Banderole & A Warm Welcome Home to Jean-Marc
Bonne Fête: Celebrating Moms Twice!

Convoquer: Leap of Faith & Mom goes into the Hospital

Missing Grandma Jules at this celebration for Max's 29th birthday in beautiful Cassis. An update on my mom in today's story. From left to right: Jean-Marc, Ana, Jackie (reflected in the mirror) Max, and me. (If this, or any photo in this post is not showing, click on the link or somewhere in the empty square to bring it up. My blog site is experiencing issues!)


    : to summon, to call in, to convoke
    : to be asked to attend

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A DAY IN A FRENCH LIFE by Kristi Espinasse

"Leap of Faith"

Friday was set to be a joyous celebration of our son’s 29th birthday. Instead, it turned into a poignant reminder of the delicate balance between joy and worry that our family is experiencing lately.

Before we left for dinner in Cassis, Max went around the yard to his grandmother's studio in a last-ditch effort to get Jules to join us for the festivities. "What a beautiful dress," Max said, pointing to the panther robe my sister and I had gifted Mom. It was hung on the rack above the kitchen island, beside her bed, where I had begun packing her bag for the hospital.

"Would you try it on for me?" Max persisted. Beyond, two of Mom's doves, Mama and Papa, perched on the bars of her kitchen window, as if waiting for her reply. Talk about lucky ducks:  six years ago, when Mom moved in with us and found them in our back yard, it was like winning the bird lottery for those hungry tourterelles! The three of them were fast friends and would sit in the garden all day long, the birds landing on Mom's head, her arms, her legs, while Mom fed them sunflower seeds. But, for the past two years, Mom has not spent much time outside, as she has been drawn to her bed, fatigued. So the birds watch over her now from afar, and hurry round the yard to my place when they need food. 

Back in the studio, Mom stood beside Max, hesitant to answer his question. I could tell she was too tired for an impromptu fashion show, yet her eyes lit up. Anything for her darling grandson.

After helping Jules put the robe on over her nightgown, Max stood back in awe. "You look beautiful, Grandma! Won't you come with us tonight? We are going to the hotel in Cassis where Jackie is bartending tonight. Ana will be there, too! And we’ll have a beautiful table overlooking the sea!"

"Oh, that sounds wonderful, Max. Another time," Mom smiled, pinching his arm affectionately. She needed to rest, and the stress of waiting to know whether she would be able to go to the hospital, to undergo several exams, was beginning to take a toll.

Last month, after the doctor scheduled Mom’s four-day hospital stay for May 20th, I waited anxiously for a message from insurance alerting me that Mom’s expired medical coverage had been renewed. Each day, I checked our mailbox twice, sometimes three times. Meanwhile, I waited for the hospital to call to confirm the date. 

When May rolled around and still no news from insurance, it dawned on me that, here in France, it was the month of jours fériers. With all the national holidays, would Mom’s file ever be processed? Finally, on Tuesday, a letter arrived informing me that her dossier was incomplete. But how could that be? I had carefully included each item on their checklist! What's more, they were now asking for four additional documents, all of which would be impossible for me to furnish on time (or any time for that matter!). 

C’était la panique! But there was no time to clam up. Better to reach out. Ask for help! 

Jean-Marc got on the phone, explaining the situation, and, miracle of miracles, le fonctionnaire on the other end admitted the setback was their fault and that our dossier was indeed complete. Only, he would now have to send it to another office for validation.

"But this could take weeks!" I cried to Jean-Marc.

"There’s nothing we can do but wait," my husband shrugged.

But we didn’t have time to wait. May 20th was only six days away!

I tried contacting the hospital to inform them of the situation, that, malheureusement, we would need to cancel (if indeed they were still expecting Mom. It seemed more likely she had fallen through the cracks, completely forgotten). I began to wonder if it was worth it to keep calling when, even if I did get through (instead of being rerouted each time and automatically disconnected), it meant losing our appointment and therefore losing contact with the hospital’s internist—in which case Mom would really be set back. 

Then, on Friday, I was surprised by a brief message on my answering machine: "Vous êtes convoquée à l’hôpital lundi à 15 heures."

Wait. What? In the eleventh hour, the hospital calls to confirm? This posed yet another souci: I needed to warn them we wouldn’t be showing up! Not without insurance! As I struggled to know just what to do next, I kept hearing the nurse’s authoritative voice replay in my head:

"Vous êtes convoquée à l’hôpital lundi à 15 heures."

We were being convoked. Well, in that case, why not simply follow orders? Why complicate things? Just follow the plan and trust everything will work out. These thoughts were immediately freeing, and my anxieties began to fall away, finally.

These past three weeks have been especially nerve-racking, with Mom getting worse by the day. Apart from making her as comfortable as possible, I feel so helpless. I burst into tears at the most unexpected times and in inappropriate places—much like a friend of ours who lost her son, only the loved one I’m grieving is still with me. But for how long? How serious is Mom’s condition? It began with a sharp pain behind her eye, which eventually was diagnosed as inflammation…uveitis. But there was something beneath even this, the doctor explained, suspecting some sort of autoimmune issue.

Watching Mom grow more and more tired by the day, and after the disheartening news from insurance, I could not wait one more minute for word from insurance confirming her coverage. I called my sister Heidi and it was easily decided: Mom would go into the hospital on Monday! We would stick to the plan. She would undergo testing, with or without l’assurance française! From here on out we would depend on the holy assurance from above and from within: the conviction that if Mom needed to go to the hospital, she would go!

Now that our decision has been made, I feel relief mixed with fear. But more relief than fear. This is a leap of faith and, come what may, we will continue to trust that everything will work out. Sometimes, all we can do is trust in the process and hold on to hope. Tout va bien se passer. And, with all hope, Mom will be feeling better soon. Given her positive, grateful, and faithful attitude, she is halfway there! Now, let’s get her all of the way through this with a collective prayer: if each person reading this would pause and take a moment to think of Jules, to wish her all good health and healing, I am certain this unified prière will begin to work inside every cell in her precious body. And before long, we’ll have a second chance to dine in Cassis, with Mom in that smashing panther robe. I can already feel the sea breeze! 


Mom panther robe Max

Jules and Kristi at the hospital in Marseille

Update: We checked Mom in to the hospital on May 20th. She is undergoing testing through Monday or Tuesday of next week. Thanks for keeping Jules in your prayers. If you like, leave her a message below. Merci!

To leave a comment or an encouraging note to Mom, click here. I will read her your messages.

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Click here to listen to Jean-Marc pronounce the French and English vocabulary

= to summon

(m) = birthday

la tourterelle = dove

la panique = panic

le souci = worry, concern

Vous êtes convoquée à l’hôpital lundi à 15 heures = You are summoned to the hospital on Monday at 3 PM

malheureusement = unfortunately

le/la fonctionnaire = the bureaucrat

l’assurance française = French insurance

Tout va bien se passer = Everything will be alright

la prière = prayer

Jm poster boat
An exciting surprise awaited Jean-Marc on his return from New Zealand to La Ciotat: A municipal poster, currently showing in town, features his wooden boat!

Jean-Marc is back and ready to begin his Provence Wine Tours. Contact him for more information at [email protected]

Ricard sign in Marseilles
I've added some color to this snapshot (taken on the way home from the hospital in Marseille. Good to see these old signs are still up).

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Dearest Kristi and Dearest Jules,
Many times your writing has elicited the biggest belly laughs, or a great pause to ponder and reevaluate, and yes, at times, tears.
Through following this precious sanctuary of a blog, I feel as if you are part of our family, this family of readers, and of our own.
When you wrote so poignantly, "Sometimes, all we can do is trust in the process and hold on to hope. Tout va bien se passer," I felt your bravery, the both of you, of your grief, weariness, and of your deep, abiding love.
Jules, we are all holding you in light, healing and much, much love.
This global community is holding their arms around you all, and many prayers will be said.
Love you both. x


Hello Jules,

I’m praying for you and the testing that you will undergo. Le grand médecin au ciel, is going to take care of you and we are right calling upon Him to intervene. He knows and sees all things and loves you very much. Rest in His safe embrace and care. I’ll be looking forward to the next update. ;)


Joyeuse Jules (I call you that because you have the smile that lights up the room and certainly sparks joy), we are thinking of you and your family, whose story has touched us over the years of reading Kristis blog. I rarely comment on blogs or online but this is an opportunity which can't be missed - I simply must tell you how much your beautiful smile warms those who see it and how much we enjoy reading of your many little adventures and your particular ways. We hope your present difficulties will be resolved, or at least lessened, by the hospital treatment and that you will, when recovered, be able to go out for an 'apres-anniversaire' celebration with Max and the rest of the family. We're looking forward to seeing you wearing that glamourous panther dress once again! Bon recuperation, you gorgeous untamed lady
With love and best wishes from Lorraine and family x


Hi, Kristi. Jules is such a lovely woman. I’m glad I was able to meet and chat with her several years ago. I’m sending my very best wishes for good health. I’m looking forward to seeing a photo of her out with your family in that beautiful robe.
Jules, I’ll be thinking of you and wishing you all the best in health and happiness. Bisous. Jacqueline


Dear Kristi, I've posted a little message for you to read to Jules. I've been reading your blog for many years - indeed reading of Max's 29th birthday was almost as unbelievable as my own son have his 19th earlier this week - where does the time go???? Thank you for sharing both the French language practice and the snippets of your family life, with us readers. My own little family have also lived in Southern France and are soon to move to Northern France - we too have had many upsets, upheavals, (my own personal loss of several gardens...), not always the best of luck and many (often unwelcome) changes of plan. Also, many great times and a lot of amazing experiences, in La Belle France. I know it isn't easy when a parent is growing older and has health issues and I cant lie to you that it gets any easier but what does happen is that with love and trust, we adapt and can still find times of joy and I know you will be able to do that. You and your family have survived a lot and thrived and you are a brave and capable person - I send this message to let you know how much your blog (and its inhabitants, your lovely family) have touched our hearts and helped us make the best of our 'not perfect' situations, too. We send you our love because, as we all know, thats the most important thing. May you and Jules and all your family be surrounded with love in these difficult times. Lorraine x


Hi Kristi, I’m praying for your lovely Mom. Hoping all can be resolved for Jules and she will feel better soon! ❤️

Chris Allin

Dear Jules,

My heart goes out to you. I well understand your situation having been there several times in the last few years.
Do keep your faith. It will get you through this.
A certain hymn gave me great comfort during hospital stays. Perhaps these words will give you comfort as well.

Christ be with me, Christ within me,
Christ behind me, Christ before me,
 Christ beside me, Christ to win me,

Christ to comfort and restore me;

Christ beneath me, Christ above me,
 Christ in quiet, Christ in danger,

Christ in hearts of all that love me,

Christ in mouth of friend and stranger.

Love and prayers are with you.


Prayers for Jules.🌷

Ronni Ebbers

Dear Jules
May you feel as beautiful as you look. To all the family, chin up ... Jules will be well.
Ronni Ebbers

Carole Fitzgerald

Dear Jules , you look so beautiful and sprightly on the hospital bed . You have always been one in a million and I know you can call on your energy and faith to pull you through this trying time , sending loving hugs to you from Australia . xxx

Marti Hinman

Dear Kristi,
I have included your beautiful mom in my daily prayers to the Virgin of good health.

Sending best wishes for a complete recovery to your dear mom.


Hank Sweet

Good luck Jules 🤞❤

Mike Pearson

Dear Jules,
I am praying for you during your hospital stay and treatment, and I hope that you can soon return to a life full of energy! You have a wonderful and lovely family whose exploits I enjoy and admire, and I know that you are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to rejoin them.



Marilyn Whalley

Surrounded as Jules is by such love and support, and in receipt of such expert care she is bound to recover good health and vitality. Love to you all, Mazzie

Sugie Weiss

Reading of your mom’s special relationship with her dives brings to mind Any Tan’s book The Backyard Birds beautifully written and illustrated. Perhaps a special book for your mom to look forward to

Cathy AbouSakher

Dear Kristi and Jules,

Wishing you prayers,love and a speedy recovery. Hope all turns out well.

Much love
Catherine AbouSakher

Love your posts!


Best wishes to your mother! And a speedy recovery!

Arliss P

Dear Jules and Kristi and family, I am holding you in my prayers! Sending lots of good thoughts for healing, continuing good health, and peace of mind. God holds you in the palm of his hand. ❤️ love, Arliss and Bruce

Cyndi Martin

Thinking of you and your beautiful family during this difficult time. Sending you and your family love, light, strength and healing. Your mom is strong and brave and I hope she gets some relief soon!!!!


Dear Jules - I pray that you will be feeling well again very soon, and that your test results will reveal the cause of your fatigue. I know Kristi, and her family, will be taking good care of you. You are in my thoughts.

Amber Hopwood

Hang in there Kristi! Love & hugs & prayers to you all from central Illinois! Jules looks as beautiful as ever! 💜💜💜


Dear Kristi,
I am sending good thoughts to your beautiful, couragous and one-of-a-kind mother. Love,


QUERIDA JULES sending you warm ABRAZOS from puerto Vallarta !!!
Primero Dios estarás plena en salud pronto .🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🙏🤍🤍🤍🤍🙏 lots of love ❤️ to you always !!!!!
Your mother is Unique how fortunate you are to have her by your side !
Blessings your way …….

Karen 🌹

Dr Abdul Malik

Chere Jules
U anre in my thoughts and prayers. I wish you the best of health.
Dr Abdul Malik
Toronto, Ontario. Canada

Trina in St. Petersburg, FL, USA

Dear Jules & Kristi,

Praying for wise medical professionals & insurance that comes through. Praying this is the beginning of your way to healing, Jules, and that your energy returns. Praying all of you find comfort in your faith and each other during this process.

Blessings, Trina

Marge Illich

Jules. 90% of healing is keep up the fight and hang in there. I wish you well. Hope the doctors find the source of your fatigue and a remedy. Will be thinking of you and your wonderful family.


The photo of the two of you sitting on the hospital bed brought tears to my eyes. Keeping both you and your mom in my prayers and knowing that your love and faith will sustain you. You are two amazing and inspiring women.


Ellen A

Dear Jules,
Your bright personality and love for your family (and animal friends) shines through every post where Kristi mentions you. Sending you positive thoughts and best wishes for your health and treatments. I suspect you will get star treatment at the hospital due to your innate charm!

Diane Heinecke

Dearest Jules,
I am praying for you as you await the results of your tests in the hospital. "Trust is a must!" You are the lifeblood of your family. I love hearing about your artistic talents and your love of nature. May the Holy Spirit renew your strength, both physical and spiritual.


Gardez la foi. This too shall pass. So much to see and to be! Rest and heal. Lovely mama.


Hi Kristi,
I will pray a special Rosary for Jules! Keeping her and your family in my prayers!

Leslie in SC

Sweet Jules, I imagine we are about the same age and I understand how hard it is to forgo the physical activity that used to be a ‘no brainer’. You have shown bravery and grace and God’s hand is upon you and His arms will carry you. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

Danielle W

Dear Jules,
Sending you love and wrapping you in prayers of healing.


Bonjour Kristi,

I am sending prayers to your mama, you and your family. Hopefully the testing will shed some light on why she is having pain. Hoping for a good outcome.


Sending love and light and hugs and prayers for your precious mom!

Suzanne Dunaway

Jules, if I may call you that having never met your beautiful self, you have one thing to do right now. REST and heal. I'm sure they will check all. Thyroid (can make you tired if not functioning well, easily medicated), blood test of all kinds. The French have good medical services and you family is taking GOOD care of you. The little birdies are withou their must get home soon! Love and hugs from Suzanne and Don, who know way more about you than you know about us, haha. xxxxx


Sending prayers for your mom, your family, and her medical team. Hopefully you all feel the love and comfort from around the world!

Karen in Northport, NY

I learned how to pray a rosary so many decades ago. Never saw the point until these days. How lucky we are to live in a time when medicine is as advanced as it is. I think of generations past when there were no "saves". That strength is still with us. Prayers and a butterfly hug, Jules. And same to your wonderful family.

Cerelle Bolon

Dear Jules, You look SO lovely in that panther robe! And I love the photo of you with Kristi. You look like sisters! I am getting older too and I understand the fear of the unknown, but I am so glad you got into the hospital and I hope they find just the right cure for your issues. I will keep you and your loving family in my prayers. God bless you, Jules.

Chris Maxfield

Dear Jules,
Thinking of you, with prayers for renewed health so you can get back to doing what you love!
Warmly, Chris

Brenda Pfeil

Ps 91 from the New Living Translation. May your Mom and you find comfort in knowing this
Those who live in the shelter of the Most Highwill find rest in the shadow of the Almighty. This I declare about the Lord:He alone is my refuge, my place of safety;he is my God, and I trust him. For he will rescue you from every trapand protect you from deadly disease. He will cover you with his feathers.He will shelter you with his wings.His faithful promises are your armor and protection. Do not be afraid of the terrors of the night,nor the arrow that flies in the day. Do not dread the disease that stalks in darkness,nor the disaster that strikes at midday. Though a thousand fall at your side,though ten thousand are dying around you,these evils will not touch you. Just open your eyes,and see how the wicked are punished. If you make the Lord your refuge,if you make the Most High your shelter, no evil will conquer you;no plague will come near your home. For he will order his angelsto protect you wherever you go. They will hold you up with their handsso you won’t even hurt your foot on a stone. You will trample upon lions and cobras;you will crush fierce lions and serpents under your feet! The Lord says, “I will rescue those who love me.I will protect those who trust in my name. When they call on me, I will answer;I will be with them in trouble.I will rescue and honor them. I will reward them with a long lifeand give them my salvation.”,Ps.91.2,Ps.91.3,Ps.91.4,Ps.91.5,Ps.91.6,Ps.91.7,Ps.91.8,Ps.91.9,Ps.91.10,Ps.91.11,Ps.91.12,Ps.91.13,Ps.91.14,Ps.91.15,Ps.91.16&version=NLT

Geraldine Ventura

Prayers for Jules and you and your family as you wait for test results. May Jules be well soon with so many praying for her!

julie camp

Jules, dear, it's 7 a.m. at Mirabella in Tempe, Arizona, 4 p.m. in Marseilles. Today I reach from here to Marseilles to touch you with my prayers for your comfort and healing. Love always, julie

Gayle Smith Padgett

Dear Jules,
Though we haven't met in person, I do feel we know you a bit through Kristi's wonderfully heartfelt blogs. Please know that my husband Ralph and I are thinking of you and send our very, very best for smooth sailing through the tests and return home-sweet-home. Take good care! Gayle & Ralph Padgett, St. Remy de Provence

Carla Meyers

Good morning from California Jules........I wish you all happiness, and your mother healing. As I read your post this morning in my nightgown, I realized it is the same print as your dear mother's new robe! I recently purchased mine, and love the special print and quality fabric. She looks beautiful in the fashionable leopard robe and hat!
Wishing all of you good health, Carla :)

Tamara Dever

Praying for you, Jules! May the Good Lord guide your doctors to provide answers and healing.
Much love,

Earle Self

The process sounds so much like what my daughter went through in France, in seeking a diagnosis and treatment for her GPA vasculitis. She finally got the diagnosis but no treatment. In desperation, she and her husband moved back here, to Virginia, where she continued her quest from treatment. (There's only one drug which seems effective, Rituxan.) She pursued treatment with a stubborn doctor/medical establishment. Finally, she found another doctor who got it approved and had the first of two infusions in mid-April. The second, she received on April 30. She died that night. Too little; too late...


Now the doctors will find out the problem and be able to solve it! She will finally start to improve! We all love you, Jules!

elizabeth jones

Chere Jules,

Victor, OLivia and I (new in person friends of your daughter and son in law after last summer!) are sending the very best wishes for you to get answers and solutions to your symptoms. All the best to the whole family, Elizabeth Jones

Kristin Espinasse

Oh, Earl! My heart goes out to you for the loss of your daughter, and in these circumstances. I am so sorry. Sending sincere condolences and love.

Racha Nadim

Dear Jules and Kristi, sending you love and prayers all the way from Dubai. With God’s will, tout ira bien 🙏
Lots of love to you both.

Carolyn R Chase

Jules, I am holding you in my heart and thoughts and prayers. I pray for calm, for strength, for finding times of laughter and joy while you work your way through the process. I pray for caring, capable, and clear sighted medical professionals to walk with you and support you. I pray gratitude for the loving family you have to lift you up and encourage you.

Jack and I lived in France (Gulf War time) and I have reveled in the glimpses Kristi has given me of her life and the family. At 80 I have a sense of the thoughts and fears and blessings one can find, even when going through health issues. I'm on your team, and wish you the very best.



hello from the palos verdes peninsula in los angeles, jules! as i've been one of kristy's readers for probably over 15 years now, i've always been humbled by your strength, beauty and love of life.....i know that those traits are going to keep you safe during your bump-in-the-road health have such a lovely, massively supportive family, and that will be your bedrock.... you'll be great ! just wait, take a deep breath and all will be bueno ! xo, lisa

Lee and Maureen

Dear Jules (and Kristi and JM) we are sending you bunches of hugs and kisses and LOTS of love and prayers for a speedy and complete recovery. Having dealt with medical issues her whole life Maureen and I understand completely the frustration and anxiety encountered when dealing with hospital and insurance people.
It is the wonderful memories of our time in Provence, many with you, that keeps us going.
Much love and many prayers ,
Lee and Maureen

Beth Fiacco

Jules - keeping you in my prayers for full and speedy recovery. I love the picture of you and Max - adoring his beautiful Grandmother. ♥


You are blessed to have each other for support and love. Jules is where she needs to be and faith needs to replace worry. Please keep us updated on her progress and healing.

Jackie Crane

Wow-That's a lot of messages to read to dear Jules!!! Can you tell how popular you are Jules? You are a star in so many ways. Not only are you gorgeous, spunky, witty, wise, clever, compassionate -you are an inspiration for all who happily follow your life with your wonderful family.
The photo of you and Kristi on the hospital bed shows your glorious beauty-inside and out. Your spirit shines and am sure that you will rise above this life challenge, as you have many others!
Sending you my best thoughts for a good outcome and a speedy recovery.
I hope you know how many of Kristi's readers world-wide are holding you close in their hearts!
Jackie from California


Our dear Kristi ,beautiful Jules,and wonderful family,
Your faith ,love ,courage and strength are beyond an inspiration to all of us who have had the good fortune to be included in your lives( and gifted writings) for all these years.
Please know our prayers are nonstop and unending,and our arms are tight around all of you( with special birthday hugs to Max!)
Asking God to wrap you in His comfort and give you His unceasing courage and strength.
Natalia xo

Laura Isenstein

Dear Jules,

Prayers and hugs for the very best outcome and complete resolution!

Sharron Meyer

Jules: Holding you in my thoughts and prayers as your medical journey unfolds and is resolved. You are in good hands as this whole community wraps you in its loving and caring arms, praying in their own individual way for your comfort and good health.


Best of luck for an easy time in hospital that gives solid answers and a road to good health. You’re in my prayers!

Janine Cortell

Dear Jules and Kristi
I am sending you hugs and prayers as you go through this difficult time. You have always be a
Keep the faith. We are all thinking of you.

Anette Holth

Hi Jules!
Hope you feel better soon!
Big hugs from Norway

In Norwegian:

God bedring❤️🫶🏻


Chère Jules, Je prie pour toi et I hope that my prayers and the prayers of everyone else will lift you up and carry you through. "Jesus I surrender myself to you, please take care of everything!"


You and all your family are in my prayers - sending you much love and healing light. Lisa said it all. Hugs and love from around the world indeed. Poking and prodding is not fun, neither is the food BUT then you and your doctor make a plan to heal whatever this is and you will be back enjoying walks, birthday parties and those sweet doves.


Prayers for you all! ✨🌞✨

“ Nevertheless I am continually with thee: thou hast holden me by my right hand. “
Psalms 73: 23


Chère Kristi, Je prends vingt minutes chaque jour pour la prière de consentement. Tu et ta famille sont toujours inclus. Je te conseille à lire le Verbe Jacques 5: 13-16. J’espère que ça te sentiras beaucoup plus mieux.
Amitiés, Joanne

Jeff Norman

Bonjour Madame, my name is Jeff Norman. Our connection is that my wife Ann and I are friends with Lyn and Lynn Frandsen. Our son, Chris, is 36 and his very best friend since preschool is Erik. They are like 2 brothers from different mothers. Chris lives in Germany and is married to a German physician. They have 2 beautiful children, age 3 and 9 months. Our families and other friends will be together in in late June and will all go to a Seattle Mariners Baseball game. We have met Heidi and her son and daughter when they have visited at Frandsen's. I read Kristi's Blog every month and it would be wonderful to connect with all of you sometime in France. I am praying for your good health, and I hope you are feeling well soon.

Karen Cafarella

Dear Jules,

sending you hugs and prayers as you go through this difficult time.


Dear Jules,
In spite of maybe not feeling your best, you look marvelous! You are in the good hands of your family, and prayers that you are in good hands of the best doctors! I don’t know you personally, but I feel like I do, because of your sweet daughter. You will be in my prayers, and I love your positive attitude . 🙏
Linda from Portland, Oregon

Sandra Lord

Jules and Kristi, the love and support that both of you give each other and the love and support that comes from both sides of your family will definitely carry you through this tough time. Jules, know that you are in my prayers every day and I look forward to reading about the day you return to your beautiful little suite and your turtledoves.


K. J. Laramie

You are encircled by a human rosary of your adoring fans around the globe, and the love is palpable! May your health improve rapidly! ❤️
All best wishes from Florida

pamela singer

I have had the true pleasure of watching you and the family since the beginning. You are a beautiful force of beauty and nature and look who you produced. !!! I suspect we are around he same age.
I also lived in France for over 30 years and reared my children there .I once tried to meet Kristi however we had a complication much to my disappointment. You are strong and loving and LOVED. May you heal quickly and be in the company of your doves soon.. You both light up the room. I am thinking of you daily. By the way we are wearing the same pajamas..!!!!! I have a robe with flowers and birds all over it so I will say a little incantation each night and at dawn. May the light of love embrace you and your sweet adoring family. TRUE WEALTH
Pamela Dewey Singer

Larry Mason

Dear Jules, get well immediately, and that’s an order, young lady. 😍

Judy Feldman

Wow! If collective prayers & wishes for healing are as strong as we believe, Jules will soon feel much better. I’m so happy for you & your family that you have another very large “family” of blog readers who all wish your mom well. I join in!

Jenine Clifford

Dear Jules,
What a journey you have been on! I can only pray that the doctors will be attentive and will put you on the path to complete healing. I have found that focusing on Isaiah 26:3 during times of stress helps me to focus on the one who loves me beyond reason.
"You will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is set on you because he trust in you."
Sending prayers and blessings,

Katherine Dumont

A votre sante, Jules! Through Kristi's posts, I know you are a strong and vibrant woman. May that inner strength and all our well-wishes carry you through this challenge.

Catherine Trimbour

Jules, I am wishing you great strength through your health issues.

Laura Robbins

Sending love and prayers for your Mom and all of you. from Laura in New York

Nancy Grubb

I am praying for Jules to have the stamina to get through this testing and that some helpful answers will be found. I am praying for her physicians to have wisdom and compassion as they treat her. Kristi, your faith is inspiring. Take care, Nancy

Sharon L Marchisello

Best wishes to Jules for a speedy recovery with the care she needs.


From one artist to another:
a message of hope for a speedy resolution and recovery of your good health and a return to your artistic creativity !



I’m wishing all the best for Jules! Hang in there with all of it. Hopefully she will be feeling better soon. Keep your faith Kristin as always and take care of you as well.

Steph M

Kristi and Jules,
Thinking of you and all your family, and hoping you feel better, Jules.
It’s good you can be together, especially right now. Sending prayers and virtual hugs.

Kerry Shannon

Dear Kristi,

Sending your Mom my best wishes for a quick and full recovery. Having moved from the U.S. to Canada with my Montréaler husband 3+ years ago, I know how difficult it can be to navigate the national health system of a new country, especially in a different language. My wish for Jules: bon courage et tout va bien aller!


Catherine Berry

Your love for each other shines through in your writing. Thinking of you all.


Dear Kristi, I just wanted to add to the prayers for Jules and add that not many can still look so beautiful and elegant on a hospital bed in PJ's! May all of you feel the comforting presence of God and find strength in Him as you navigate this challenging time.

Linda Reynolds

Chères Kristi et Jules.
You are both in my prayers for peace and for Jules healing. You prayed for my husband 11 years ago during an illness and difficult time. Knowing others care is a great comfort. I know you are surrounded by much love and are in the care of the greatest Healer of all.



Dear Jules, Sending you love, light and healing energy.

Paul B.

I just prayed for you two. May Our Lord give you the peace and hope only He can give, and good test results. I have a feeling that Jules will be encouraging her caregivers!

Lynn at Southern Fried French

Bon courage, chère Jules! We are praying for you here in Beaune! Gros bises from Lynn and Ron

elaine kates

Dear Kristi and Jules, We are sending you and your family our prayers from Phoenix. We hope the hospital stay will find a solution and a return to your beautiful life in France. I hope the next time we are in France there will be a visit to see all your smiling faces. Elaine and Michael

MaryCatherine Levandovsky

I'm sending you and Jules the Prayer for Protection from Unity.
The light of God surrounds you. The love of God enfolds you. The power of God protects you. The presence of God watches over you. Wherever you are, God is. And all is well!
I often recite this prayer over and over and find its calming reassurance to be just what is needed.
May it be of comfort to you both.

Mary Catherine

Patricia Sands

Dear Jules
The memory of meeting you in person in Nice years ago with Kristi and JM, always brings a smile. You are in my heart and thoughts.Sending light and love as you regain your strength. With love, Patricia

Carmen Clarke

Bon courage, Jules! Sending Love and Prayers from Texas!

Sue J.

Dearest Jules
Sending you light and love.
Feel better soonest!

Sue in Chicago


Dear Jules aka Kristi's Mom,

You are in my prayers for all of the healing that you need. Be sure to do all that your Doctor asks of you and to take the medicines, too. Jesus' sweet peace to you and to all of your family!

God bless you,
Claudia-Marie from the USA

Joanne Fischer

Sending all the very best wishes we can muster from Santa Fe! Much love to you all! ❤️😘❤️😘❤️😘❤️😘❤️😘

ann sorocki

Dear Jules, Kristi & family: Our arms aren't long enough to give you all hugs; but, just know that you are all in our hearts! May your spirit keep being uplifted! Amicalmente, Ann Sorocki

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