cherry tomatoes (c) Kristin Espinasse

In the game of cache-cache, or hide-and-seek, Smokey-Doo has just made a not so strategic move.... Cher Smokey, find a better hiding place! 

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cache-cache (kash kash)

    : hide-and-(go-)seek

Audio File: Listen to Jean-Marc pronounce these words: Jouons à cache-cache! Let's play hide-and-seek! Download MP3 or Wave file

A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse

Hang around to win...

Today we are playing cache-cache and you have been caught! Yes, you, sitting there, conspicuously, staring into your laptop, your iphone, your computer screen.... Quelle cible facile! What an easy target you are!

OK... now it is my turn to hide (off I go.... me voilà en train de disparaître....). Time for you to start counting...

...Un, deux, trois....

Hey! Slow down a bit! ... Ralentis un peu! I'll need some time to get to ma cachette.... 

I hear you now... et mon coeur se met à battre...

You shout:

"Ready or not, here I come!"...

"Sors, sors, où que tu sois!"
Come out, come out wherever you are!

Off you go in search of me...
There behind the Houdini barrique.... 

... out into the grapevines... through to the sweet-scented garrigue (weave in and out of the golden broom and honeysuckle) and over to the creek...

Along the way you've looked everywhere but UP!... up, up, and into cyberspace! 

TROUVE! Click here to see where I've been hiding out, and learn what I have to say... and do come back, won't you? In time to leave a message, thisaway:

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French Vocabulary

cache-cache = hide-and-seek (hide-and-go-seek or hy spy, I spy)

quelle cible facile = what an easy target

me voilà en train de disparaître = here I am, disappearing now

un, deux, trois = one, two, three

ralentis un peu! = slow down a bit!

ma cachette = my hiding place

mon coeur se met à battre = my heart is starting to beat (quickly)

sors, sors, où que tu sois! = come out, come out, wherever you are!

la barrique = wine barrel

la garrigue = wild Mediterranean scrub land

trouvé! = found! 

Meantime, Chief Grape tries his hand again at beekeeping. Here he is, stoking the smoker, ready to put some bees to sleep before lifting the roof of their ruche, or hive, and intervening...

goldern retrievers and sunflowers (c) Kristin Espinasse
That's Smokey's Dad, Sam, hiding with his sweetheart, Braise, in the sunflower patch (9 months weeks later... and Smokey "hatched"!!!). If you haven't read the story of Sam and Braise's elopement in Marseilles... well, then, you're in for a real SAGA. Hang on to your seat and click here for Part One

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