"Cuttings"(c) Kristin Espinasse. The bright orange leaves, fallen, along with their newly-cut branches, are like flames over nature's snowy moquette de fleurs.

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bibi (bee bee) pronoun

    : yours truly, me

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Cette année, la dinde et les marrons c'est pour bibi. A moi la lourde tâche de recevoir dans la joie, la bonne humeur - et la déco adéquate bien-sûr. This year, the turkey and the chestnuts are for yours truly. Up to me the heavy chore of receiving in joy, in good humor -- and with adequate decor, of course!
                --from "Bientôt les Fêtes : 10 astuces pour décorer ma maison

Questions for Bibi...
Today: a Question & Answers section!  Here is a recent question, received just last night, from Roseann:

Kristin- Do you live in a postcard shop? What is that thing to your left in the jumping photos? It looks like one of those twirl-around stands with postcards on it......... Roseann

Hi Roseann, Re that thing in the jumping photos, several people, including Laura and Christine, asked the same question, wondering, of the diversified decor, "Are you in a restaurant?".


Though it is unlikely that I would wear my house robe to a restaurant (or, d'ailleurs, to a postcard shop...) only to set up hurdles and then jump over them, I will always aspire to greater heights of creative, cut-past-the-status-quo country life. Having only just set out on the path to unselfconsciousness... I am finding that the road to une vie sans gêne is a l-o-n-g one!

Currently, I am only comfortable wearing my bathrobe in my own bercail--or, à la limite--as far as the end of our front porch.

But, to finally answer your question...

=> No I do not live in a postcard shop (though, living in a postcard shop, whether in Phoenix or Paris, would be cool!); the photo was taken in our kitchen and partly in our front hall.

The postcard rack was a $25 find at a troc shop, in Draguignan. It doubles as a tall and twirlable photo display where family and friends are welcome to leave their photos close to our hearts (which are often in the kitchen, near the wine-for-him, chocolate-for her, cookies-and-kibbles for them, both kids and chiens): thus the strategic placement of the photo stand).

My turn to ask you all a question...
(Note to newsletter readers: Please click over to the blog to answer--and to see other answers!):

Comments and corrections are most welcome. Do you have more "Questions for Bibi"? Add them to the comments section.

French Vocabulary

une moquette (f) de fleurs = carpet of flowers; d'ailleurs = for that matter; une vie (f) sans gêne = a life without self-consciousness; le bercail (m) = fold (synonym for "home"); à la limite = at most; le troc (m) = second-hand shop; le chien (m) = dog

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