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Susan Widmayer

Think of the immense labor of love that goes into each glass of magnifies the experience, and makes it sacred. Thank you for sharing this Kristin, thank you for welcoming us to your fields and garden so long ago, and thank you for being part of our lives, even today.

Pat Cargill

I love this post. I love knowing that someone - J-M ici and others - are willing to go the extra mile, laboring with love, to create vines and thus wines that are filled with beaucoup de terroir sans the nasty chemicals. I love knowing that in a matter of a few weeks, I will be sipping his lovely wines and having the opportunity to shake his hand and give mille-mercis in person. In the mean time, cheers to Chief Grape et la famille Espinasse who share their Very Creative World (VCW) with others.

And come to think of it, what could be nicer than, say, sitting in the shade, sipping a lovely wine while reading. Or by the fireside. Or by a window as the snow blows or the wind howls. Or soaking in a salt-enfused tub, or ...

Blessings to you this day and K, you are home, n'est-ce pas? Sweet homecoming, always nice. (I've been off-blog a few days.)

Pat Cargill

p.s. Love the video, yee-haa Bono and Mary J Blige-working the music...very nice.


Thank you for your lovely note. One thing that came to me watching this video and JM. Perhaps one day you could sponsor some francophiles from all over the globe to be a "labor force" in your fields - they could learn: the rudiments of organic planting and gardening, some French, a bit about winemaking and French country living. Your "school" could one day make profit that could go back to those hungry grapes. No place to put these people? How about a struggling B&B in town or some fabric Yurts or tipis? My husband calls me the "idea man" - i always get ideas...hmmm it is like little seeds that get planted, and some of them grow up to be something one day. Just a silly thought. Fondly, Hedda

Kristin Espinasse

Susan, I have fond memories of your visit. Today's blog topic was weeds, and I remember that when you came by Aunt Marie-Françoise was busy pulling weeds around our picnic table. Do you remember?

Pat, I know that JM with appreciate your thoughtful note. He is worn out after today's weed-pick-a-thon. He is also disheartened. I told him that some lovely comments are awaiting him in the comments box. His face lit up.

Hedda, that is not a silly thought -- but a great idea. It is similar to the way JM organizes the harvests: we ask that volunteers commit to two weeks; in return we provide room (at a local gîte) and board. Now to think of using this system for the weeding and pruning periods! As it is, the harvest is a chaotic and busy time -- something that is best experienced once per year. But I will try to be open-minded... and supportive... :-)


Kristin, oh how I enjoyed your video of Jean-Marc planting his grapes with so much love. The music was perfect and brought tears to my eyes as well. My daughter Sophie is such a gardener, loving and nurturing. My very best wishes to you and your family whom I feel I know, especially the dogs! Perhaps one day I can join in the harvest even though I am a nonna. (But I am a good cook:)

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