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I love receiving your posts! Thank you. And I was intrigued to hear you once lived on the edge of an olive grove. We live on an olive grove in New Zealand and we tell people we think we live in the Mediterranean! Our sunny grove is on a slope overlooking the Tasman sea and an island called Kapiti Island which is an internationally known Bird Sanctuary.
At the moment spring has just started and our daytime temperatures are between 15 - 19 degrees centigrade. 😊


Thanks to your blog I knew all the words in the vocabulary appearing in your post! I had taken French quite unenthusiastically in high school but rediscovered it when I found your blog, probably about 10 years ago…..keep going! It’s an interesting way to learn! And my daughter and I visited Aix in 2016, was lovely!

Catherine Rompais

Hi Kristin, I have just fallen upon your blog, and I am so glad I did. You have many more years clocked up, I have only three so I have downloaded your books to read. I have been in Lille nearly 3 years and I appreciate any advice, so I am going to immerse myself in your books. I have also signed up for your emails so looking forward to those. Best wishes Catherine in Lille.

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