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Mary Ann Brewin

Very happy to find a place to make a donation. I have been looking for years and concluded that my computer and your website were not compatible for finding the right donation platform. I have enjoyed your writing also for years and look forward to reading what you write as often as you send it!. Much humor, information and imagination. I also love your good photographic eye, there! Merci, je vous remercie infiniment! Bravo!

Lorraine Bianco Visovsky

Merci beaucoup for the ability to contribute by check. I have enjoyed your journal and it has been an inspiration to me for many years. A very Merry Christmas season to you and your family. Warmly, Lorraine Bianco Visovsky

Gus Elison



A global forever stamp is now $1.20. The price just went up in January.Thanks for your blog. I have followed you for years and enjoyed your books as well. Merci!

Kristin Espinasse

Carol, Thank you for the helpful update about the price of a global stamp to France. So helpful. And thanks for continuing to read. This means a lot to me.


I have had your original book for years and just picked it up again recently. I am really enjoying it and your website with recipes and a new word a day. Can I send a cheque in Canadian dollars!
Il love France and have been studying on and off, even lived in Paris for one year in my 20’s so can relate to your stories. Please let me know if I can send a Canadian cheque?
Merci bien,

Marti Hinman

Dear Kristi,,I continue enjoying French Word a Day after 18 years of following your life in France, mon pays préféré❤️
Thank you for posting the address to send a check supporting this wonderful page. I will do it a.s.a.p.

I must say, I would give anything to live in that beautiful part of France.

Sorry for the loss of your brother in-law. 🙏

Kristin Espinasse

Thank you very much, Marti. 💕

Barbara Bilhorn

My heart goes out to all our French friends. We love your posts and the check is in the mail.
Keep up the good work (I don't know my idioms - Comment dire en Francais?)

Cindi Burke

Hi Kristin, Just seeing this link to donate. My daughter, son in law and I visited at your home in the spring of 2015. It was so lovely. She was pregnant with their first and is now due soon with #3. I so enjoy your blog and hope you continue for many more years. All the best, Cindi Burke

Lucy Sprayregen

Hi Kristi,
Twice I have sent you a check and both times it has been returned to me. That piece of paper has crossed the pond four times so far!
The envelope is marked "Défaut d'accès ou d'adressage." Is the address correct on your site?

ann sorocki

Dear Kristin: As many of your readers have stated, I, too, have been reading your e-mails for approximately 12 years now. Interesting, heart-warming, fascinating & exhilarating as I read about your life, your town, your family. Thank you sooooo much for continuing this lovely tradition. A check will be in the mail shortly. Bonne Annee, a votre sante. Amicalmente, Ann Sorocki

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