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Baroudeur: A hair-raising adventure in the Italian Alps

Postcard from Italy

Bonjour from Italy!
We are on a feverish 7-day foray through Italy. Our adventure began in Grasse, France, where we rented a camping car and began our gradual climb to the Dolomites. I had a strange tingle in my throat the night of our departure and by day 3 on the road the flu had its “grippe” on me! But Jean-Marc’s sense of adventure has kept me gripping the passenger seat of our camper, forgetting my aches and pains. I’ll tell you more in next week’s post. For now, hello from Parma… on the road home. 

un abbraccio,


P.S. We are also celebrating 29 years since tying the knot at the Mairie in Marseille (we celebrate our church wedding in September). Alors, hats off to us. Le mariage c’est une longue aventure!

note: grippe = flu in French

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Suzanne Dunaway

OH, you bad two!!! If you are going to Rome, WE ARE NOT THERE! Please plan the next Italian jaunt when we are somewhere to greet you. And I am sure you will lose the grippe on that cold soon...just hope you didn't have it with the kiss, haha. Buon viaggio!

Kristin Espinasse


Judi Miller

I'm so sorry to hear you're ill - what terrible timing. Just why does that happen!! Nevertheless, I'm wishing you a very Happy Anniversary, no matter how you end up celebrating!


Happy anniversary, and feel better soon!

Sharon L Marchisello

Happy anniversary, and I hope you're feeling better.




Hi Kristi,
Happy Anniversary to you and Jean Marc!
That first photo is amazing! How beautiful!


Ciao! Che divertimento! Felice anniversario!!


Happy Anniversary and enjoy Italia! Hope you are feeling better soon, too...




Congratulations 29 years Wow!! Wishing you a quick recovery. Can't wait to see more pictures.

Geraldine Ventura

What a lovely place to celebrate your anniversary! Have a happy and healthy year ahead!


Our dear Kristi,
First of all,, ma chere, bon courage to feel better SOON!!
What an example and inspiration you two set for all of us!! Such a wonderful life you share, filled with blessings, love, your beautiful family and each other!! You give true meaning to exactly what it is all about!!
Please know we are sharing your happiness and sending congratulations!
Have fun on this wonderful voyage!!
Arms tight around you both.
Natalia. Xo

Cynthia Lewis

Happy Anniversary! I wish you and Jean Marc twenty nine more years and then some. You were a good sport and a hearty soul to continue on a trip while having a bout with the grippe. Rest up a bit when you return home. Sincere best wishes ...

Cynthia Lewis

P.S. Loved the sweet couples photo!

Kristin Espinasse

Merci, Cynthia 💕


29 years is no small feat! Happy Anniversary! My wife and I are reading your blog from Les Baux de Provence. Our first trip to France. Very surreal indeed!

Feel better soon!!!


Bon rétablissement et joyeux anniversaire !!

Mary Lynn Redmond

I hope you feel better soon! Happy anniversary to a special couple!

Karen Cafarella

Happy Anniversary and feel better soon. What a great adventure!


Bon Voyage—Bon Mariage—Bon"recoupage"!!

Patricia Sands

Frame that stunning photo!!! Bonne anniversaire ... et va bientôt mieux ...

Judy Feldman

wonderful photos! Happy anniversary to you two! Hope you’re feeling better now.

Chris Allin

Dear Kristi,
Happy Anniversary to you and Jean-Marc.
Such a journey you have been on together . May it take you many more places for many more years…
Your photos reflect some very special moments. ♥️
Hope you are feeling better. 🤗

Patricia Nelson

Many congratulations on your wedding anniversary. Best wishes to you both for many more to share. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us over the years. Loved feeling part of it. Patricia Nelson

Susan Louer

Rose sunsets not available on Amazon

Cate Salenger

What a stunning photograph!!! And congratulations on a marriage we've all enjoyed! xoxo

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