Fou rire? Éclat de rire? How to say deep belly laugh in French
A Phantom Pregnancy, A Hysterectomy & A New Job + French word for Stubborn

Bougeotte = Wanderlust, the need to move about + A New Attraction The Paris Airport

Charles de Gaulle airport paris photo by Dmitry Avdeev
Terminal 1 at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. Photo: Dmitry Avdeev


    : wanderlust, travel bug
    : restless, ants in your pants, move about

A DAY IN A FRENCH LIFE by Kristin Espinasse

Special thanks to those who have signed up for one of Jean-Marc’s Provence Wine Tours. For anyone interested, there are a few places left so don’t delay.  And now, if you are new to this journal, here’s a brief intro to my husband of 30 years, “Chief Grape.” 

After graduating with a degree in accounting, Jean-Marc made a career U-Turn to pursue a growing passion for winemaking. We left Marseille in 1995, after the birth of our son, for St. Maximin, where Jean-Marc became sales director for Château Ferry Lacombe. Next, a headhunter wooed him over to the prestigious Château Sainte Rosaline in Les Arcs-sur-Argens (where, incidentally, this blog began). From there our future vigneron did a brief stint at GAI (an Italian bottling machine manufacturer) before buying his first vineyard in Sainte Cécile-Les-Vignes where he made his first award-winning wines, including Lunatique. Five years later he acquired his dream vineyard near Bandol. (If you read our memoir you know how this ended.). Pulling himself back up by his rubber bootstraps, Jean-Marc stepped out of that bucket of grapes and into his first boutique, creating a successful wine shop here in La Ciotat only to develop la bougeotte, itchy feet or wanderlust, once again! When Jean-Marc suddenly sold Le Vin Sobre in 2023, he left many of us wondering just what would Chief Grape think up next? 

A little over a year later and he can finally spill the grapes….

Introducing “Bougeotte": Disco, Wine & Spirits Bar.
Combining three of his loves: travel, spirits, and dance, our intrepid traveler’s comeback is sure to make a splash at the Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport where it is set to take off this fall. Catering to wine lovers and those who are looking for something physical to do during a 2, 4, 8 or more hour layover, the disco bar will be known for its pre-departure dance-a-thons.

Needless to say, we are all doing a happy dance, given a very real risk of losing our Chief to New Zealand (where several headhunters have already tried wooing the French winemaker over to their wine cellars once his contract at Whitehaven Winery is finished at the end of the month). 

Working together as a family, this new boogie business fits neatly with the skills of each family member: our son Max (also in the wine business), graduate of Montpellier Business School, is securing the airport rental space and the alcohol license. Our daughter Jackie (former bartender), recent graduate in web design, is in charge of the bespoke drinks menu & the website, and Grandma Jules, after a recent slumber, is ready to put her people skills to use at the hostess stand. I offered to handle the coat/baggage check, where I can sit at a desk with my laptop and write (think of all the colorful characters I’ll have for inspiration…). Ricci our American Shepherd, will be our in-house emotional support dog for weary travelers and Max’s girlfriend Ana, a kinésithérapeute, or physiotherapist, will advise on dance moves to combat the effects of long-haul travel. Finally, my sister-in-law, Cécile, a movie set builder, with skills in masonry and ironwork, will design the wooden dance floor and the main attraction: a fantastic wrought iron cage suspended in the air by a giant chain. We call it our safe haven for that customer wishing to consume more than a few drinks. Once their alcohol level returns to “well-behaved passenger” level (to be verified by a lazer wand, pictured below) a door on the cage will spring open and our tipsy-no-more traveler will make it to their gate on time!  

My best friend Susan, CEO of Critics Choice Vacations, is flying in on Saturday to help set up a CCV antenna booth, where we will be able to rebook passengers who, reeling from so many dancing endorphins, have decided to extend their Paris layover in time to join us for our Dimanche Dance-a-thon (Kristi’s favorite as it is gospel music only on Sundays. Oh Happy Day!). 

That reminds me, I am also in charge of communications and my first job is to program ChatGTP to write a press release. (See below.) Oh, and for those of you who have already reserved a Provence Vineyard Visit with Jean-Marc this summer, be assured Chief Grape (soon-to-be "Chief Disco") will honor every appointment through September 23rd when Bougeotte Disco, Wine & Spirits Bar opens. Better bring your dancing shoes because he’s so excited about his new Paris project he’s liable to danser le Mia*.

*video at the end of this post

Le_Café_de_la_Danse photo by Blisten
Bougeotte Underground Disco. If you look closely, the glass wall in the back looks onto the underground Paris catacombs which extend all the way out to Charles de Gaulle. Who knew they were that far-reaching!

Cage in paris
Le Cage. That wand you see will be used to measure alcohol level via the palm. photo: Antoine Tavneaux. I leave you with our press release:


**Introducing Bougeotte: Paris's Newest Airport Disco Set to Open at Charles de Gaulle Airport**

Paris, France - April 1st, 2024 - Travelers passing through Charles de Gaulle Airport will soon have a groovy new destination to unwind and dance away their travel fatigue. Bougeotte, an innovative airport disco conceptualized by renowned entrepreneur/winemaker Jean-Marc Espinasse, is set to open its doors on September 23rd, 2024.

Derived from the French term for a person who loves to move around or travel, Bougeotte promises to be a haven for jet-setters seeking a unique and energizing experience at the airport. Strategically located just after customs, the disco will offer travelers a refreshing escape before embarking on their onward journey.

One of Bougeotte's standout features (apart from “Le Cage”) will be its signature drinks menu, by Jackie Espinasse, curated to combat the effects of jet lag. Patrons can indulge in anti-inflammatory concoctions such as the "Melatonin Margarita" and the "Pistachio Pina Colada," specially crafted to rejuvenate weary travelers and set the mood for an unforgettable night (or day) of dancing.

In addition to its eclectic beverage selection, Bougeotte will feature a large-screen TV displaying dance moves tailored to alleviate the discomfort of long-haul flights, including the notorious "jambes lourdes" (heavy legs). Guests can follow along and shake off the weariness of travel, embracing the rhythm and energy of the disco.

Jean-Marc Espinasse, the visionary behind Bougeotte, expressed his excitement about the project, stating, "Bougeotte is more than just a disco; it's a sanctuary for travelers to unwind, connect, and immerse themselves in the joy of movement. We're thrilled to bring this innovative concept to Charles de Gaulle Airport and provide travelers with a memorable experience that transcends the ordinary—while sparing them from the usual airport money grabs, i.e. all those duty-free shops."

Bougeotte invites international travelers with an upcoming layover in Paris to join in the celebration of movement, music, and Mourvèdre. Mark your calendars for September 23rd, 2024, and prepare to experience the magic of Bougeotte at Charles de Gaulle Airport. 

For more information and updates, visit Bougeotte's website at

Media Contact: Kristin Espinasse  [[email protected]]

Did you fall for this year's April Fools story? I'd love to know here in the comments.

Nightclub photo (by Blisten): this is actually La salle du Café de la Danse à Paris
Cage photo (by Antoine Tavneaux): A Faraday cage in operation: the women inside are protected from the electric arc by the cage. Photograph taken at the Palais de la Découverte in Paris (Discovery Palace) 


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Sharron Meyer

This was fun, but near the end, I realized it was your April Fools posting for 2024. Loved it!


The best one yet! Absolutely epic - loved it!!! And it actually sounds like a good idea…. any takers for this business opportunity??? Well done Kristi!


You got me, Kristi! Hook, line and sinker! Happy April Fool's Day!

Gwyn Ganjeau

Even after reading your column for so many years, I still fell for this! I even starting it thinking this was going to be an April Fool's joke, but there was so much that was so detailed and believable that it got me thinking it was real! . Chapeau!!

Lauren Sterling

You made my day. You had me hooked, line and sinker with this post. Happy April Fool's Day.

Suzanne Dunaway

OMC...Oh, my cod, Loulou's exclamation for wild and crazy things she hears about, such as THIS. Our first thought was that it was a great idea but would YOU MOVE TO PARIS??? Oh, the city but LIVING THERE WITH JULES AND PUPPY AND.....


I think you might have a great business idea! You really had me believing until the end :)

Sharon L Marchisello

You had me for a few paragraphs, then I realized what day it was!

Jill Ferrie

Good one, Kristi! I fell for it. Happy April Fool’s Day!


This was absolutely wonderful, Kristi! I love that you gave positions to everyone n the family. My favorite 01 April story yet!

Truly though, I would not be surprised to learn that JM has indeed been headhunted by other vintners in New Zealand and elsewhere. I loved all his posts from New Zealand.


You got me, Kristi! As I was reading, I thought this was the worst possible idea. WHAT are the Espinasses doing? I was going to be supportive but was very relieved to read the name of the "website." Good one.
I saw that someone in the comments mentioned Jean Marc's posts from New Zealand. Where can I read them? I still have my empty bottle of Lunatique.
Happy "Poison d'Avril"


Oh, Kristi. This was a good one! You had me until you wrote that Jules would be the hostess and I thought”what? The whole family is moving to Paris?” One your best. Someone may steal your idea and actually do this.

Lynn McBride

Too funny! It didn't take me long, because I've been fooled by your poissons before!


Dear Kristi, we look forward to ! April every year just to see what you will dream up next. Such imagination ! Love it !! Steve & Gaby XX


I think y’all should do it! I believed.


Every year, I fall for your April Fools Newsletter. This time, before I even opened it, I was well prepared. Even then, it was very entertaining!


You had me until halfway through “the team”… Then I realized what day it was. however, as someone who travels long distances multiple times a year, that would be a fantastic idea to have a “disco” in the airport… A little something to do and a way to get some good exercise! Brilliant April, fools post Mon Amie!


I didn’t realize you do an April Fool’s column-I was the fool this year! It all seemed a little . . . Unusual . . . But I thought, “Good luck to them—who doesn’t like to dance?!”

Delia Bourne

Your best yet!! I didn't get suspicious until half way through!

Loved it! I wish it was true though. xx


Having followed your peripatetic journey from your early days as my Sablet neighbor in Ste Cecile les vignes, then down to Bandol and on to la Ciotat, I had the hook in my mouth, before I realized what you were doing. It was a big relief for me, and more so for you, when you revealed the website!

andrew kleeger

Il ne s'agit pas d'un simple poisson d'avril, mais d'un monstrueux marlin !


I was relieved to realize halfway through that this was an April Fool’s prank. Prior to that, I was thinking “Have these people lost their minds?” So glad you haven’t!

Gloria Maxwell

You did it to me again, Kristin. Thanks for the chuckle.

Valerie dancing in Pittsburgh

I love to do April's fool jokes! I usually surprise my husband by saying, "I am pregnant, again." But at 57, I need a new line. You always get me! But your family is so creative and talented, it seemed possible! Thanks for the laugh. Merci beaucoup!


Wow! You definitely had me up to the point of the glass wall and the catacombs. Then I remembered THAT April Fool’s column and ‘the lights went flashing on’! Good job.

Anna Johnston

You had me all the way through. I kept thinking "What are THEY thinking?" Every time I've been to CDG airport, the only thing on my mind was getting out of it as soon as possible. And "gospel music on Sundays"? What imagination and creativity. Thanks for the early morning laugh, and for preparing me for what may come along later today.


I almost did fall for it, but that’s what happens when you are up at 3:30 in the morning and reading things, lol! Happy April fools!

Beth - Okoboji IA

What a cute prank! I was already thinking, I got to check this out next time I’m passing through CDG! Your creative thinking once again is leaving big smiles on our face! Good job 👏


Bravo! Il est bien fait!


J'ai une imagination sans fin. Alors, j'ai cru tout ce que vous avez dit jusqu'à la tout fin. MDR!!! Brava.
À bientôt ! Lúcia

Eleonore Miller

Now I’m disappointed! Going to France this fall at 85 with sciatica and plotting maybe Jackie could show me some dance moves that would be beneficial after the long flight from California or even a therapeutic drink or two? Thinking of where to stash my luggage Figuring you will have lockers THEN got to the end…Wah! You had me! Very clever! Why not?

Roseann Milano

I fell for it hook line and sinker.

I could not figure out how you cold make it happen without moving to Charles De airport.

You fooled me.


Our dear Kristi,
Your creativity is absolutely amazing! Until I realized today's date,I was applauding your bravery and admiring you for such a daring adventure,complete with all family members!!
I thought that your most excellent one about cleaning the catacombs with a toothbrush couldn't be topped, but I now I have to rethink in favor of today's treat!( actually, mentioning the view of the catacombs is what triggered my brain to start working!)
Thank you,ma chere!! What a super way to start the day!!
Arms tight around all of you
Natalia. Xo


I Did... get fooled.
If anyone can pull off this enterprise it's the Espinasse family.


You got me! Nice dream, Kristi. I love it.


I was ready for it, and it was worth waiting for! I think you will need two venues at Charles de Gaulle, one for in transit and one for after customs. Think of all the tourists coming for Les Jeux Olympiques. In fact, if your activity really takes off, maybe it will become a new Olympic sport in a few years, maybe a new Summer Games biathlon: pairs sand volleyball and caged disco.
All poor sports get a free metro pass to the catacombs, where cooler heads prevail!
You outdid yourself this year for the 1er avril. Mes homages!!!!




Wow, you are good….very good! I believed it for a long while and had doubts about your family’s sanity. I love how your whole family was included! It was so much fun to read. And I thought that I have to check it out if I get a chance to go back to France.
Love your posts💓

Marti Hinman

Great April fools day catch. 👏👏😂

Marti Hinman

Sherry Frank

OK. You TOTALLY got me with that one. What a creative brain you have😂😂😂


You got me for the first half - then I started thinking - moving to Paris!! - No - only then did I remember it is April Fools Day. You are so creative with all the details. Love it and it was so fun to read - crazy crazy. Often the best ideas start out that way.

Nyla Witmore

I fell every year in the past BUT, this year I was expecting it.

HOWEVER, I THINK THE IDEA HAS MERIT. DRINKING WINE AND THEN DANCING IT OFF BEFORE BOARDING, but one would have to be so very disciplined to have just ONE drink. Otherwise, one might miss one’s plane.

Elizabeth M.

Bravo! The whole read I was wondering if you were really uprooting just for this kind of crazy venture. Even though I thought it seemed very hard to believe, it was until the very end that I suddenly became suspicious since you posted on a Monday. Ha ha!

Leslie NYC

I am one of your more gullible readers, but last night I thought of you and knew that if a post came 3 days early, you were up to your mischief! Still, I settled in with a wide smile and relished your creativity. You are an amazing racconteur. Merci.🐟

Suzi Cappozzo

The best yet! Still chuckling!


Oh Kristi! You got your whole family in on this!


I looked forward to your April Fools post today. Last year I really got sucked in. This year, I almost did, it is such a great idea. But I know that you don't usually post anything on Mondays, so I was slightly suspicious. Amazing well done!


Oui, je suis tombée, Kristi!

Diane Heinecke

You really outdid yourself on this one, Kristi! Beacause of the plethora of details it didn't fit the pattern of past Fools traps, so I was intrigued. However, there's no way the French government would OK all the elements. I love your creativity, and can't wait to hear what J-P is really planning. He is indomitable!

Kathleen Bidney

I know that you always do an April Fools FWAD, but I forgot that when I started reading your blog. I thought, what a neat idea, but would they all move up to the Île de France? I think that the idea has merit. Who would it not want to unwind between flights or stretch out before your flight and the drinks sound wonderful. You might really consider it (lol). I don’t think that you would be happy working so many hours and having to live in Paris. I think that the sea stabilizes you and the family and I don’t think that you want to rush around when you relax and enjoy Provence and all that it offers.
The best to you and the family. Enjoy the Spring and all of the flowers 💐 and the April sunshine and warmth.
Peace, Kathleen


Oh my goodness, Kristi! You get me every year, but this year I was ready until I started reading. I thought hmmmm, this is all very factual. So, you pulled me in! You must have been cracking yourself up while you were writing this.
Thanks for the laugh at your story and myself!

Devra Long

You got me this year!!!!!
I was actually thinking about what fun it would be to visit next time we were in CDG but then I realized something was “fishy “!!!!!
Happy Poisson d’avril!!!!!!

Linda Kay Foster

Totally fell for it! Wanted to go!
Kay Foster


Haha! I totally believed it. I know you do an April Fool's post every year but I forgot what day it was. As others have mentioned, the plethora of details reeled me in. Well done!

Laura Robbins

Hysterical Kristi. You must have had such fun writing this.

Lynn Risser

You fool me every year!!!’ I am glad to read I am not alone. This one was a classic.


I keep forgetting that here in California I am still on March 31. I kept thinking that this can't really be true because they would all have to move up to Paris, then thought maybe just for the Olympics to make a lot of money. It wasn't until April 2 that I realized you got me.


Oh Kristi, you really got me!! Thankfully I read the full post as I was just about to forward to a friend who spends a lot of time in Charles de Gaulle. She would have loved Bougeotte!!!

You are such a gift!!!

Elizabeth Whitfield

Tant pis. I already put on my boogie shoes.

Judy Feldman

Tu m’as eu! Just read your post, and started thinking “vraiment??” Until it occurred to me what you do to us readers every April 1st! Kudos for a really good one! Maybe someone will read it & actually think of executing the idea!

Meg Nadeau

LOL I quite believed you! Thank-you for the laugh. I now have a True Tale for you: I just had two little rascals (the grandsons my husband and I are raising) come down to ask "Peut-on avoir un croissant, s'il tu plait?" This Mémère was so well pleased that her heart leaped and she responded affirmatively: IN ENGLISH! They marched off to gather their treat, humming La Marseillaise all the way.

Julie Farrar

Ok. I'm coming to the post late so I didn't even notice the date. However, I could believe J-M would come up with an idea like disco at the airport. It wasn't until you had the entire family decamping to CDG that I realized something was fishy. Good job!

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