, this is such a wonderful acknowledgement of your people skills, your writing skills, and your choosing to stay 100% in life in France. Hats off to you and your family. I am so happy about this!
Muriel (from Orange, France)

Cheryl in STL

Brava and félicitations! This is very well deserved! I think we are all pleased to see this award!

Suzanne Codi

FABULOUS and well deserved, Kristi!Congratulations, and here's to many more years of good writing!


Many, many congratulations Kristi - so well deserved. xx


Our dear Kristi,
There absolutely is not a more deserving person to receive this honor!
Your words and your blog never fail to brighten our days, and give us the inspiration to find joy and hope in our own lives.
Thank you from our hearts.
Natalia xo

Eileen deCamp

Congratulations Kristi! I'm so happy for you and very well deserved!


Congratulations--like so many, we are all grateful for the loving blog, the French phrases in context, and the insights into living a French life. You are such a deserving winner.

Judy Feldman

Félicitations, Kristi! What a wonderful, and well-deserved honor! I always look forward to your blogs, after many years, and so happy to know you - through your stories, and the few times we’ve met.

Laird Peter of Dunans

An honour richly deserved.
Although now back in the U K your words are a vicarious reminder of our Gallic years........

Anne Umphrey

Mille Félicitations (I hope that is correct) it iOS well deserved. Being from the US you have a great perspective on French life and culture. Your excellent writing style brings this home to us Americans. Thank you very much for your work. Jean Marc, your mother and your children must be very proud.


Wonderful news! So glad you received this honor! Great job!

Sandee Brogan

Toutes mes félicitations! C'est magnifique!
(Ironique, n'est-ce pas, que la lettre est en anglais?!)  
Bon travail!


Felicitations!! A well-deserved recognition of your dedication and hard work!

Joan  L.

Good for you! Well deserved!


Congratulations - this is the best day of 2020. I am so happy for you. So so happy for you! Hugs

Larry Mason

How absolutely appropriate--and well deserved. Congratulation, Kristi!

An Scott

Congratulations!! Well deserved!

Shelly Gorman

Congratulations,Kristi! This is a well-deserved honor! So glad you are inspired to keep writing- we need your wonderful writing!

Sherry Frank

Have been here from the beginning. Congratulations! A well deserved acknowledgement of the gift you bring to everyone, everywhere.


Awesome! You ROCK! Big huge hugs from the South of Oregon. Taking you out when I come visit!

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