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Adieu Sweet Smokey: French for "Dog Heaven"

Sweet Smokey (2)

Forever in our hearts. Goodbye, Sweet Smokey: August 16th, 2009-July 16, 2022

We take a moment to rise above our sadness to thank you, dearest Smokey, for all the humor, love, and care you so generously shared. We will never forget you. As Jackie said, the hardest part is that this marks a new chapter of our lives.

Dear readers, we are gently turning this page here at home, quietly sharing with each other all of our memories of our happy dog days with Smokey. This journal will return in September, along with a new chapter of our lives, salt and peppered with French words, and ever sweetened with memories of our cherished chien who is now in dog heaven or Le Paradis des Chiens.  

With love,



Jackie and Kristi
Daughter, Jackie, Smokey, and Kristi.

Comforted. A young Smokey with his mama, Breizh, who he now joins au Paradis des Chiens.

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Thank you Smokey, and enjoy your eternal life in the dog heaven !


So sorry for your loss.

Christine Dashper

All our thoughts are with you. It’s never easy. Adieu Smokey xx. - Chris With love from Australia

Jens Hork

Play well in dog heaven, Dear Smokey-Dokey. You made a lot of people happy.

Lynda House

Dear noble Smokey. A lifelong loyal friend. He has enriched all of your lives and you all loved him so much. I lost my own darling boy after 12 years and am weeping with you.


I am so sorry, Kristi. Nothing can replace those years or that sweet face, at least not for some time to come. I hope there is a special room for Goldens au paradis des chiens (in the US we call it "over the rainbow bridge") and that Smokey will reunite with Breiz and will meet Bear (1995-2007) and Crosby (2007-2022). Having just lost Crosby fin de janvier, the loss of Smokey brings a fresh set of tears. I was hoping to be able to see him for some years to come. He's been my Golden fix.

Geraldine Ventura

I am so sad to read about your loss of Smokey. It brings to mind when we lost our dear Pepper. It is amazing how these “pets” become so much a part of our familiy. Your stories have made Smokey a part of all of our families. Thank you.


It is so hard even when you know that it is not far away. You just have to remember all the wonderful years he gave you and the family. The unconditional love, the lessons he taught you, the quirks, the laughable times......you have all those memories. Hugs from California....Joie


Sending sympathy and love to you all.


Goodbye, sweet and loyal Smokey. You’ll be missed by your family and friends who will cherish many wonderful memories.


Dear Kristi, my thoughts are with you and your family, especially your mom in those so very sad moments. A big hug.

Heidi R

Trop désolée pour toute la famille. C’est si dur de dire au revoir aux bébés poilus. Mes condoléances les plus sincères. 💜


Oh Kristi, so very sorry for your loss. May Smokey’s memory be a blessing to all your family.💜

Nancy Paull

So sorry to hear about dear Smokey. I remember his beautiful mom too. My love and condolences to you and your family.


Since Smokey was born I followed he, his mama & your family. I remember his harrowing experience with the pack of dogs & how I prayed he would be ok. Not only was he ok, he grew & flourished under his two mama’s wings (you and dear Braize both) words don’t mane a thing right now, but know my tears are those of a live for him I have carried from a far, through your writings and his sweet pictures. Bless you all for loving him as you did, and find some splice in knowing he lived the best life, in the best human family possible. Rest now and dream of him often, keep him in your hearts forever...he will always be there with you🐕💔

Pamela (NC)

Oh Kristi, I am so very sorry. I loved your puppy from afar from the moment he arrived and loved his stories over the years. How lucky you were to have such a sweet soul by your side all this time. Rest easy Smokey and run like the wind!

Patty Cargill

Dearest Smokey, adieu, and thank you dear Kristi for sharing all the lovely stories and pictures of this dearest chien along the way. Love and condolences,

Pamela H

I am so very sorry for your loss. Dear Smokey will be forever in all our hearts. Rest gently in knowing you will always be loved. Thank you Kristi for these photos of your most cherished memories.


My heart goes out to you. He was a precious boy and I have enjoyed your stories through the years. I pray your sweet memories comfort you as you grieve.

Sue J.

My deepest sympathies on the loss of this wonderful member of your family. You have written him so very well. xoxo


Farewell, Smokey. He was such a brave and loving dog. And in his later years a wonderful companion for Jules. You are all in our thoughts. Having lost our sweet Bijou in May, we know the loss you are feeling. Looking forward to your posts in September.

Trina in St. Petersburg, FL, USA

So sorry for your loss, to all of you. Thank you for sharing Smokey & Breizh with us over all these years. May they frolicke together now au Paradis des Chiens. They certainly both brought your many readers much joy. Holding you up in prayer.

Cate Salenger

My mom always told me they went to the Happy Hunting Grounds which helped me with the losses. Love and prayers. ♥️♥️♥️🙏🙏🙏


So sorry to read of Smokey's passing. We lost our Yorkie of 17 years in Feb, the emptiness remains. I have so loved reading about Smokey, his life, his love and devotion to you and your family.


I'm so sorry that Smokey's time with you has ended. You gave him a wonderful life filled with love and everything that makes a golden happy. Thank you for sharing his stories and pictures over his lifetime. He was loved by so many people he never even knew. Deepest sympathy to all of you through this very sad time.

Robert Wildau

Of all the charms I found in your blog from when we settled in France and found it 12+ years ago, I think your dogs were what most attracted me. There's been much more, of course, but I share your pain at the passing of an era. Stay well and stay cool yourselves. Robaire in Aix

Karen Brown

Je suis désolé......I remember when Smokey was born.....he was truly loved. It is so had to lose a fur baby. Thank you for sharing his life with all of is.....including his Mama (Breizh)....RIP Smokey. Take time to grieve.....and we will see you in September.....again..Je suis désolé.


Thank you sweet angel Smokey for always giving us smiles and joy. I wish you all peace and beautiful memories.

Debra Lesser

So sorry for your loss, Kristi. Smokey was a beautiful, sweet soul. I so enjoyed seeing his progress over the years, knowing how much joy he brought to your family as well as to your readers. He will be greatly missed.


Love to your family.

Eileen deCamp

Dear Kristi and Family,

I'm so sorry for your loss. Cherish your memories and sweet photos of Smokey!

It's such a hard thing to go through but I know Smokey and his mama are together enjoying Doggie Paradise!

Sending love and hugs,

Kathi K

So many of your followers have already expressed the sadness that I feel for you and your family. Smokey was a prince and a precious member of your family. He led a good life and was very loved. What a great life teacher for all of us! I send you blessings as you grieve and remember your dear dog.

Lynn McBride

Oh no! Smokey, we knew you so well. We've seen your photos, followed your adventures. We will miss you! To all the family, and I'm so sorry about Smokey, big hugs to you all.


Many condolences to you and all your family. Thank you for making Smokey a part of my family. I loved reading about all his doings, and seeing his beautiful pictures and just how much love he brought to all of you! He was, just like his maman, a very special member of the family. Thank you for sharing him with us!! Adieu, Smokey!

Ellen A.

He was so well loved, and loved you all so well in return. That love never ends.

Claudine MGV

Adieu Sweet Smokey. Saddened for your loss. Warm thoughts and peace surround you.


Dear Kristi and family...words cannot express the sadness of losing our beloved dogs. Here is a poem when I lost mine in 2016 -

Her love still nourishes
when I remember those soft nose kisses on my legs
delighted trembling yips
snatching bees midair and then gagging them back out
her deformed front leg that made her look so dainty
and those liquid brown eyes that always said YOULOVEMEANDILOVEYOU!!!
love and goodness down to the bone
sweet memories of my Celia

in sadness and joy, Jennie

Julia Hamel

So sad for you. My hugs.


So incredibly sorry for this loss. Smokey lived his best life thanks to your darling family. May all your wonderful memories with him bring you comfort as you adjust to your new normal. Rest easy, buddy! ❤️

Beth McNamara

I’m holding you all in my heart’s pocket ❤️


Je me souviendrai toujours de Smoky

Janice Price

Tears came to my eyes as soon as I read the subject of this post. Our pets are always with us, even though they may have passed from this earth. We all shared the joyful moments of Smokey's life and now we must all share in the sadness of the loss. Forever in our hearts, rest well dear Smokey.

D. Gemignani

So sorry to hear of Smokey's passing. I know what it's like to have to say goodby to a four-legged friend. He will be truly missed by all. But content yourself in knowing that you and your family gave him a wonderful life. I hope he finds my friend, D'Artagnan, in Paradis,
Derin Gemignani



I am sorry for your loss. Remember all the moments and the love you both had for each other. I am glad to have met him.

Take care


Dear Kristi and family, I know there are no words to comfort but my heart and prayers go out to you. Smokey was blessed to be surrounded with so much love and care💜 which I know he gave back ten-fold, as all of our fur babies do. Thank you Kristi for blessing me with the gift of being able to follow along with his adventurous, full-blown LOVING life. May you have some peace thinking of Smokey with mama Braise.

Linda Holt

Dear Kristi, Jean-Marc, Max, Jackie, and Jules - Nancy and I are so sorry that Smokey has passed from your lives and we know how deeply you will miss him. We are thinking of you with love. Linda

Kate Dickerson

Oh SWEET Smokey! It has been such a joy to read about his life alongside yours. I feel like I have also lost a friend, and I know you must be grieving terribly. My heart goes out to your whole family.

xoxo Kate

Susan Hunter

Thinking of you, Kristi. Pets fill our hearts with joy and leave a huge hole when they pass. Smokey was a beautiful pup and I always smiled seeing his pictures as part of your blog. So many of us are grieving along with you and remembering beloved pets from our lives as well. How lucky Smokey was to be yours, and you to be his.

Jo Isom

My dear Kristi. This is such hard news. We recently lost our dog during C. They become part of the family and I know Smokey will certainly be missed. You and your family are in my prayers. Jo Isom

GwenEllyn Anderson

I've been where you are now and it is never easy. You will be comforted with the many, many memories of your times together and all the joy he brought you.

With love and support - GwenEllyn.


so, so sorry. I have had 6 Irish Setters and am glad to be sitting here in the cool in this canicule with my 2 four-year olds. We all hug you.

Joanne Fischer

So sorry to hear about Smokey. Hope he has found all our furry friends and is eternally playing. Love you!

Mary Jo Nairn

I have not posted a comment before, but I started reading your blog after I checkout out your book from my local library many years ago in advance of a trip to France. Over the years I've enjoyed reading about Smokey's adventures and the way he showed you and your family such great love. I am very sorry to hear that he has crossed the rainbow bridge. You surely have a treasure trove of memories and photos to console you and help you remember the joy he brought to your family. Peace to all of you!


I'm so sorry for your loss, Kristi and family. I will miss reading stories about Smokey, and smiling at photos of him.

Francine Gair

So sorry for your loss of the lovely Smokey. I hope he is able to meet up with Ben, Clarissa and Jeannie, the Goldens of my heart. ❤️❤️❤️

Paige Kelly Hendricks

Farewell sweet Smoky
and deepest sympathy
to your humans.

Leslie MolnarGrabowski

Kristi , tous mes sincères condoléances ! Nos animaux sont énormément important dans nos familles. Je pense à toi et ta famille pendant ce moment difficile.


I’m so very sorry for your loss, Kristi! Your last post about the sweet chatting between your mom and Smokey was one of my all-time favorites. Made me teary to read that one, let alone today’s post. Hold tight to all the love Smokey and Breizh brought to you. I will miss reading about your sweet Smokey.


Big sad to be closing Smokey's chapter. I hope--and let me add my voice of support to those of your other readers--that you find the strength to turn that new page, bringing his memory with you as you move forward.

Christine Cuccia

Oh, Kristi. There are no words to soften your sadness. Smokey will be missed equal to the intensity of your love for him. Godspeed, sweet boy. Sending a hug to all of you.

Stacey Christie

Dear Kristi,
I wish there were some words to make this devastating loss all better. My deepest sympathy to you and your family. My heart breaks for you. Please know that someday your beautiful and loving Smokey will be waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge.

Mary C Gouveia

Je suis tellement désolé d'apprendre que Smokey a traversé le Rainbow Bridge. C'était un chien spécial dès ses premiers jours et nous avons tous senti qu'il était aussi notre chien.

Jackie Crane

Dear Kristi and Family-My heart breaks for you. Mon coeur est cassé pour vous et votre famille!All of your readers have grown to know and love Smokey over the years. We will miss him greatly-he was a beloved member of our virtual family. What a joy he was and what a legacy he leaves.I am shedding tears as I write this and hope you will be comforted by all of the love that will come your way from readers like me.
Avec une vraie tendresse,Jackie Crane San Luis Obispo, CA

Mary H. Tindukasiri

Sending love-- only time will heal this grief.

Joanne Ablan

Je suis tellement désolée pour ta perte, Kristi. J’avais un chien comme Smokey pendant treize ans et demi, alors je connais ta peine. Toutes mes condoléances, Joanne

Katherine Sinicropi

Oh, je suis si desolee. My heart knows that ache. May the many memories of days spent with Smokey comfort you and family. Adieu, Smokey.

Augusta Elmwood

Dear Kristi & Family. Navrée d'apprendre le décès de Smokey. No matter how many times you stand at that "Rainbow Bridge" and say "Adieu", it never gets easier. May your many loving memories of Smokey comfort you as you heal from your loss. Maybe this poem will help. Someone sent it to my daughter on the 1st anniversary of the passing of her beloved Theo:

We thought of you with love today, but that is nothing new.
We thought about you yesterday, and days before that too.
We think of you in silence. We often speak your name.
Now all we have is memories, and your picture in a frame.
Your memory is our keepsake, with which we’ll never part.
God has you in his keeping.
We have you in our heart.

RIP/REP, Smokey

Jimm Hughey

Sending healing love to all. We LOVE our fur babies so much and the loss of each is painful. At the moment we have two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels whom we adore. We know the pain of losing such a friend. Love to all family and friends. Jimm & Susan Hughey, California

Karen in NY

It's a special kind of heartache. Thanks for sharing him. Hugs across an ocean.

Pamela W Wing

He's with his momma. I've gone through this so many times, and it's heartbreaking, but we sign up for this when we let those darling angels enter our lives and bring us all that joy. His memory will be a blessing. I'm so very sorry. Take care and have some bright days this next month.

Kathryn Duchene

Oh, Kristi, I am so sorry. My condolences to you and your family. Thank you for sharing Smokey with us in stories and pictures over the years. He has brought much joy to so many and his gentle ways will live on in your hearts.


All dogs go to heaven!

Susan Toye Ferguson

I always loved your posts with Smokey in them, particularly with your mother. He did a hero's work when she moved to France to join your family and he just knew that she needed extra love and attention. He was a very sweet baby and I have more than a few tears right now as I know how hard it is to lose those four-pawed angels.

Smokey will live on in the hearts of your family and all of your readers!

Susan Toye Ferguson
Portland, Maine


We’ll all miss you around here, Smokey! We always loved hearing stories about you. Rest In Peace. Sending love to you all from northern Virginia.


Our animal friends touch our lives so deeply, leaving paw prints on our heart. We are forever changed by their love. I send love and prayers for comfort to you, dear Kristi, and your family.

Bless you, dear Smokey, for all the love, joy and smiles you so freely shared. Run free in Heaven!


Sweet Smokey, he will be missed by all your readers, dear Kristi. I so loved your pictures and stories of him and his mama over the years. Sending a hug across the miles.

Julie Douglass

So, so sorry for your loss. We had to say goodbye to one of our beloved kitties last December, and have done the same with many more over the years, so know how hard it is. Smokey had a wonderful life with you, and will have a nice stay at the Rainbow Bridge.
Mes condoleances -


Oh, I shed tears over this news. You just wrote such a sweet post about Smokey's bond with your mom. I have followed the stories of both your Goldens over the years. I have an eleven year old Mastiff and know we don't have many days left together. I cherish them all. They hold such a precious place in our hearts and it is devastating to lose them. I'm so sorry for your loss. Kerry

Dawn Johnson

Oh Kristi I was so very sorry to read your post this morning!!! I was worried after your last post but I didn’t think it would be so soon. Even if our fur babies get to live out a long life it will just never be enough! My heart goes out to your family!! Sending many hugs. Run free over the rainbow bridge dear Smokey until you see your family again.

Diane Covington-Carter

So so sorry. I know how much he was loved and cherished by you and your family.
Be gentle with yourselves during this time, go doucement.


So very sorry about the loss of your bien-aime Smokey. God bless your family. See you in September...


Thinking of you and your family. It has been such a pleasure reading the lives of not just your human family,, but the four legged family members too. I am very sorry to hear of Smokey’s passing. Please take care.

Judy Boasberg

So very sorry for your loss. Our time with our pets is never long enough. Cherish your memories.

Lisa Harquail Sierveld

oh no !!! such a prominent member of your family and of your posts !!! you guys obviously did a great job as dog parents to get him to the ripe old age of 13 ! such a lucky pup ! may his memory be a blessing !

Christine Webb-Curtis

I send you all my sincerest condolences on your loss of Smokey. Our animals bring such richness to our lives and expect virtually nothing in return. Partly because of that, they leave us with endless memories—tears, laughter, and all that accompanies those myriad emotions. ❤️

Leslie in Oregon

Oh Kristin...Smokey touched us all so much, and we love him so. My tears are flowing for Jules, you and the rest of your family, and for my own broken heart. I am grateful for Smokey's wonderful life here on Earth, grateful to you for sharing it with us, and comforted by the belief that Smokey's soul lives on, in peace and bliss that we cannot imagine. May you all be comforted by the certainty that you gave him the best of lives here; you all are his forever family. Peace be with you.💜


Kristi I'm so very sorry!! Our dogs are often our closest friends. I've so enjoyed reading of Smokey and his adventures over the years. My heart goes out to you and your family.

Chris Maxfield

Dear Kristi and family,

I'm so sorry to hear about Smokey. What a wonderful dog! I always enjoyed hearing about him and seeing his photos.

I hope you all find comfort in happy memories of Smokey over the years. He was a lucky dog to be in such a loving family.

Hugs, Chris


My deepest sympathies to you and your family, Kristi, on Smokey's passing. He was so loved by all of you and that makes his loss so painful. As you reminisce about all the good times, the trying times, and the funny times, may your spirits lighten and your souls heal.

Dana Ivey

So sorry to hear about the departure of your beloved Smokey. He was such an integral part of your life and a true family member. Grieve him deeply with all your love. I send you condolences, and sympathy for your loss.

Chris Allin

Dear Kristi,
Such devastating news, the loss of Smokey, always a highlight in your stories. So huggable and lovable from afar, I can only imagine how comforting he was to have by your side. It is so hard to lose our pups, but the joy they bring is immeasurable. And the greater the love, the greater the loss. Praying Smokey’s memory offers continued comfort for your family as you work through this heartbreaking loss.

Elizabeth Kraft Jones

Oh, my, my heart breaks for you and your family. There is no way around the grief, only through it. Boy did you give him the best life he could ask for!! Comfort in that, I hope. Arms around you.


Oh, Kristi, I am so sorry for your loss. Smokey was the sweetest, bravest and most determined dog. From his first appearance in the blog through the horror and incredible recovery from his attack to his wonderful life at the vineyard and his lovely garden at La Ciotat he has lived his best life. He was privileged to have a loving family to nurture and encourage him. I was privileged to be among the many friends and visitors who enjoyed watching him amble along with his big smile and adorably lolling tongue; a reminder of all he overcame. Smokey, safe travels to rejoin your maman. Bisous

Liza A Reavis

Tellement de tristesse mais aussi des souvenirs inoubliables de votre chien adorable!

Lisa Vegas

So sorry for loss of your beloved family member!

We will all miss him!!!

Craig Mische

Oh my. This news was hard to read this morning. I hope it isn’t taken badly but Smokey was my favorite subject of your blog (there are many things to love but he was at the top). Dogs are a gift from God and Smokey was a special present. Thank you for sharing him and I wish memories of him bring smiles and warmth moving forward.


Catherine Berry

Adding my love

Suzanne Dunaway

Oh, dear, Kristie. Oh, sadness. Always thinking of dear Smoky, always. Memories are healing....

K. J. Laramie

😢 Tears for a dog I never met but knew feeling his presence. A centerpiece in your beautiful writings will leave a big hole for us all. He’s probably diligently instructing a new puppy up in the glorious realms of just where the coziest part on Jules’ bed is, I’m sure! Free from age issues and lumps, Smokey is playing and frolicking now.

Many, many hugs from Florida to you and the whole family for your huge loss. He will be so missed! Thank you for sharing his spirit in such a touching way, Kristi,
delighting our hearts with his sweetness and dependability. Special condolences to lovely Jules, his good buddy and Grand-mere Extraordinaire.


My heart breaks at the loss of Smokey. I recall when is momma passed. I will miss seeing us lolling tongue and his stories.

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