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6 Postcards from France: Les Cartes Postales

square postcards from La Ciotat France

Bonjour! I have created a limited series of cartes postales from photos I have taken around our seaside town of La Ciotat. These postcards are meaningful as they feature scenes close to home. One pack of postcards is $24 and contains these 6 cards:

1. Horse and Trainer in the Sea
2. Smokey and the Doves
3. The Barber Shop and The Bulldog
4. Villa on the Mediterranean
5. Sunrise and Doves
6. Lili The Cat

--The postcard size is just under 6 inches (5.9 by 5.9)
--The back is completely blank. 
--Each card weighs .30 ounces

Voilà for my special edition of 6 postcards from France. I hope you enjoy them and will consider buying a set for yourself--or for a friend!

The $24 price for 6 assorted postcards (envelopes not included) includes shipping from France. Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

Postcards from france boxer and barber shop
Our dining table has become a processing center. Here are stacks of 6 postcards about to go into their envelope. Next, come the French stamps--and on the back of your package another exotic timbre to seal the envelope. Lots of licking is involved: envelope, stamp, stamp, stamp!

Postcards from france boxer and barber shop
That's my daughter's thumb. Jackie was watching me assemble the sets of cards before tucking them into the envelopes and sealing them shut.

"Can you imagine if you sold 2000 of them?" Jackie mused. "You'd have to hire a bunch of lickers!"

Haha! For the moment, I have 33 sets ready to ship. This is a one-woman production. Though I may eventually hire my daughter. She has prettier handwriting and could address the envelopes! 

Thank you for reading about my home-based postcard enterprise. Don't forget to ORDER HERE and thanks in advance!

Taking photos in the French countryside

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T. Moxley

Hello Kristi!

Please show the reverse side of the card. Does it indicate that you are the photographer (it should😊) and have a line separating the greeting from the address? Also, if you don't mind, what are the dimensions and weight? It can impact the postage used for mailing. Thank you a bunch!

Kristin Espinasse

Thank you for these questions. I will add the information here and to the original post:

The postcard size is just under 6 inches (5.9 by 5.9)
The back is completely blank. I did not include my name.
Each card weighs .30 ounces

Patty Cargill

Hi, Kristi, love the cards! I think these would require a regular first class mail stamp vs the postcard stamp, but I always use Forever stamps on everything. Another tiny simplification I adopted years ago.

And, p.s., "love that red", Jackie! Beautiful mani!
There was a famous red lipstick/polish years ago called Love That Red.

Cheers from a rainy, cold Roanoke - where having a warm dog (my mini schnauzer, Klaus) curled up on my feet, keeps things toasty.

Linda Headrick

C’est merveilleux! It makes me want to jump on a plane and go to La Ciotat!

Cynthia Rowden

Make sure to add a copyright notice!

Teresa Meek

You should do a calendar, Kristi!


At long last. I am so happy that you are offering these. You are a marvelous photographer.

Kristin Espinasse

Thank you, Linda!


These are beautiful! I'd love to see a notecard option with envelopes, as opposed to postcards, but I think you're on to something here! :)

Cynthia Lewis

The thought of you walking along to the post box while enjoying the sea breezes brings a big smile to my face. I look forward to receiving the envelope of your beautiful "cartes postales" in my mail box and I wish you every success as you begin this new "addition" to FWAD. Thanks!

Kristin Espinasse

You are so kind, Cynthia! Thank you 💕

Cathy L

Not surprised that you have done this. I have always admired the photos you have taken through the years. You are really a very talented photographer!

Diane Covington-Carter

They look great! One suggestion:
A small sponge and basin of water instead of licking all those stamps!
Good luck with your new project.

Vance Anderson-Inks

This is truley one of the most creative fund raising ideas yet. Let's see how it matures and perhaps I can help some way on this side of the world.
People love postcards. Last time I was in France one my friends asked why I didn't send her a post card. It never crossed my mind. We were in the Hotel business, it was a work trip. When I was youger I sent a few. This is a great idea.


Bonjour Kristi
I knew it was Jules as soon as I saw the beautiful lady in the hat. As I’m now in my 70s I agree with traveling often, but I also want to add, always return to your heart home. As of 5 March I’m back in my heart home, Antibes for good. I’m going to make a trip to La Ciotat to check out Jean-Marc’s shop and hopefully have lunch with you. I’ll buy some postcards once I’m home. A tout a la prochaine.

Kathryn Gower

Bonjour Kristi
What kind of a cat is Lili? She is so very beautiful!

Kathryn Gower

And yes to your question about adding Le Cafe de L'Horloge! Beautiful!

Barbara Blizzard

Time for you to get out the sponge, place it in a large dish with some water and run the stamp across the surface of the damp sponge top. Do the same with the envelope to prevent cutting your tongue. Yes, learned from experience when helping a friend send out her wedding announcements.

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