From huppes to rapaces--birds in our French garden, les oiseaux dans le sud de la France
A few recent photos, "the best days of our lives", and a strange French word for hoarding

Update from Kristi + Rester dans les parages = to stick around

Dove  golden retriever  garden
One of these tourterelles landed on Smokey's back. You notice so much when you slow down.

Today's phrase: rester dans les parages

    : to stick around

Coucou, Dear Reader,

This journal has gone on break. I have many more French words and stories to share with you, so please stick around. I assure you I'm not going anywhere and, apparently, neither are my words which aren't flowing at the moment. I suppose I could get out my whip and make them fill this page but that is what I usually do. Meantime...

A break = to quit doing what you usually do.
Une pause = arrêter de faire ce qu'on fait d'habitude.

I will check in with you in June. In the meantime please take care and rester dans les parages. (les parages = vicinity). I wouldn't want to lose you or this wonderful job, which is all thanks to you and I appreciate that very much. 



Mom was taking this picture when she noticed all the dots of light beneath the hat. The piercing rays were leaving a pattern on my face, splashes of light which looked to Mom like a kind of text or script...maybe even a few a paragraphs. It was serendipitous as we were trying to get an updated photo for my column.

Doves tourterelles
One more photo of the doves almost colliding. What do you think Smokey is thinking?

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